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USUAGE FOR PHP-xWhois v0.2

Please look at the examples directory for knowledge how to use PHP-xWhois. 
Here you mostly only find things that are not showed in the examples directory.

1.0 > Common Usuage
	1.1 > Variables to set
Step 1.0 > Common Usuage
Set up Vars and other things only between "creating the class" and calling the method getData()
how it is showed in the examples. Other modifying is not supported. In the examples you also see how
to modify and access the variables that are showed in Step 1.1.

	Step 1.1 > Variables to set or access
	Here i will list a few Variables you can set, see "Common Usuage" first:
	Set up this variables only in whois.php and don't modify them at runtime (Private Vars):
		-> $_conntimeout 
				Here you can set the Timeout when the script should abort
		-> $__maxContinuedWhoisQueries 
				How deep should PHP-xWhois ask for Whois Info (example: first whois info gives forward to another whois server, when this is set to 1 then the script ask the "forware-whois-server", set to 0 not, and so on)
	This Variables can also be modified at runtime (Properties):
		-> $__format
				Set the Format ob the Whois Data. (not implemented yet)
		-> $__whois
				Get the Whois Data? set only to true or false. Result is stored in Obj->Whois
		-> $__dns
				Get the DNS Data? (not implemented yet)
		-> $__free
				Looking up if domain is free? Result is stored in Obj->DomainFrei
		-> $__maxstrlength
				Defines the maximum length of strings in Whois Data
		-> $__maxstrlines
				Defines the maximum lines in Whois Data
		-> $__fromTo
				Shows only Data From -> To (not implemented yet)
		-> $__showWhoisRemark
				Defines if a WhoisRemark should be showed
		-> $__getOnlyOwnerData
				Get only the Owner Data. Result is stored in Obj->Whois
		-> $__writexmlCache
				Write XML cache? (also active when $__usexmlCache is set to 0)
		-> $__xmlCacheDomains
				Turning on the xmlCache Engine.
		-> $__cachingTime
				Time after Cache should be renewed
	This Variables are Public Vars:
		-> $Domain
				Stores the Domainname for whois
		-> $Whois
				Stores the Whois Data or modified Whois Data
		-> $WhoisURL
				Stores the Whois Server URL
		-> $DomainEndung
				Stores the TLD for the checked domain
		-> $DomainOhneEndung
				Stores Domain without TLD
		-> $DomainFrei
				Stores if Domain is free
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