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ÿþA star in the right colum means that the name of the file has not changed.

The endings of the files e.g. *.php or *.tpl have been left out as the

filenames for both, PHP and TPL files are always the same.

Old filename			New filename

+++ Root directory +++

config.inc			*

email-cleaner			*

functions.inc			*

imprint				imprint_index

index				*

login				*

lost_password			lost_password_index

signup				signup_index

submit_lost_password		lost_password_ok

submit_signup			signup_ok

temtplate.inc			*

terms_of_service		terms_of_service_index

+++ Members directory +++

add_job				jobfair_add

add_job_success			jobfair_add_ok

confirm_contact_request		contacts_request_confirm

confirm_delete_job		jobfair_delete_confirm

contact_request_sent		contacts_request_ok

contacts			contacts_index

delete_job_success		jobfair_delete_ok

details				members_details

edit_job			jobfair_edit

edit_job_success		jobfair_edit_ok

forum_index			forum_index

forum_messages			forum_messages

forum_threads			forum_threads

imprint				imprint_index

index				index

job_details			jobfair_details

jobfair				jobfair_index

logout				logout

manage_contacts			contacts_management

members				members_index

password			password_index

password_changed		password_changed

profile				profile_index

search				search_index

submit_profile			profile_submit

tell_a_friend_index		tell_a_friend_index

tell_a_friend_sent		tell_a_friend_ok

terms_of_service		terms_of_service_index

verify_login			verify_login

+++ Admin +++

addressdownload			addressdownload_index

confirm_member_delete		members_delete_confirm

db_admin_index			*

db_admin_ok			*

forum_delete_confirm		*

forum_delete_ok			*

forum_index			*

forum_messages			*

forum_threads			*

index				index_admin

member_details			members_details

members				members_index

news_delete_confirm		*

news_delete_ok			*

news_index			*

newsletter_confirm		*

newsletter_index		*

newsletter_sent			*

preferences			preferences_index

preferences_delete_confirm	*

preferences_delete_ok		*

start				index

login				*

logout				*

verify_login			*

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