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Welcome the phpAlumni V1.2!

phpAlumni is a web-based alumni management program written in PHP4 for MySQL databases. It comes with extensive features
als contact management, profiles for every member, notification of profile changes, jobfair, search and other gimmicks. phpAlumni
is easy to set up and will be running quick and smooth.


- Unpack the archive into your webserver folder.
- Edit config.inc.php and enter the values to access your database.
- Enter a good admin password.
- Enter a crazy combination of characters into the "$hash_password" variable, it is essential for security!!!
- Change all the texts for email-messages in the config.inc.php to suit your needs.
- Create a database and use "DBSTRUCTURE.sql" to add the tables using phpMyAdmin (www.phpmyadmin.net).
	(Command line cracks know what to do with "DBstructure.sql")
- phpAlumni is up and running now!
- NEW TO VERSION 1.2! The admin login can now also be accessed via the page "index_admin.php" in the root directory.

UPGRADING (from any version < 1.2)

The names of the files have changed in version 1.2. This was done in order to make the structure of phpAlumni
consistent. If you have created your own set of templates (files *.tpl in the subdirectory "templates"), you have
to rename them according to the file "NEWFILENAMES.txt" supplied with the release.

UPGRADING (from version 0.9.5)

- If you are upgrading from an earlier version please read the instructions below!
- First please BACKUP ALL DATA in case something goes completely wrong!!!! This is all at your own risk!!!
- Version 1.0 has a new layout, so any modified templates from a former version will possibly not work.
- Update your database by running the file "0.9.5_to_1.0.sql" within phpMyAdmin (www.phpmyadmin.net)
- Unpack the tar or zip file into an appropriate directory
- Transfer the data from your old "config.inc.php" into the new "config.inc.php"
- If you probably have a lot of "dead" emailaddreses in your database, run the file "email-cleaner.php" in your browser.
	This will check if there is a DNS entry for each emailaddress and delete the ones that are bogus.
	This will take some time, so be patient!
	You might encounter a timeout on the server due to the time it takes to run the script. This doesn't matter!
	You can delete "emai-cleaner.php" after running it once.
- Finished! Everything should be running fine.


- The file "sponsors.tpl" (found in the admin, the members and the main directory) is useful for putting logos of sponsors etc.
	on your site by editing just three files (you can also create symlinks and use only one file)
- If you want to customize the layout of phpAlumni feel free to create new designs!
- All templates can be found in the "templates" directory
- Do not forget to put the {PLACEHOLDERS} in curly brackets back where they belong to be
- Now go to "www.phpalumni.org" and contribute your personal templates so that more users can benefit from them!
- Thank you very much!

Have fun and feel free to drop me a line and a link to your phpAlumni site! I will compile a list of sites running phpAlumni
to give other users some examples of successful alumni networks.

Ralf Hetzer
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