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	Photo Visual Confirmation - A phpBB Add-On
		British/American English Language File
	File Version: 1.5.0
	Begun: May 29, 2007
	Last Modified: March 27, 2010
	Copyright 2009, 2010 by Jeremy Rogers.
	License: GNU General Public License v2
	Translated by:
			You are free to translate this file into other languages for your
			own use and to distribute translated versions according to the
			terms of the license under which it is released. Add your name and
			contact details in this area.>

if (!defined('IN_PHPBB'))

if (empty($lang) || !is_array($lang))
	$lang = array();

$lang = array_merge($lang, array(
	'PHOTO_CODE_EXPLAIN'			=> 'To prevent automated access and spam, you are required to confirm that you are human. Please place a check mark next to all images of <strong>%1$s</strong>. If you cannot see any images, please contact the %2$sBoard Administrator%3$s.',
	'VISUAL_CONFIRMATION'			=> 'Visual Confirmation',
	'PVC'							=> 'Photo Visual Confirmation',

	'PVC_FILTER_ON'					=> '%s Filter On',
	'PVC_FILTER_OFF'				=> '%s Filter Off',
	'PVC_PREVIEW'					=> 'Preview Image',

// The rest is for the admin panel
	'PHOTO_ACTIVE_NOTICE'			=> 'You have activated the Photo Visual Confirmation modification. The only settings on this page that affect the visual confirmation images currently displayed on your forum are those to enable or disable confirmation. You can change other settings related to Photo Visual Confirmation from its configuration page in the .MODs section.',
	'PHOTO_CAPTCHA'					=> 'Photo Visual Confirmation',
	'PHOTO_CAPTCHA_SETTINGS'		=> 'Photo Visual Confirmation Settings',
	'PVC_BLUR'						=>	'Selective Blur',
	'PVC_BLUR_EXPLAIN'				=>	'Softens edges.',
	'PVC_COLOR'						=>	'Colorize',
	'PVC_COLOR_EXPLAIN'				=>	'This filter alters the amount of red, green, or blue in an image (color and amount are random). The preview shows the maximum red alteration.',
	'PVC_DEFAULT_TYPE'				=>	'Default type',
	'PVC_DEFAULT_TYPE_EXPLAIN'		=>	'If a visual confirmation prompt does not match a default type (for example, a new prompt added by a modification), the group of Instance Specific Settings selected here will be used for that prompt.',
	'PVC_DESC'						=>	'In this area, you can define various settings for Photo Visual Confirmation.',
	'PVC_ENABLE'					=>	'Enable Photo Visual Confirmation',
	'PVC_ENABLE_EXPLAIN'			=>	'Replaces the default visual confirmation images with an array of photographs.',
	'PVC_GBLUR'						=>	'Gaussian Blur',
	'PVC_GBLUR_EXPLAIN'				=>	'Softens edges through another method.',
	'PVC_GRAY'						=>	'Grayscale',
	'PVC_GRAY_EXPLAIN'				=>	'Converts the image to gray colors.',
	'PVC_HEIGHT'					=>	'Height of output photos',
	'PVC_IMAGE_TRANFORMATIONS'		=>	'Image Transformations',
	'PVC_IMAGE_TRANFORMATIONS_EXPLAIN'		=>	'Each image displayed by Photo Visual Confirmation can be processed with a number of differing filters. Images will have a random one in X chance of having each filter below applied, where X is the number entered. Use 0 to disable a filter or 1 to force it on every image. The images shown preview each filter in off and on states, respectively. Remember that a final image may have enabled filters applied to it in any combination. Filters are applied in the order they are listed.',
	'PVC_INSTANCE_DESC'				=>	'phpBB 3 can create visual confirmation prompts on several different forms. These settings allow you to control the number of images displayed on each prompt. Please note that each prompt can display no more than %s images (number of columns multiplied by number of images per column).',
	'PVC_INSTANCE_SETTINGS'			=>	'Instance Specific Settings',
	'PVC_INTERLACE'					=>	'Interlace',
	'PVC_INTERLACE_EXPLAIN'			=>	'Lines are drawn on the image. Line spacing, orientation, and color are randomized to allow varying results in each image.',
	'PVC_LOGIN'						=>	'Login Settings',
	'PVC_MAX_ERROR'					=>	'Your values for %1$s total more than %2$s images on this confirmation prompt. Please adjust the number of rows and/or number of images per row settings so that their product is %2$s or less.',
	'PVC_MEAN'						=>	'Mean Removal',
	'PVC_MEAN_EXPLAIN'				=>	'Enhances edges.',
	'PVC_MIRROR'					=>	'Mirror',
	'PVC_MIRROR_EXPLAIN'			=>	'Reflects the image from left to right.',
	'PVC_NOISE'						=>	'Noise',
	'PVC_NOISE_EXPLAIN'				=>	'Slightly alters colors throughout the image. The alteration amount is randomized for each image.',
	'PVC_HIDDEN_OPTIONS'			=>	'Some image transformation options have been hidden and disabled because they are not supported on this server. If you would like to use the hidden options, please speak to your webhost regarding these matters:',
	'PVC_NO_FILTER'					=>	'This server lacks the PHP 5 function called imagefilter().',
	'PVC_NO_GD'						=>	'The GD image library is not enabled on this server. You cannot use Photo Visual Confirmation when GD is disabled. Please speak to your webhost about enabling the GD graphics library in PHP. GD is bundled with PHP, so they just need to reconfigure the PHP install.',
	'PVC_NO_ROTATE'					=>	'This server lacks the PHP function called imagerotate().',
	'PVC_NUMBER'					=>	'Number of columns of photos',
	'PVC_OLD_GD'					=>	'This server is using an older version of the GD image library, which lacks features needed by Photo Visual Confirmation. Please speak to your webhost about upgrading the GD image library on the server. The needed version of GD is bundled with PHP, so they just need to reconfigure the PHP install.',
	'PVC_IMG_PATH'					=>	'Path to CAPTCHA images',
	'PVC_IMG_PATH_EXPLAIN'			=>	'Enter the location, relative to the forum root, where folders storing images used in the visual confirmation prompt are located.',
	'PVC_POST'						=>	'Posting Settings',
	'PVC_REG'						=>	'Registration Settings',
	'PVC_ROTATE'					=>	'Rotate',
	'PVC_ROTATE_EXPLAIN'			=>	'Images will be rotated 90 degrees left or right. The direction is randomly selected.',
	'PVC_ROWS'						=>	'Number of photos in a column',
	'PVC_SMOOTH'					=>	'Smoothing',
	'PVC_SMOOTH_EXPLAIN'			=>	'Another method of softening edges.',
	'PVC_WAVE'						=>	'Wave',
	'PVC_WAVE_EXPLAIN'				=>	'Some factors of this distortion are randomized for each image.',
	'PVC_WIDTH'						=>	'Width of output photos',

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