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* acp_common [English]
* @package language
* @version $Id: common.php 10458 2010-01-26 15:26:07Z jelly_doughnut $
* @copyright (c) 2005 phpBB Group
* @license http://opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.php GNU Public License

if (!defined('IN_PHPBB'))

if (empty($lang) || !is_array($lang))
	$lang = array();

// All language files should use UTF-8 as their encoding and the files must not contain a BOM.
// Placeholders can now contain order information, e.g. instead of
// 'Page %s of %s' you can (and should) write 'Page %1$s of %2$s', this allows
// translators to re-order the output of data while ensuring it remains correct
// You do not need this where single placeholders are used, e.g. 'Message %d' is fine
// equally where a string contains only two placeholders which are used to wrap text
// in a url you again do not need to specify an order e.g., 'Click %sHERE%s' is fine

// Common
$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'ACP_ADMINISTRATORS'		=> 'Administrators',
	'ACP_ADMIN_LOGS'			=> 'Admin log',
	'ACP_ADMIN_ROLES'			=> 'Admin roles',
	'ACP_ATTACHMENTS'			=> 'Attachments',
	'ACP_ATTACHMENT_SETTINGS'	=> 'Attachment settings',
	'ACP_AUTH_SETTINGS'			=> 'Authentication',
	'ACP_AUTOMATION'			=> 'Automation',
	'ACP_AVATAR_SETTINGS'		=> 'Avatar settings',

	'ACP_BACKUP'				=> 'Backup',
	'ACP_BAN'					=> 'Banning',
	'ACP_BAN_EMAILS'			=> 'Ban e-mails',
	'ACP_BAN_IPS'				=> 'Ban IPs',
	'ACP_BAN_USERNAMES'			=> 'Ban usernames',
	'ACP_BBCODES'				=> 'BBCodes',
	'ACP_BOARD_CONFIGURATION'	=> 'Board configuration',
	'ACP_BOARD_FEATURES'		=> 'Board features',
	'ACP_BOARD_MANAGEMENT'		=> 'Board management',
	'ACP_BOARD_SETTINGS'		=> 'Board settings',
	'ACP_BOTS'					=> 'Spiders/Robots',


	'ACP_CAT_DATABASE'			=> 'Database',
	'ACP_CAT_DOT_MODS'			=> '.MODs',
	'ACP_CAT_FORUMS'			=> 'Forums',
	'ACP_CAT_GENERAL'			=> 'General',
	'ACP_CAT_MAINTENANCE'		=> 'Maintenance',
	'ACP_CAT_PERMISSIONS'		=> 'Permissions',
	'ACP_CAT_POSTING'			=> 'Posting',
	'ACP_CAT_STYLES'			=> 'Styles',
	'ACP_CAT_SYSTEM'			=> 'System',
	'ACP_CAT_USERGROUP'			=> 'Users and Groups',
	'ACP_CAT_USERS'				=> 'Users',
	'ACP_CLIENT_COMMUNICATION'	=> 'Client communication',
	'ACP_COOKIE_SETTINGS'		=> 'Cookie settings',
	'ACP_CRITICAL_LOGS'			=> 'Error log',
	'ACP_CUSTOM_PROFILE_FIELDS'	=> 'Custom profile fields',

	'ACP_DATABASE'				=> 'Database management',
	'ACP_DISALLOW'				=> 'Disallow',
	'ACP_DISALLOW_USERNAMES'	=> 'Disallow usernames',

	'ACP_EMAIL_SETTINGS'		=> 'E-mail settings',
	'ACP_EXTENSION_GROUPS'		=> 'Manage extension groups',

	'ACP_FORUM_BASED_PERMISSIONS'	=> 'Forum based permissions',
	'ACP_FORUM_LOGS'				=> 'Forum logs',
	'ACP_FORUM_MANAGEMENT'			=> 'Forum management',
	'ACP_FORUM_MODERATORS'			=> 'Forum moderators',
	'ACP_FORUM_PERMISSIONS'			=> 'Forum permissions',
	'ACP_FORUM_PERMISSIONS_COPY'	=> 'Copy forum permissions',
	'ACP_FORUM_ROLES'				=> 'Forum roles',

	'ACP_GENERAL_CONFIGURATION'		=> 'General configuration',
	'ACP_GENERAL_TASKS'				=> 'General tasks',
	'ACP_GLOBAL_MODERATORS'			=> 'Global moderators',
	'ACP_GLOBAL_PERMISSIONS'		=> 'Global permissions',
	'ACP_GROUPS'					=> 'Groups',
	'ACP_GROUPS_FORUM_PERMISSIONS'	=> 'Groups’ forum permissions',
	'ACP_GROUPS_MANAGE'				=> 'Manage groups',
	'ACP_GROUPS_MANAGEMENT'			=> 'Group management',
	'ACP_GROUPS_PERMISSIONS'		=> 'Groups’ permissions',

	'ACP_ICONS'					=> 'Topic icons',
	'ACP_ICONS_SMILIES'			=> 'Topic icons/smilies',
	'ACP_IMAGESETS'				=> 'Imagesets',
	'ACP_INACTIVE_USERS'		=> 'Inactive users',
	'ACP_INDEX'					=> 'ACP index',

	'ACP_JABBER_SETTINGS'		=> 'Jabber settings',

	'ACP_LANGUAGE'				=> 'Language management',
	'ACP_LANGUAGE_PACKS'		=> 'Language packs',
	'ACP_LOAD_SETTINGS'			=> 'Load settings',
	'ACP_LOGGING'				=> 'Logging',

	'ACP_MAIN'					=> 'ACP index',
	'ACP_MANAGE_EXTENSIONS'		=> 'Manage extensions',
	'ACP_MANAGE_FORUMS'			=> 'Manage forums',
	'ACP_MANAGE_RANKS'			=> 'Manage ranks',
	'ACP_MANAGE_REASONS'		=> 'Manage report/denial reasons',
	'ACP_MANAGE_USERS'			=> 'Manage users',
	'ACP_MASS_EMAIL'			=> 'Mass e-mail',
	'ACP_MESSAGES'				=> 'Messages',
	'ACP_MESSAGE_SETTINGS'		=> 'Private message settings',
	'ACP_MODULE_MANAGEMENT'		=> 'Module management',
	'ACP_MOD_LOGS'				=> 'Moderator log',
	'ACP_MOD_ROLES'				=> 'Moderator roles',

	'ACP_NO_ITEMS'				=> 'There are no items yet.',

	'ACP_ORPHAN_ATTACHMENTS'	=> 'Orphaned attachments',

	'ACP_PERMISSIONS'			=> 'Permissions',
	'ACP_PERMISSION_MASKS'		=> 'Permission masks',
	'ACP_PERMISSION_ROLES'		=> 'Permission roles',
	'ACP_PERMISSION_TRACE'		=> 'Permission trace',
	'ACP_PHP_INFO'				=> 'PHP information',
	'ACP_POST_SETTINGS'			=> 'Post settings',
	'ACP_PRUNE_FORUMS'			=> 'Prune forums',
	'ACP_PRUNE_USERS'			=> 'Prune users',
	'ACP_PRUNING'				=> 'Pruning',

	'ACP_QUICK_ACCESS'			=> 'Quick access',

	'ACP_RANKS'					=> 'Ranks',
	'ACP_REASONS'				=> 'Report/denial reasons',
	'ACP_REGISTER_SETTINGS'		=> 'User registration settings',

	'ACP_RESTORE'				=> 'Restore',

	'ACP_FEED'					=> 'Feed management',
	'ACP_FEED_SETTINGS'			=> 'Feed settings',

	'ACP_SEARCH'				=> 'Search configuration',
	'ACP_SEARCH_INDEX'			=> 'Search index',
	'ACP_SEARCH_SETTINGS'		=> 'Search settings',

	'ACP_SECURITY_SETTINGS'		=> 'Security settings',
	'ACP_SEND_STATISTICS'		=> 'Send statistical information',
	'ACP_SERVER_CONFIGURATION'	=> 'Server configuration',
	'ACP_SERVER_SETTINGS'		=> 'Server settings',
	'ACP_SIGNATURE_SETTINGS'	=> 'Signature settings',
	'ACP_SMILIES'				=> 'Smilies',
	'ACP_STYLE_COMPONENTS'		=> 'Style components',
	'ACP_STYLE_MANAGEMENT'		=> 'Style management',
	'ACP_STYLES'				=> 'Styles',

	'ACP_SUBMIT_CHANGES'		=> 'Submit changes',

	'ACP_TEMPLATES'				=> 'Templates',
	'ACP_THEMES'				=> 'Themes',

	'ACP_UPDATE'					=> 'Updating',
	'ACP_USERS_FORUM_PERMISSIONS'	=> 'Users’ forum permissions',
	'ACP_USERS_LOGS'				=> 'User logs',
	'ACP_USERS_PERMISSIONS'			=> 'Users’ permissions',
	'ACP_USER_ATTACH'				=> 'Attachments',
	'ACP_USER_AVATAR'				=> 'Avatar',
	'ACP_USER_FEEDBACK'				=> 'Feedback',
	'ACP_USER_GROUPS'				=> 'Groups',
	'ACP_USER_MANAGEMENT'			=> 'User management',
	'ACP_USER_OVERVIEW'				=> 'Overview',
	'ACP_USER_PERM'					=> 'Permissions',
	'ACP_USER_PREFS'				=> 'Preferences',
	'ACP_USER_PROFILE'				=> 'Profile',
	'ACP_USER_RANK'					=> 'Rank',
	'ACP_USER_ROLES'				=> 'User roles',
	'ACP_USER_SECURITY'				=> 'User security',
	'ACP_USER_SIG'					=> 'Signature',
	'ACP_USER_WARNINGS'				=> 'Warnings',

	'ACP_VC_SETTINGS'					=> 'CAPTCHA module settings',
	'ACP_VC_CAPTCHA_DISPLAY'			=> 'CAPTCHA image preview',
	'ACP_VERSION_CHECK'					=> 'Check for updates',
	'ACP_VIEW_ADMIN_PERMISSIONS'		=> 'View administrative permissions',
	'ACP_VIEW_FORUM_MOD_PERMISSIONS'	=> 'View forum moderation permissions',
	'ACP_VIEW_FORUM_PERMISSIONS'		=> 'View forum-based permissions',
	'ACP_VIEW_GLOBAL_MOD_PERMISSIONS'	=> 'View global moderation permissions',
	'ACP_VIEW_USER_PERMISSIONS'			=> 'View user-based permissions',

	'ACP_WORDS'					=> 'Word censoring',

	'ACTION'				=> 'Action',
	'ACTIONS'				=> 'Actions',
	'ACTIVATE'				=> 'Activate',
	'ADD'					=> 'Add',
	'ADMIN'					=> 'Administration',
	'ADMIN_INDEX'			=> 'Admin index',
	'ADMIN_PANEL'			=> 'Administration Control Panel',

	'ADM_LOGOUT'			=> 'ACP&nbsp;Logout',
	'ADM_LOGGED_OUT'		=> 'Successfully logged out from Administration Control Panel',

	'BACK'					=> 'Back',

	'COLOUR_SWATCH'			=> 'Web-safe colour swatch',
	'CONFIG_UPDATED'		=> 'Configuration updated successfully.',

	'DEACTIVATE'				=> 'Deactivate',
	'DIRECTORY_DOES_NOT_EXIST'	=> 'The entered path “%s” does not exist.',
	'DIRECTORY_NOT_DIR'			=> 'The entered path “%s” is not a directory.',
	'DIRECTORY_NOT_WRITABLE'	=> 'The entered path “%s” is not writable.',
	'DISABLE'					=> 'Disable',
	'DOWNLOAD'					=> 'Download',
	'DOWNLOAD_AS'				=> 'Download as',
	'DOWNLOAD_STORE'			=> 'Download or store file',
	'DOWNLOAD_STORE_EXPLAIN'	=> 'You may directly download the file or save it in your <samp>store/</samp> folder.',

	'EDIT'					=> 'Edit',
	'ENABLE'				=> 'Enable',
	'EXPORT_DOWNLOAD'		=> 'Download',
	'EXPORT_STORE'			=> 'Store',

	'GENERAL_OPTIONS'		=> 'General options',
	'GENERAL_SETTINGS'		=> 'General settings',
	'GLOBAL_MASK'			=> 'Global permission mask',

	'INSTALL'				=> 'Install',
	'IP'					=> 'User IP',
	'IP_HOSTNAME'			=> 'IP addresses or hostnames',

	'LOGGED_IN_AS'			=> 'You are logged in as:',
	'LOGIN_ADMIN'			=> 'To administer the board you must be an authenticated user.',
	'LOGIN_ADMIN_CONFIRM'	=> 'To administer the board you must re-authenticate yourself.',
	'LOGIN_ADMIN_SUCCESS'	=> 'You have successfully authenticated and will now be redirected to the Administration Control Panel.',
	'LOOK_UP_FORUM'			=> 'Select a forum',
	'LOOK_UP_FORUMS_EXPLAIN'=> 'You are able to select more than one forum.',

	'MANAGE'				=> 'Manage',
	'MENU_TOGGLE'			=> 'Hide or display the side menu',
	'MORE'					=> 'More',			// Not used at the moment
	'MORE_INFORMATION'		=> 'More information »',
	'MOVE_DOWN'				=> 'Move down',
	'MOVE_UP'				=> 'Move up',

	'NOTIFY'				=> 'Notification',
	'NO_ADMIN'				=> 'You are not authorised to administrate this board.',
	'NO_EMAILS_DEFINED'		=> 'No valid e-mail addresses found.',
	'NO_PASSWORD_SUPPLIED'	=> 'You need to enter your password to access the Administration Control Panel.',

	'OFF'					=> 'Off',
	'ON'					=> 'On',

	'PARSE_BBCODE'						=> 'Parse BBCode',
	'PARSE_SMILIES'						=> 'Parse smilies',
	'PARSE_URLS'						=> 'Parse links',
	'PERMISSIONS_TRANSFERRED'			=> 'Permissions transferred',
	'PERMISSIONS_TRANSFERRED_EXPLAIN'	=> 'You currently have the permissions from %1$s. You are able to browse the board with this user’s permissions, but not access the administration control panel since admin permissions were not transferred. You can <a href="%2$s"><strong>revert to your permission set</strong></a> at any time.',
	'PROCEED_TO_ACP'					=> '%sProceed to the ACP%s',

	'REMIND'							=> 'Remind',
	'RESYNC'							=> 'Resynchronise',
	'RETURN_TO'							=> 'Return to…',

	'SELECT_ANONYMOUS'		=> 'Select anonymous user',
	'SELECT_OPTION'			=> 'Select option',

	'SETTING_TOO_LOW'		=> 'The provided value for the setting “%1$s” is too low. The minimum acceptable value is %2$d.',
	'SETTING_TOO_BIG'		=> 'The provided value for the setting “%1$s” is too high. The maximum acceptable value is %2$d.',
	'SETTING_TOO_LONG'		=> 'The provided value for the setting “%1$s” is too long. The maximum acceptable length is %2$d.',
	'SETTING_TOO_SHORT'		=> 'The provided value for the setting “%1$s” is too short. The minimum acceptable length is %2$d.',

	'SHOW_ALL_OPERATIONS'	=> 'Show all operations',

	'UCP'					=> 'User Control Panel',
	'USERNAMES_EXPLAIN'		=> 'Place each username on a separate line.',
	'USER_CONTROL_PANEL'	=> 'User Control Panel',

	'WARNING'				=> 'Warning',

// PHP info
$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'ACP_PHP_INFO_EXPLAIN'	=> 'This page lists information on the version of PHP installed on this server. It includes details of loaded modules, available variables and default settings. This information may be useful when diagnosing problems. Please be aware that some hosting companies will limit what information is displayed here for security reasons. You are advised to not give out any details on this page except when asked by <a href="http://www.phpbb.com/about/team/">official team members</a> on the support forums.',

	'NO_PHPINFO_AVAILABLE'	=> 'Information about your PHP configuration is unable to be determined. Phpinfo() has been disabled for security reasons.',

// Logs
$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'ACP_ADMIN_LOGS_EXPLAIN'	=> 'This lists all the actions carried out by board administrators. You can sort by username, date, IP or action. If you have appropriate permissions you can also clear individual operations or the log as a whole.',
	'ACP_CRITICAL_LOGS_EXPLAIN'	=> 'This lists the actions carried out by the board itself. This log provides you with information you are able to use for solving specific problems, for example non-delivery of e-mails. You can sort by username, date, IP or action. If you have appropriate permissions you can also clear individual operations or the log as a whole.',
	'ACP_MOD_LOGS_EXPLAIN'		=> 'This lists all actions done on forums, topics and posts as well as actions carried out on users by moderators, including banning. You can sort by username, date, IP or action. If you have appropriate permissions you can also clear individual operations or the log as a whole.',
	'ACP_USERS_LOGS_EXPLAIN'	=> 'This lists all actions carried out by users or on users (reports, warnings and user notes).',
	'ALL_ENTRIES'				=> 'All entries',

	'DISPLAY_LOG'	=> 'Display entries from previous',

	'NO_ENTRIES'	=> 'No log entries for this period.',

	'SORT_IP'		=> 'IP address',
	'SORT_DATE'		=> 'Date',
	'SORT_ACTION'	=> 'Log action',

// Index page
$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'ADMIN_INTRO'				=> 'Thank you for choosing phpBB as your board solution. This screen will give you a quick overview of all the various statistics of your board. The links on the left hand side of this screen allow you to control every aspect of your board experience. Each page will have instructions on how to use the tools.',
	'ADMIN_LOG'					=> 'Logged administrator actions',
	'ADMIN_LOG_INDEX_EXPLAIN'	=> 'This gives an overview of the last five actions carried out by board administrators. A full copy of the log can be viewed from the appropriate menu item or following the link below.',
	'AVATAR_DIR_SIZE'			=> 'Avatar directory size',

	'BOARD_STARTED'		=> 'Board started',
	'BOARD_VERSION'		=> 'Board version',

	'DATABASE_SERVER_INFO'	=> 'Database server',
	'DATABASE_SIZE'			=> 'Database size',

	'FILES_PER_DAY'		=> 'Attachments per day',
	'FORUM_STATS'		=> 'Board statistics',

	'GZIP_COMPRESSION'	=> 'GZip compression',

	'NOT_AVAILABLE'		=> 'Not available',
	'NUMBER_FILES'		=> 'Number of attachments',
	'NUMBER_POSTS'		=> 'Number of posts',
	'NUMBER_TOPICS'		=> 'Number of topics',
	'NUMBER_USERS'		=> 'Number of users',
	'NUMBER_ORPHAN'		=> 'Orphan attachments',

	'PHP_VERSION_OLD'	=> 'The version of PHP on this server will no longer be supported by future versions of phpBB. %sDetails%s',

	'POSTS_PER_DAY'		=> 'Posts per day',

	'PURGE_CACHE'			=> 'Purge the cache',
	'PURGE_CACHE_CONFIRM'	=> 'Are you sure you wish to purge the cache?',
	'PURGE_CACHE_EXPLAIN'	=> 'Purge all cache related items, this includes any cached template files or queries.',

	'PURGE_SESSIONS'			=> 'Purge all sessions',
	'PURGE_SESSIONS_CONFIRM'	=> 'Are you sure you wish to purge all sessions? This will log out all users.',
	'PURGE_SESSIONS_EXPLAIN'	=> 'Purge all sessions. This will log out all users by truncating the session table.',

	'RESET_DATE'					=> 'Reset board’s start date',
	'RESET_DATE_CONFIRM'			=> 'Are you sure you wish to reset the board’s start date?',
	'RESET_ONLINE'					=> 'Reset most users ever online',
	'RESET_ONLINE_CONFIRM'			=> 'Are you sure you wish to reset the most users ever online counter?',
	'RESYNC_POSTCOUNTS'				=> 'Resynchronise post counts',
	'RESYNC_POSTCOUNTS_EXPLAIN'		=> 'Only existing posts will be taken into consideration. Pruned posts will not be counted.',
	'RESYNC_POSTCOUNTS_CONFIRM'		=> 'Are you sure you wish to resynchronise post counts?',
	'RESYNC_POST_MARKING'			=> 'Resynchronise dotted topics',
	'RESYNC_POST_MARKING_CONFIRM'	=> 'Are you sure you wish to resynchronise dotted topics?',
	'RESYNC_POST_MARKING_EXPLAIN'	=> 'First unmarks all topics and then correctly marks topics that have seen any activity during the past six months.',
	'RESYNC_STATS'					=> 'Resynchronise statistics',
	'RESYNC_STATS_CONFIRM'			=> 'Are you sure you wish to resynchronise statistics?',
	'RESYNC_STATS_EXPLAIN'			=> 'Recalculates the total number of posts, topics, users and files.',
	'RUN'							=> 'Run now',

	'STATISTIC'					=> 'Statistic',
	'STATISTIC_RESYNC_OPTIONS'	=> 'Resynchronise or reset statistics',

	'TOPICS_PER_DAY'	=> 'Topics per day',

	'UPLOAD_DIR_SIZE'	=> 'Size of posted attachments',
	'USERS_PER_DAY'		=> 'Users per day',

	'VALUE'						=> 'Value',
	'VERSIONCHECK_FAIL'			=> 'Failed to obtain latest version information.',
	'VERSIONCHECK_FORCE_UPDATE'	=> 'Re-Check version',
	'VIEW_ADMIN_LOG'			=> 'View administrator log',
	'VIEW_INACTIVE_USERS'		=> 'View inactive users',

	'WELCOME_PHPBB'			=> 'Welcome to phpBB',
	'WRITABLE_CONFIG'		=> 'Your config file (config.php) is currently world-writable. We strongly encourage you to change the permissions to 640 or at least to 644 (for example: <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chmod" rel="external">chmod</a> 640 config.php).',

// Inactive Users
$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'INACTIVE_DATE'					=> 'Inactive date',
	'INACTIVE_REASON'				=> 'Reason',
	'INACTIVE_REASON_MANUAL'		=> 'Account deactivated by administrator',
	'INACTIVE_REASON_PROFILE'		=> 'Profile details changed',
	'INACTIVE_REASON_REGISTER'		=> 'Newly registered account',
	'INACTIVE_REASON_REMIND'		=> 'Forced user account reactivation',
	'INACTIVE_USERS'				=> 'Inactive users',
	'INACTIVE_USERS_EXPLAIN'		=> 'This is a list of users who have registered but whose accounts are inactive. You can activate, delete or remind (by sending an e-mail) these users if you wish.',
	'INACTIVE_USERS_EXPLAIN_INDEX'	=> 'This is a list of the last 10 registered users who have inactive accounts. A full list is available from the appropriate menu item or by following the link below from where you can activate, delete or remind (by sending an e-mail) these users if you wish.',

	'NO_INACTIVE_USERS'	=> 'No inactive users',

	'SORT_INACTIVE'		=> 'Inactive date',
	'SORT_LAST_VISIT'	=> 'Last visit',
	'SORT_REASON'		=> 'Reason',
	'SORT_REG_DATE'		=> 'Registration date',
	'SORT_LAST_REMINDER'=> 'Last reminded',
	'SORT_REMINDER'		=> 'Reminder sent',

	'USER_IS_INACTIVE'		=> 'User is inactive',

// Send statistics page
$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'EXPLAIN_SEND_STATISTICS'	=> 'Please send information about your server and board configurations to phpBB for statistical analysis. All information that could identify you or your website has been removed - the data is entirely <strong>anonymous</strong>. We base decisions about future phpBB versions on this information. The statistics are made available publically. We also share this data with the PHP project, the programming language phpBB is made with.',
	'EXPLAIN_SHOW_STATISTICS'	=> 'Using the button below you can preview all variables that will be transmitted.',
	'DONT_SEND_STATISTICS'		=> 'Return to the ACP if you do not wish to send statistical information to phpBB.',
	'GO_ACP_MAIN'				=> 'Go to the ACP start page',
	'HIDE_STATISTICS'			=> 'Hide details',
	'SEND_STATISTICS'			=> 'Send statistical information',
	'SHOW_STATISTICS'			=> 'Show details',
	'THANKS_SEND_STATISTICS'	=> 'Thank you for submitting your information.',

// Log Entries
$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'LOG_ACL_ADD_USER_GLOBAL_U_'		=> '<strong>Added or edited users’ user permissions</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ACL_ADD_GROUP_GLOBAL_U_'		=> '<strong>Added or edited groups’ user permissions</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ACL_ADD_USER_GLOBAL_M_'		=> '<strong>Added or edited users’ global moderator permissions</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ACL_ADD_GROUP_GLOBAL_M_'		=> '<strong>Added or edited groups’ global moderator permissions</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ACL_ADD_USER_GLOBAL_A_'		=> '<strong>Added or edited users’ administrator permissions</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ACL_ADD_GROUP_GLOBAL_A_'		=> '<strong>Added or edited groups’ administrator permissions</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_ACL_ADD_ADMIN_GLOBAL_A_'		=> '<strong>Added or edited Administrators</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ACL_ADD_MOD_GLOBAL_M_'			=> '<strong>Added or edited Global Moderators</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_ACL_ADD_USER_LOCAL_F_'			=> '<strong>Added or edited users’ forum access</strong> from %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_ACL_ADD_USER_LOCAL_M_'			=> '<strong>Added or edited users’ forum moderator access</strong> from %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_ACL_ADD_GROUP_LOCAL_F_'		=> '<strong>Added or edited groups’ forum access</strong> from %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_ACL_ADD_GROUP_LOCAL_M_'		=> '<strong>Added or edited groups’ forum moderator access</strong> from %1$s<br />» %2$s',

	'LOG_ACL_ADD_MOD_LOCAL_M_'			=> '<strong>Added or edited Moderators</strong> from %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_ACL_ADD_FORUM_LOCAL_F_'		=> '<strong>Added or edited forum permissions</strong> from %1$s<br />» %2$s',

	'LOG_ACL_DEL_ADMIN_GLOBAL_A_'		=> '<strong>Removed Administrators</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ACL_DEL_MOD_GLOBAL_M_'			=> '<strong>Removed Global Moderators</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ACL_DEL_MOD_LOCAL_M_'			=> '<strong>Removed Moderators</strong> from %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_ACL_DEL_FORUM_LOCAL_F_'		=> '<strong>Removed User/Group forum permissions</strong> from %1$s<br />» %2$s',

	'LOG_ACL_TRANSFER_PERMISSIONS'		=> '<strong>Permissions transferred from</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ACL_RESTORE_PERMISSIONS'		=> '<strong>Own permissions restored after using permissions from</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_ADMIN_AUTH_FAIL'		=> '<strong>Failed administration login attempt</strong>',
	'LOG_ADMIN_AUTH_SUCCESS'	=> '<strong>Successful administration login</strong>',

	'LOG_ATTACHMENTS_DELETED'	=> '<strong>Removed user attachments</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_ATTACH_EXT_ADD'		=> '<strong>Added or edited attachment extension</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ATTACH_EXT_DEL'		=> '<strong>Removed attachment extension</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ATTACH_EXT_UPDATE'		=> '<strong>Updated attachment extension</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ATTACH_EXTGROUP_ADD'	=> '<strong>Added extension group</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ATTACH_EXTGROUP_EDIT'	=> '<strong>Edited extension group</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ATTACH_EXTGROUP_DEL'	=> '<strong>Removed extension group</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ATTACH_FILEUPLOAD'		=> '<strong>Orphan File uploaded to Post</strong><br />» ID %1$d - %2$s',
	'LOG_ATTACH_ORPHAN_DEL'		=> '<strong>Orphan Files deleted</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_BAN_EXCLUDE_USER'	=> '<strong>Excluded user from ban</strong> for reason “<em>%1$s</em>”<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_BAN_EXCLUDE_IP'	=> '<strong>Excluded IP from ban</strong> for reason “<em>%1$s</em>”<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_BAN_EXCLUDE_EMAIL' => '<strong>Excluded e-mail from ban</strong> for reason “<em>%1$s</em>”<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_BAN_USER'			=> '<strong>Banned user</strong> for reason “<em>%1$s</em>”<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_BAN_IP'			=> '<strong>Banned IP</strong> for reason “<em>%1$s</em>”<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_BAN_EMAIL'			=> '<strong>Banned e-mail</strong> for reason “<em>%1$s</em>”<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_UNBAN_USER'		=> '<strong>Unbanned user</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_UNBAN_IP'			=> '<strong>Unbanned IP</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_UNBAN_EMAIL'		=> '<strong>Unbanned e-mail</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_BBCODE_ADD'		=> '<strong>Added new BBCode</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_BBCODE_EDIT'		=> '<strong>Edited BBCode</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_BBCODE_DELETE'		=> '<strong>Deleted BBCode</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_BOT_ADDED'		=> '<strong>New bot added</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_BOT_DELETE'	=> '<strong>Deleted bot</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_BOT_UPDATED'	=> '<strong>Existing bot updated</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_CLEAR_ADMIN'		=> '<strong>Cleared admin log</strong>',
	'LOG_CLEAR_CRITICAL'	=> '<strong>Cleared error log</strong>',
	'LOG_CLEAR_MOD'			=> '<strong>Cleared moderator log</strong>',
	'LOG_CLEAR_USER'		=> '<strong>Cleared user log</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_CLEAR_USERS'		=> '<strong>Cleared user logs</strong>',

	'LOG_CONFIG_ATTACH'			=> '<strong>Altered attachment settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_AUTH'			=> '<strong>Altered authentication settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_AVATAR'			=> '<strong>Altered avatar settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_COOKIE'			=> '<strong>Altered cookie settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_EMAIL'			=> '<strong>Altered e-mail settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_FEATURES'		=> '<strong>Altered board features</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_LOAD'			=> '<strong>Altered load settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_MESSAGE'		=> '<strong>Altered private message settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_POST'			=> '<strong>Altered post settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_REGISTRATION'	=> '<strong>Altered user registration settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_FEED'			=> '<strong>Altered syndication feeds settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_SEARCH'			=> '<strong>Altered search settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_SECURITY'		=> '<strong>Altered security settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_SERVER'			=> '<strong>Altered server settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_SETTINGS'		=> '<strong>Altered board settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_SIGNATURE'		=> '<strong>Altered signature settings</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_VISUAL'			=> '<strong>Altered antibot settings</strong>',

	'LOG_APPROVE_TOPIC'			=> '<strong>Approved topic</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_BUMP_TOPIC'			=> '<strong>User bumped topic</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_DELETE_POST'			=> '<strong>Deleted post “%1$s” written by</strong><br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_DELETE_SHADOW_TOPIC'	=> '<strong>Deleted shadow topic</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_DELETE_TOPIC'			=> '<strong>Deleted topic “%1$s” written by</strong><br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_FORK'					=> '<strong>Copied topic</strong><br />» from %s',
	'LOG_LOCK'					=> '<strong>Locked topic</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_LOCK_POST'				=> '<strong>Locked post</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_MERGE'					=> '<strong>Merged posts</strong> into topic<br />» %s',
	'LOG_MOVE'					=> '<strong>Moved topic</strong><br />» from %1$s to %2$s',
	'LOG_PM_REPORT_CLOSED'		=> '<strong>Closed PM report</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_PM_REPORT_DELETED'		=> '<strong>Deleted PM report</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_POST_APPROVED'			=> '<strong>Approved post</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_POST_DISAPPROVED'		=> '<strong>Disapproved post “%1$s” with the following reason</strong><br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_POST_EDITED'			=> '<strong>Edited post “%1$s” written by</strong><br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_REPORT_CLOSED'			=> '<strong>Closed report</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_REPORT_DELETED'		=> '<strong>Deleted report</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_SPLIT_DESTINATION'		=> '<strong>Moved split posts</strong><br />» to %s',
	'LOG_SPLIT_SOURCE'			=> '<strong>Split posts</strong><br />» from %s',

	'LOG_TOPIC_APPROVED'		=> '<strong>Approved topic</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_TOPIC_DISAPPROVED'		=> '<strong>Disapproved topic “%1$s” with the following reason</strong><br />%2$s',
	'LOG_TOPIC_RESYNC'			=> '<strong>Resynchronised topic counters</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_TOPIC_TYPE_CHANGED'	=> '<strong>Changed topic type</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_UNLOCK'				=> '<strong>Unlocked topic</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_UNLOCK_POST'			=> '<strong>Unlocked post</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_DISALLOW_ADD'		=> '<strong>Added disallowed username</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_DISALLOW_DELETE'	=> '<strong>Deleted disallowed username</strong>',

	'LOG_DB_BACKUP'			=> '<strong>Database backup</strong>',
	'LOG_DB_DELETE'			=> '<strong>Deleted database backup</strong>',
	'LOG_DB_RESTORE'		=> '<strong>Restored database backup</strong>',

	'LOG_DOWNLOAD_EXCLUDE_IP'	=> '<strong>Excluded IP/hostname from download list</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_DOWNLOAD_IP'			=> '<strong>Added IP/hostname to download list</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_DOWNLOAD_REMOVE_IP'	=> '<strong>Removed IP/hostname from download list</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_ERROR_JABBER'		=> '<strong>Jabber error</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_ERROR_EMAIL'		=> '<strong>E-mail error</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_FORUM_ADD'							=> '<strong>Created new forum</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_FORUM_COPIED_PERMISSIONS'			=> '<strong>Copied forum permissions</strong> from %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_FORUM_DEL_FORUM'					=> '<strong>Deleted forum</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_FORUM_DEL_FORUMS'					=> '<strong>Deleted forum and its subforums</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_FORUM_DEL_MOVE_FORUMS'				=> '<strong>Deleted forum and moved subforums</strong> to %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_FORUM_DEL_MOVE_POSTS'				=> '<strong>Deleted forum and moved posts </strong> to %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_FORUM_DEL_MOVE_POSTS_FORUMS'		=> '<strong>Deleted forum and its subforums, moved posts</strong> to %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_FORUM_DEL_MOVE_POSTS_MOVE_FORUMS'	=> '<strong>Deleted forum, moved posts</strong> to %1$s <strong>and subforums</strong> to %2$s<br />» %3$s',
	'LOG_FORUM_DEL_POSTS'					=> '<strong>Deleted forum and its posts</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_FORUM_DEL_POSTS_FORUMS'			=> '<strong>Deleted forum, its posts and subforums</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_FORUM_DEL_POSTS_MOVE_FORUMS'		=> '<strong>Deleted forum and its posts, moved subforums</strong> to %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_FORUM_EDIT'						=> '<strong>Edited forum details</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_FORUM_MOVE_DOWN'					=> '<strong>Moved forum</strong> %1$s <strong>below</strong> %2$s',
	'LOG_FORUM_MOVE_UP'						=> '<strong>Moved forum</strong> %1$s <strong>above</strong> %2$s',
	'LOG_FORUM_SYNC'						=> '<strong>Re-synchronised forum</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_GENERAL_ERROR'	=> '<strong>A general error occured</strong>: %1$s <br />» %2$s',

	'LOG_GROUP_CREATED'		=> '<strong>New usergroup created</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_GROUP_DEFAULTS'	=> '<strong>Group “%1$s” made default for members</strong><br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_GROUP_DELETE'		=> '<strong>Usergroup deleted</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_GROUP_DEMOTED'		=> '<strong>Leaders demoted in usergroup</strong> %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_GROUP_PROMOTED'	=> '<strong>Members promoted to leader in usergroup</strong> %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_GROUP_REMOVE'		=> '<strong>Members removed from usergroup</strong> %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_GROUP_UPDATED'		=> '<strong>Usergroup details updated</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_MODS_ADDED'		=> '<strong>Added new leaders to usergroup</strong> %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_USERS_ADDED'		=> '<strong>Added new members to usergroup</strong> %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_USERS_APPROVED'	=> '<strong>Users approved in usergroup</strong> %1$s<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_USERS_PENDING'		=> '<strong>Users requested to join group “%1$s” and need to be approved</strong><br />» %2$s',

	'LOG_IMAGE_GENERATION_ERROR'	=> '<strong>Error while creating image</strong><br />» Error in %1$s on line %2$s: %3$s',

	'LOG_IMAGESET_ADD_DB'			=> '<strong>Added new imageset to database</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_IMAGESET_ADD_FS'			=> '<strong>Add new imageset on filesystem</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_IMAGESET_DELETE'			=> '<strong>Deleted imageset</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_IMAGESET_EDIT_DETAILS'		=> '<strong>Edited imageset details</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_IMAGESET_EDIT'				=> '<strong>Edited imageset</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_IMAGESET_EXPORT'			=> '<strong>Exported imageset</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_IMAGESET_LANG_MISSING'		=> '<strong>Imageset misses “%2$s” localisation</strong><br />» %1$s',
	'LOG_IMAGESET_LANG_REFRESHED'	=> '<strong>Refreshed “%2$s” localisation of imageset</strong><br />» %1$s',
	'LOG_IMAGESET_REFRESHED'		=> '<strong>Refreshed imageset</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_INACTIVE_ACTIVATE'	=> '<strong>Activated inactive users</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_INACTIVE_DELETE'	=> '<strong>Deleted inactive users</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_INACTIVE_REMIND'	=> '<strong>Sent reminder e-mails to inactive users</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_INSTALL_CONVERTED'	=> '<strong>Converted from %1$s to phpBB %2$s</strong>',
	'LOG_INSTALL_INSTALLED'	=> '<strong>Installed phpBB %s</strong>',

	'LOG_IP_BROWSER_FORWARDED_CHECK'	=> '<strong>Session IP/browser/X_FORWARDED_FOR check failed</strong><br />»User IP “<em>%1$s</em>” checked against session IP “<em>%2$s</em>”, user browser string “<em>%3$s</em>” checked against session browser string “<em>%4$s</em>” and user X_FORWARDED_FOR string “<em>%5$s</em>” checked against session X_FORWARDED_FOR string “<em>%6$s</em>”.',

	'LOG_JAB_CHANGED'			=> '<strong>Jabber account changed</strong>',
	'LOG_JAB_PASSCHG'			=> '<strong>Jabber password changed</strong>',
	'LOG_JAB_REGISTER'			=> '<strong>Jabber account registered</strong>',
	'LOG_JAB_SETTINGS_CHANGED'	=> '<strong>Jabber settings changed</strong>',

	'LOG_LANGUAGE_PACK_DELETED'		=> '<strong>Deleted language pack</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_LANGUAGE_PACK_INSTALLED'	=> '<strong>Installed language pack</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_LANGUAGE_PACK_UPDATED'		=> '<strong>Updated language pack details</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_LANGUAGE_FILE_REPLACED'	=> '<strong>Replaced language file</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_LANGUAGE_FILE_SUBMITTED'	=> '<strong>Submitted language file and placed in store folder</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_MASS_EMAIL'		=> '<strong>Sent mass e-mail</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_MCP_CHANGE_POSTER'	=> '<strong>Changed poster in topic “%1$s”</strong><br />» from %2$s to %3$s',

	'LOG_MODULE_DISABLE'	=> '<strong>Module disabled</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_MODULE_ENABLE'		=> '<strong>Module enabled</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_MODULE_MOVE_DOWN'	=> '<strong>Module moved down</strong><br />» %1$s below %2$s',
	'LOG_MODULE_MOVE_UP'	=> '<strong>Module moved up</strong><br />» %1$s above %2$s',
	'LOG_MODULE_REMOVED'	=> '<strong>Module removed</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_MODULE_ADD'		=> '<strong>Module added</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_MODULE_EDIT'		=> '<strong>Module edited</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_A_ROLE_ADD'		=> '<strong>Admin role added</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_A_ROLE_EDIT'		=> '<strong>Admin role edited</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_A_ROLE_REMOVED'	=> '<strong>Admin role removed</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_F_ROLE_ADD'		=> '<strong>Forum role added</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_F_ROLE_EDIT'		=> '<strong>Forum role edited</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_F_ROLE_REMOVED'	=> '<strong>Forum role removed</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_M_ROLE_ADD'		=> '<strong>Moderator role added</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_M_ROLE_EDIT'		=> '<strong>Moderator role edited</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_M_ROLE_REMOVED'	=> '<strong>Moderator role removed</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_U_ROLE_ADD'		=> '<strong>User role added</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_U_ROLE_EDIT'		=> '<strong>User role edited</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_U_ROLE_REMOVED'	=> '<strong>User role removed</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_PROFILE_FIELD_ACTIVATE'	=> '<strong>Profile field activated</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_PROFILE_FIELD_CREATE'		=> '<strong>Profile field added</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_PROFILE_FIELD_DEACTIVATE'	=> '<strong>Profile field deactivated</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_PROFILE_FIELD_EDIT'		=> '<strong>Profile field changed</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_PROFILE_FIELD_REMOVED'		=> '<strong>Profile field removed</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_PRUNE'					=> '<strong>Pruned forums</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_AUTO_PRUNE'			=> '<strong>Auto-pruned forums</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_PRUNE_USER_DEAC'		=> '<strong>Users deactivated</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_PRUNE_USER_DEL_DEL'	=> '<strong>Users pruned and posts deleted</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_PRUNE_USER_DEL_ANON'	=> '<strong>Users pruned and posts retained</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_PURGE_CACHE'			=> '<strong>Purged cache</strong>',
	'LOG_PURGE_SESSIONS'		=> '<strong>Purged sessions</strong>',

	'LOG_RANK_ADDED'		=> '<strong>Added new rank</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_RANK_REMOVED'		=> '<strong>Removed rank</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_RANK_UPDATED'		=> '<strong>Updated rank</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_REASON_ADDED'		=> '<strong>Added report/denial reason</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_REASON_REMOVED'	=> '<strong>Removed report/denial reason</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_REASON_UPDATED'	=> '<strong>Updated report/denial reason</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_REFERER_INVALID'		=> '<strong>Referer validation failed</strong><br />»Referer was “<em>%1$s</em>”. The request was rejected and the session killed.',
	'LOG_RESET_DATE'			=> '<strong>Board start date reset</strong>',
	'LOG_RESET_ONLINE'			=> '<strong>Most users online reset</strong>',
	'LOG_RESYNC_POSTCOUNTS'		=> '<strong>User post counts resynchronised</strong>',
	'LOG_RESYNC_POST_MARKING'	=> '<strong>Dotted topics resynchronised</strong>',
	'LOG_RESYNC_STATS'			=> '<strong>Post, topic and user statistics resynchronised</strong>',

	'LOG_SEARCH_INDEX_CREATED'	=> '<strong>Created search index for</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_SEARCH_INDEX_REMOVED'	=> '<strong>Removed search index for</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_STYLE_ADD'				=> '<strong>Added new style</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_STYLE_DELETE'			=> '<strong>Deleted style</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_STYLE_EDIT_DETAILS'	=> '<strong>Edited style</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_STYLE_EXPORT'			=> '<strong>Exported style</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_TEMPLATE_ADD_DB'			=> '<strong>Added new template set to database</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_TEMPLATE_ADD_FS'			=> '<strong>Add new template set on filesystem</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_TEMPLATE_CACHE_CLEARED'	=> '<strong>Deleted cached versions of template files in template set <em>%1$s</em></strong><br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_TEMPLATE_DELETE'			=> '<strong>Deleted template set</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_TEMPLATE_EDIT'				=> '<strong>Edited template set <em>%1$s</em></strong><br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_TEMPLATE_EDIT_DETAILS'		=> '<strong>Edited template details</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_TEMPLATE_EXPORT'			=> '<strong>Exported template set</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_TEMPLATE_REFRESHED'		=> '<strong>Refreshed template set</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_THEME_ADD_DB'			=> '<strong>Added new theme to database</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_THEME_ADD_FS'			=> '<strong>Add new theme on filesystem</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_THEME_DELETE'			=> '<strong>Theme deleted</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_THEME_EDIT_DETAILS'	=> '<strong>Edited theme details</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_THEME_EDIT'			=> '<strong>Edited theme <em>%1$s</em></strong>',
	'LOG_THEME_EDIT_FILE'		=> '<strong>Edited theme <em>%1$s</em></strong><br />» Modified file <em>%2$s</em>',
	'LOG_THEME_EXPORT'			=> '<strong>Exported theme</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_THEME_REFRESHED'		=> '<strong>Refreshed theme</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_UPDATE_DATABASE'	=> '<strong>Updated Database from version %1$s to version %2$s</strong>',
	'LOG_UPDATE_PHPBB'		=> '<strong>Updated phpBB from version %1$s to version %2$s</strong>',

	'LOG_USER_ACTIVE'		=> '<strong>User activated</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_BAN_USER'		=> '<strong>Banned User via user management</strong> for reason “<em>%1$s</em>”<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_USER_BAN_IP'		=> '<strong>Banned IP via user management</strong> for reason “<em>%1$s</em>”<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_USER_BAN_EMAIL'	=> '<strong>Banned e-mail via user management</strong> for reason “<em>%1$s</em>”<br />» %2$s',
	'LOG_USER_DELETED'		=> '<strong>Deleted user</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_DEL_ATTACH'	=> '<strong>Removed all attachments made by the user</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_DEL_AVATAR'	=> '<strong>Removed user avatar</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_DEL_OUTBOX'	=> '<strong>Emptied user outbox</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_DEL_POSTS'	=> '<strong>Removed all posts made by the user</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_DEL_SIG'		=> '<strong>Removed user signature</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_INACTIVE'		=> '<strong>User deactivated</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_MOVE_POSTS'	=> '<strong>Moved user posts</strong><br />» posts by “%1$s” to forum “%2$s”',
	'LOG_USER_NEW_PASSWORD'	=> '<strong>Changed user password</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_REACTIVATE'	=> '<strong>Forced user account reactivation</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_REMOVED_NR'	=> '<strong>Removed newly registered flag from user</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_USER_UPDATE_EMAIL'	=> '<strong>User “%1$s” changed e-mail</strong><br />» from “%2$s” to “%3$s”',
	'LOG_USER_UPDATE_NAME'	=> '<strong>Changed username</strong><br />» from “%1$s” to “%2$s”',
	'LOG_USER_USER_UPDATE'	=> '<strong>Updated user details</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_USER_ACTIVE_USER'		=> '<strong>User account activated</strong>',
	'LOG_USER_DEL_AVATAR_USER'	=> '<strong>User avatar removed</strong>',
	'LOG_USER_DEL_SIG_USER'		=> '<strong>User signature removed</strong>',
	'LOG_USER_FEEDBACK'			=> '<strong>Added user feedback</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_GENERAL'			=> '<strong>Entry added:</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_INACTIVE_USER'	=> '<strong>User account de-activated</strong>',
	'LOG_USER_LOCK'				=> '<strong>User locked own topic</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_MOVE_POSTS_USER'	=> '<strong>Moved all posts to forum</strong>» %s',
	'LOG_USER_REACTIVATE_USER'	=> '<strong>Forced user account reactivation</strong>',
	'LOG_USER_UNLOCK'			=> '<strong>User unlocked own topic</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_WARNING'			=> '<strong>Added user warning</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_WARNING_BODY'		=> '<strong>The following warning was issued to this user</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_USER_GROUP_CHANGE'			=> '<strong>User changed default group</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_GROUP_DEMOTE'			=> '<strong>User demoted as leaders from usergroup</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_GROUP_JOIN'			=> '<strong>User joined group</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_GROUP_JOIN_PENDING'	=> '<strong>User joined group and needs to be approved</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_USER_GROUP_RESIGN'			=> '<strong>User resigned membership from group</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_WARNING_DELETED'		=> '<strong>Deleted user warning</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_WARNINGS_DELETED'		=> '<strong>Deleted %2$s user warnings</strong><br />» %1$s', // Example: '<strong>Deleted 2 user warnings</strong><br />» username'
	'LOG_WARNINGS_DELETED_ALL'	=> '<strong>Deleted all user warnings</strong><br />» %s',

	'LOG_WORD_ADD'			=> '<strong>Added word censor</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_WORD_DELETE'		=> '<strong>Deleted word censor</strong><br />» %s',
	'LOG_WORD_EDIT'			=> '<strong>Edited word censor</strong><br />» %s',

* Portal XL related language definitions

// Portal
$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'PORTAL'								=> 'Portal',
   	'ACP_CAT_PORTAL'           				=> 'Portal',
   	'ACP_PORTAL'           					=> 'Portal',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN'           			=> 'General',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_INFO'           			=> 'General',	
    'ACP_PORTAL_ANNOUNCE_INFO'  			=> 'Announcements',
    'ACP_PORTAL_NEWS_INFO'      			=> 'News',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_RECENT_INFO'    			=> 'Recent Topics',	
   	'ACP_PORTAL_WORDGRAPH_INFO'				=> 'Wordgraph',
    'ACP_PORTAL_PAYPAL_INFO'        		=> 'Paypal',	
    'ACP_PORTAL_MEMBERS_INFO'               => 'Latest Members',
    'ACP_PORTAL_POLLS_INFO'                 => 'Polls',	
    'ACP_PORTAL_BOTS_INFO'                  => 'Visiting Bots',
    'ACP_PORTAL_MOST_POSTER_INFO'           => 'Most Poster',
    'ACP_PORTAL_RANDOM_INFO'                => 'Random Banners',
    'ACP_PORTAL_WELCOME_INFO'               => 'Welcome',
    'ACP_PORTAL_WEATHER_INFO'			    => 'Weather',
    'ACP_PORTAL_SYNDICATE_INFO'			    => 'Syndication',
    'ACP_PORTAL_SCROLL_MESSAGE_INFO'        => 'Scroll Message',
    'ACP_PORTAL_METATAGS_INFO'        		=> 'Meta Tags',
	'ACP_MANAGE_PORTAL'						=> 'Manage Portal',

	// Portal XL portal blocks //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_BLOCKS'           		=> 'Portal Blocks',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_BLOCKS'           	=> 'Portal Blocks',
	'ACP_PORTAL_BLOCKS'						=> 'Portal Blocks',
	'ACP_MANAGE_BLOCKS'						=> 'Manage Portal Blocks',

	// Portal XL index/viewtopic blocks //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_INDEX_CAT_BLOCKS'           => 'Index Blocks',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_INDEX_ADMIN_BLOCKS'         => 'Index Blocks',
	'ACP_PORTAL_INDEX_BLOCKS'				=> 'Index Blocks',
	'ACP_MANAGE_INDEX_BLOCKS'				=> 'Manage Index Blocks',

	// Portal XL portal menu //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_MENUS'           		=> 'Menus',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_MENUS'           		=> 'Menus',
	'ACP_PORTAL_MENUS'						=> 'Menus',
	'ACP_MANAGE_MENUS'						=> 'Manage Menus',
	// Portal XL portal quotes //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_QUOTES'           		=> 'Quotes',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_QUOTES'           	=> 'Quotations',
	'ACP_PORTAL_QUOTES'						=> 'Quotes',
	'ACP_MANAGE_QUOTES'						=> 'Manage Quotes',
	// Portal XL portal partners //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_BANNERS'          		=> 'Banners',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_BANNERS'           	=> 'Banners 88x31',
	'ACP_PORTAL_BANNERS'					=> 'Manage Banners',
	'ACP_MANAGE_BANNERS'					=> 'Manage Banners 88x31',
	// Portal XL portal banners horizontal //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_BANNERS_HO'          		=> 'Banners horizontal',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_BANNERS_HO'           	=> 'Banners horizontal 400x60',
	'ACP_PORTAL_BANNERS_HO'						=> 'Banners horizontal',
	'ACP_MANAGE_BANNERS_HO'						=> 'Manage Banners 400x60',

	// Portal XL portal banners vertical //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_BANNERS_VE'          		=> 'Banners vertical',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_BANNERS_VE'           	=> 'Banners vertical 130x600',
	'ACP_PORTAL_BANNERS_VE'						=> 'Banners vertical',
	'ACP_MANAGE_BANNERS_VE'						=> 'Manage Banners 130x600',

	// Portal XL portal links //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_LINKS'           			=> 'Links',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_LINKS'           			=> 'Links',
	'ACP_PORTAL_LINKS'							=> 'Links',
	'ACP_MANAGE_LINKS'							=> 'Manage Links',
	// Portal XL portal mods //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_MODS'           			=> 'Mod\'s',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_MODS'         			=> 'Mod\'s',
	'ACP_PORTAL_MODS'							=> 'Mod\'s',
	'ACP_MANAGE_MODS'							=> 'Manage Mod\'s',
	// Portal XL portal adds //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_ADDS'           			=> 'Forum Ad\'s',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_ADDS'         			=> 'Forum Ad\'s',
	'ACP_PORTAL_ADDS'							=> 'Forum Ad\'s',
	'ACP_MANAGE_ADDS'							=> 'Manage Forum Ad\'s',
	// Portal XL portal pages //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_PAGES'           			=> 'Portal Pages',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_PAGES'         			=> 'Portal Pages',
	'ACP_PORTAL_PAGES'							=> 'Portal Pages',
	'ACP_MANAGE_PAGES'							=> 'Manage Portal Pages',
	// Portal XL portal newsfeeds //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_NEWSFEEDS'           		=> 'Portal News Feeds',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_NEWSFEEDS'         		=> 'Portal News Feeds',
	'ACP_PORTAL_NEWSFEEDS'						=> 'Portal News Feeds',
	'ACP_MANAGE_NEWSFEEDS'						=> 'Manage News Feeds',
	// Portal XL portal acronyms //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_ACRONYMS'           		=> 'Portal Acronyms',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_ACRONYMS'         		=> 'Portal Acronyms',
	'ACP_PORTAL_ACRONYMS'						=> 'Portal Acronyms',
	'ACP_MANAGE_ACRONYMS'						=> 'Manage Acronyms',
	// Portal XL portal impressum //
   	'ACP_PORTAL_CAT_IMPRESSUM'           		=> 'Portal Imprint',
   	'ACP_PORTAL_ADMIN_IMPRESSUM'         		=> 'Portal Imprint',
	'ACP_PORTAL_IMPRESSUM'						=> 'Portal Imprint',
	'ACP_MANAGE_IMPRESSUM'						=> 'Manage Imprint',
	// Portal XL portal log entries
	'LOG_CONFIG_PORTAL'				=> '<strong>Portal general saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_ANNOUNCEMENTS'		=> '<strong>Portal announcements saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_NEWS'				=> '<strong>Portal news saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_RECENT'				=> '<strong>Portal recent topics saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_WORDGRAPH'			=> '<strong>Portal wordgraph saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_COLLUMN'			=> '<strong>Portal column width saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_PAYPAL'				=> '<strong>Portal paypal saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_ATTACHMENTS'		=> '<strong>Portal attachments saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_MEMBERS'			=> '<strong>Portal members saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_POLLS'				=> '<strong>Portal poll saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_BOTS'				=> '<strong>Portal visiting bots saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_POSTER'				=> '<strong>Portal most poster saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_RANDOM'				=> '<strong>Portal random saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_WELCOME'			=> '<strong>Portal welcome saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_WEATHER'	    	=> '<strong>Portal weather saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_SYNDICATE'	    	=> '<strong>Portal sydication saved</strong>',
	'LOG_CONFIG_PLUXLINDEX'	    	=> '<strong>Portal board/viewtopic index saved</strong>',
  	'LOG_CONFIG_SCROLLMESSAGE'      => '<strong>Portal scroll message saved</strong>',
  	'LOG_CONFIG_METATAGS'      		=> '<strong>Portal META tags settings saved</strong>',

	// installation logging
	'PORTAL_LOG_INSTALL_PORTAL'	=> '<strong>Portal XL installed</strong>',
	'PORTAL_LOG_UNINSTALL_PORTAL'	=> '<strong>Portal XL uninstalled</strong>',
	'PORTAL_LOG_UPDATE_PORTAL'	=> '<strong>Portal XL datase update</strong>',

// Animate Digits IP Tracking Counter
$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'ACP_COUNTER_SETTINGS'	=> 'Counter settings',
	'COUNTER_STARTED'		=> 'Counter started',
	'HITS_PER_DAY'			=> 'Hits per day',
	'LOG_CONFIG_COUNTER'	=> '<strong>Altered counter settings</strong>',
	'LOG_RESET_COUNTER'		=> '<strong>Reseted counter: started date time and hits value</strong>',
	'NUMBER_HITS'			=> 'Number of hits',
	'RESET_COUNTER'			=> 'Reset counter',
	'RESET_COUNTER_CONFIRM'	=> 'Are you sure you wish to reset all data of the counter?',
	'RESET_COUNTER_EXPLAIN'	=> 'Reset all data of the counter: started date time and total hits.',

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