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error codes:

1-1000: are system errors (network problems, etc.)
4000-4999: are general connector errors (check ErrorMsg for more info on error)

5xxx (connector related problems)

	parsing an AXL response

	parsing an AXL request
	5205: Incorrect Map object or keyword supplied to sendRequest();

54xx - 55xx: (aimsMap and other object problems)
	54xx (aimsMap):
		5410: The supplied object is not of type <object>.
		5420: Missing extent.
		5421: No more features available.
		5422: No layer available for this index.
		5450: Layer was not found.
		5451: Layer with same ID exists already.

	555x (aimsLayer):
		5520: Can not add field to recordset with records.
		5521: Field can not be found.

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