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    <title>Dungeon: the underground</title>
    <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Deep in the gloomy underground, there are marvelous gold mines. Men have therefore decided to seek them; unfortunately, so have done the people of the underground. Dungeon is a game where players face each other to obtain as much gold as possible.">
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<body class="dungeonstyle">
    <div style="text-align:center">
            <h1><a href="index.php"><img alt="Dungeon: the underground" style="border: none; float:left" title="Dungeon" src="../../image/logo/dungeon.png" height="150px"/>
            </a><p style="position: relative; top : 50px;">Welcome to <i>Dungeon: the underground</i></p></h1>
    <div style="clear: both">
        <div id="sommaire" style="float:left">
            <h2>Main links</h2>
            <li><a href="login.php">Login</a>
            <li><a href="createplayer.php">New account</a>
            <li><a href="rules/rules.php">Rules</a>
            <li><a href="ranking.php">Ranking</a>
            <li><a href="screenshots.php">Screenshots</a>
            <li><a href="http://dungeon.no-ip.info/demo/modules/dungeon/login.php">Demo</a>
            <li><a href="http://phpblock.sourceforge.net">PhpBlock</a>
            <li><a href="mailto:hide@address.com"  TITLE="[Dungeon]">webmaster</a>
                <li><a href="http://www.pbem.fr/pr/fiche.php?n=1062" title="Communauté de jeux en ligne<li>PBeM<li>JPC"><img src="http://www.pbem.fr/pr/pr.php?id=1062&amp;g=0" style="border:0" alt="PBeM Rank" /></a>
                <li><a href="http://www.tourdejeu.net" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.tourdejeu.net/images/bouton.gif" width="90" height="30" border=0></a>
        <div id="content" style="float:left;width:80%;max-width: 950px; margin: 0 2em;">
            <div id="howtoplay">
                <h2>What is Dungeon?</h2>
                <p>Dungeon is a permanent massively multiplayer online game. Base time is one day. <p>
                <p>You are the great chief of a people which lives in an underground world. You have the mission to conquer and exploit gold mine.</p>
                <p>Three main races fight together : undead
                <?php echoImageIcone("../../image/object/deadworm.png");?> 
                <?php echoImageIcone("../../image/object/skeleton.png");?>
                <?php echoImageIcone("../../image/object/spectre.png");?>
                <?php echoImageIcone("../../image/object/miner.png");?> 
                <?php echoImageIcone("../../image/object/soldier.png");?>
                <?php echoImageIcone("../../image/object/knight.png");?>
                and ork
                <?php echoImageIcone("../../image/object/minerork.png");?>
                <?php echoImageIcone("../../image/object/grunt.png");?>
                <?php echoImageIcone("../../image/object/warork.png");?>
                <h2>How to create an account</h2>
                To create an account go to <a href="createplayer.php">create player page</a> and fill paramters.
                <h2>How to login</h2>
                To play go to <a href="login.php">login page</a> and set your login and your password.
                <h2>How to learn to play</h2>
                First you can read <a href="rules/rules-en.php">rules in english</a> for english explanation or <a href="rules/rules-fr.php">rules in french</a> for french explanation.
                Or you can <a href="http://dungeon.no-ip.info/demo/modules/dungeon/login.php">use the demo</a> which reset each day, so you can create a new account and try what ever you want.
                You can equally use an account which is available for eveyone without login to discover the interface. This login is <i>free</i> and you have to go to <a href="login">login</a> for this. 
            <div id="news">
				<h3>Alpha 8.1 - 2008-03-03 22:05</h3>
				<p>Full reset</p>
                New features are:
				<li>Global interface improvement
				<li>Message scroll-bar
				<li>add a button 'no action'
				<li>add map and ranking in an internal panel
				<li>when you select an unit then it is selected in the unit list
				<li>level is add to unit image
				<li>two new ground layer are dedicated for monster
				<li>improve look and feel
				<li>improve error message
				<li>new player colours
				<li>surface movement is now 0.75 instead 1
				<li>Battle is slower
				<li>You can't release a block which is in lost of control state
				<li>Monster XP is randomise to -50% to +50%
				<li>treasure room movement is now 2 instead 1
				<li>Strength rock is re-factor
				<h3>Alpha 8 - 2008-02-08 14:28</h3>
				<p>Big Alpha 8.0 before a reset for the 24 february</p>
                New features are:
					<li>free a block cost nothing
					<li>trap didn't earn XP
					<li>when a monster is created, it has no aciton point
					<li>combat are longuer
					<li>dig has higher cost
					<li>when a block begins to be lost, you have to move one of your unit on 
					<li>pillage is more interesting
					<li>surface move is 25% cheaper
					<li>road move is 75% cheaper
					<li>door move is 50% cheaper
					<li>first barrack build cost 5000 of shame
					<li>rock strengh balance has change
					<li>second barrack has an upkeep of 1k
					<li>monster are stronger (depends of nearer player level)
					<li>two news units are available for each races :  a warrior and a 
					<li>move between two level are only available in straight line, no more 
					<li>email is necessary for account creation
					<li>new images (but I will prefer that a graphist create news)
					<li>by default no unit are select
					<li>a global map is available
					<li>a demo account has been created to learn how to play
					<li>a tomb is created on unit death instead unit image
					<li>in the ranking page, flag color is present
					<li>a message filter exist
					<li>CTRL+M allow to show/hide message panel
					<li>dead unit are shown as dead and no action point
                <h3>Alpha 7 - 2008-01-01 00:01</h3>
                New features are:
                    <li><a href="http://dungeon.no-ip.info/modules/dungeon/ranking.php">Ranking page</a>
                    <li>dead body didn't block the way (this is very important)
                    <li>when you are in negative cash, you earn shame point, those point do lose money
                    <li>when a move is too costly the action is done, but unit have negative action point
                    <li>lobotomize is now recruiting, you can give order to an unit in recruiting state
                    <li>Click management : complete change of clicking system, see help in game for change
                    <li>an alert is now shown on wrong login/pass
                    <li>ticker remaining time is no more in second but in hour/minute/seconds
                    <li>if power > 10000 then its display as 10k
                    <li>you can set the position in the position input field
                    <li>background image

                    <li>you can reply to an user message
                    <li>battle message contains unit level

                    <li>on new account, you can choose your start position
                    <li>you start with 5 units instead 1
                <h3>Alpha 6 - 2007-12-01 08:01</h3>
                New features are:
                    <li>update icons
                    <li>add monster with IA
                    <li>add a skeleton race
                    <li>code refactoring for unit creation
                    <li>auto conquer action for block with gold mine
                    <li>pass a hole is 3 times more expensive than an empty zone
                    <li>when a block is losing control, then a sign appears
                    <li>add XP and levelling system
                    <li>delete old rules on rules pages

                <h3>Alpha 5 - 2007-11-19 09:04</h3>
                This version, I hope so, is very easy to use, because you don't have to  
                dig square by square, you order to your troop "move here" and it will  
                dig automaticaly to go to "here" ! 
                New features are:  
                    <li>auto dig : see above
                    <li>Add a better marker on selected unit
                    <li>Block upkeep : income screen has a better presentation
                    <li>Block list and gold list : on the same screen than unit list you have
                    the block list 
                    <li>you have an email : when you receive a new message, message window
                    automatically open 
                    <li>Improve A* : A* implementation is a lots better than previous version
                    <li>When a player last his last block : a new one is give to him
                    <li>up and down : up or down a level with a troop cost 3 times normal
                    cost travel 
                    <li>Rename farm to city : farm are now known as city
                    <li>hole : troop can stay on hole
                <h3>Alpha 4 - 2007-08-26 05:17</h3>
                New features are:  
                    <li>protect get and post from sql injection
                    <li>if browser is IE then a message is displayed.
                    <li>a helper panel is present to inform player of basic rules and interface use.
                    <li>we can click on a message position to center the map to the origin of the message.
                    <li>action is now input image instead image, and they are pack
                    <li>center the map at distant point is faster
                    <li>you have all your units in a list and you can go one to the other.
                    <li>message, income and ticker panel has a true window looking and a close button and a refresh button are now present.
                    <li>world size is not static, each 30 seconds, ticker looks if a new player can begin, if not, then world growth. First position of player are now automatic.

                <h3>Alpha 3 - 2007-07-08 06:24</h3>
                <p>New features are:</p>
                    <li>unit has now a state of Dead instead lobotomised. Lobotomised unit can be attacked and destroyed
                    <li>Door : new zone type, only your unit can pass by door, other must dig to destroy them.
                    <li>On block release, close all mines, on conquest block open them
                    <li>rules has been translated by "Andre Maroneze", you can read them at http://dungeon.no-ip.info/modules/dungeon/rules/rules-en.php
                    <li>player connection : fix some problem in player connection statistics
                    <li>movable div : new interface development
                    <li>Clear map cache : on up and down action, cache map is clear
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