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 *                             lang_auction.php
 *                            -------------------
 *   begin                :   January 2004
 *   copyright            :   (C) FR
 *   email                :   hide@address.com

 *   This hack is released under the GPL License. 
 *   This hack can be freely used, but not distributed, without permission. 
 *   Intellectual Property is retained by the author listed above. 

// Picture Upload
$lang['auction_offer_picture_filetype_jpg_not_allowed'] = 'Sorry, you are not allowed to upload *.jpg files on this server!';
$lang['auction_offer_picture_filetype_png_not_allowed'] = 'Sorry, you are not allowed to upload *.png files on this server!';
$lang['auction_offer_picture_filetype_gif_not_allowed'] = 'Sorry, you are not allowed to upload *.gif files on this server!';
$lang['auction_offer_picture_filetype_not_allowed'] = 'You have tried to upload a prohibited file. Only image files are allowed. <br />You have tried to upload the following filetype: ';

$lang['auction_picture_filesize_to_big'] = 'Sorry the file you have tried to upload is too big!';
$lang['file_exceeds'] = 'You are not allowed to upload files that exceed: ';
$lang['bytes'] = ' bytes';
$lang['gif_file_exceeds'] = 'As gif files will be converted to jpg on this server, their size must not exceed ';
$lang['gif_file_exceeds2'] = '<br />Your file is: ';
$lang['Upload_image_not_conform'] = 'Oooops! Something went wrong with your upload. It seems that your image has a non-standard header.<br />Please try to save your picture again with a standard image manipulation software like Adobe Photoshop or Jasc Paint Shop Pro.';
$lang['max_allowed_size'] = 'Your picture seems to exceed the maximum width and height allowed: ';

// picture manager
$lang['overview'] = 'overview';
$lang['Your_offer'] = 'Your offer';
$lang['Phpbb_auction'] = 'Phpbb-Auction';
$lang['Picture_manager'] = 'Picture Manager';
$lang['Cropping_center'] = 'Crop-Center';
$lang['crop_a_pic'] = 'Crop a picture';
$lang['Crop_iur_nail'] = 'Crop your thumbnail';
$lang['Crop_iur_nail_exp'] = 'The square thumbnail format we are using for some displays, might cut off a part of your picture (only for the thumbnail preview). As it is practically impossible to know wich part of the picture should be displayed, you have the possibility to select your favorite cropping.';
$lang['Crop_iur_nail_exp2'] = 'Click on <b>any</b> of the three pictures to store the thumbnail as <b>you</b> want others to see it!';

$lang['quota_exp_many'] = 'You can upload up to %d more pictures';
$lang['quota_exp_one'] = 'You can upload 1 more picture';
$lang['quota_exp_none'] = 'Your Picture quota is full! You cannot upload any more pictures,';
$lang['but_u_can_replace'] = 'but you can replace an uploaded picture by clicking on "Replace Picture".';
$lang['upload_link'] = 'Click here to upload an additional picture';
$lang['Notallowed'] = 'Not Allowed';
$lang['Allowed'] = 'Allowed';
$lang['jpg_images'] = 'Jpeg images';
$lang['png_images'] = 'Png images';
$lang['gif_images'] = 'Gif images';
$lang['Size_limit'] = 'Size limit for ';
$lang['auction_image_upload'] = 'Image-upload';
$lang['auction_image_replace'] = 'Image-Replace';
$lang['auction_picture_awaiting'] = 'Awaiting';
$lang['auction_picture_validation'] = 'Validation';
$lang['auction_picture'] = 'Picture';
$lang['auction_picture_online'] = 'Online';
$lang['auction_picture_locked'] = 'Locked';
$lang['auction_picture_approve'] = 'Approve';
$lang['auction_picture_reject'] = 'Reject';
$lang['auction_replace'] = 'Replace';
$lang['auction_picture_lock'] = 'Lock';
$lang['auction_picture_unlock'] = 'Unlock';
$lang['auction_picture_main'] = 'Main';
$lang['auction_picture'] = 'Offer Picture';
$lang['auction_picture_thumbnail'] = 'Thumbnail';
$lang['auction_picture_gallery_picture'] = 'Gallery Picture';
$lang['auction_picture_main_picture'] = 'Main picture';
$lang['auction_picture_delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['auction_picture_recrop'] = 'Recrop';
$lang['auction_not_authorized_to_edit_picture'] = 'You are not authorized to edit this picture';
$lang['auction_upload_ok'] = 'Upload OK!';
$lang['auction_upload_limit_reached'] = 'You have reached your upload limit';
$lang['auction_no_url_connection'] = 'Sorry, there was no URL connection to the image!';
$lang['auction_image_empty'] = 'Image empty';
$lang['auction_picture_delete_confirm'] = 'Are you really sure you want to delete this picture?';
$lang['auction_no_undo'] = 'There is no undo function!';
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