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/* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                      MAIN INDEX PAGE
   Credits         : phpSGEx by Aldrigo Raffaele
   Last modified by: raffa50 19.06.2013
   Comments        : fix map2
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

$secure= true;
$head=""; $body=""; $blol="";
if ( !file_exists("config.php") ) header ("Location: ./install/index.php");
require "func.php";

//load (once) game config from database
$config= mysql_fetch_array( mysql_query("SELECT * FROM conf LIMIT 1") );


global $pg;
if( isset($_GET['pg']) ) $pg=$_GET["pg"];

if( isset($_GET['lang']) ){ include ("./lang/".$_GET['lang'].".php");
} else { 
	if( isset($_SESSION['lang']) ) include("./lang/".$_SESSION['lang'].".php");
	else include ("./lang/".LANG.".php"); $glang=LANG; 

if( isset($_REQUEST["act"]) ) {
	switch($_REQUEST["act"]) {
		case "reg_login":
			login($_POST['reg_nickname'], $_POST['reg_password']);
		case "register":
		case "logout":

if( isset($_SESSION['id']) ) {
	if( !isset($pg) ) $pg="main";
	$me= new sge($_SESSION['id']);

	//Query from other pages
	if( isset($_GET['bid']) ) $me->build_addquee( $_GET['bid'] );
	if( isset($_POST['itunt']) ) $me->unit_train_addquee( $_POST['itunt'], $_POST['qunt'] );
	if( isset($_GET['research']) ) $me->research_addquee( $_GET['research'] );
	if( isset($_POST['act']) && $_POST['act']=="messagesend" ) $me->sendmsg( $_POST['ito'], $_POST['mtit'], $_POST['freeRTE_content'], 1, null);
	if( isset($_GET['delmsg']) ) mysql_query("DELETE FROM user_message WHERE id =".(int)$_GET['delmsg']);
	if( isset($_POST['createally']) ) {
		$qaid= mysql_fetch_array( mysql_query("SELECT `id` FROM ally ORDER BY `id` ASC LIMIT 1") );
		$aid= $qaid['id'] +1;
		$nam= mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['adm_name']);
		mysql_query("INSERT INTO `ally` (`id` ,`name` ,`desc` ,`owner` ,`points` ,`acess`) VALUES ($aid , '$nam', '', '".$me->user_id."', '0', '0');");
		mysql_query("UPDATE `users` SET `ally_id` = '$aid' WHERE `id` =".$me->user_id);
		$me->user_info['ally_id'] =$aid;
	if( isset($_POST['allyinvite']) ) $me->sendmsg( (int)$_POST['usr'], "Ally invite", "You are invited!", 3, $me->user_info['ally_id'] );
	if( isset($_GET['aia']) ){ //enjoy ally invite
		//invite must exist!
		if( mysql_num_rows( mysql_query("SELECT id FROM user_message WHERE id =".(int)$_GET['invid']) ) >0 ){
			$aid= (int)$_GET['aia'];
			mysql_query("UPDATE `users` SET `ally_id` = '$aid' WHERE `id` =".$me->user_id);
			$me->user_info['ally_id'] =$aid;
			mysql_query("DELETE FROM user_message WHERE id =".(int)$_GET['invid']);
	if( isset($_GET['allyleave']) ) { //send a message to the admin that says that the player left
		$ainf= mysql_fetch_array( mysql_query("SELECT owner FROM ally WHERE id =".$me->user_info['ally_id']) );
		$me->sendmsg( $ainf['owner'], "Player left ally", "Player ".$me->user_id." left the ally", 2 );
		mysql_query("UPDATE `users` SET `ally_id` = '0' WHERE `id` =".$me->user_id);
	if( isset($_POST['saveally']) ) {
		$desc= html_entity_decode( htmlentities($_POST['allydesc']) );
		mysql_query("UPDATE `ally` SET `desc` = '$desc' WHERE `id` =".(int)$_POST['saveally']);
	if( isset($_POST['makeoffer']) ){
		$resreq= (int)$_POST['resreq'];
		$resreqqnt= (int)$_POST['resreqqnt'];
		$resoff= (int)$_POST['resoff'];
		$resoffqnt= (int)min( (int)$_POST['resoffqnt'], $me->city_res[$resoff] );
		$me->city_res[$resoff] -= $resoffqnt;
		mysql_query("INSERT INTO `market` (`id`, `owner`, `resoff`, `resoqnt`, `resreq`, `resrqnt`) VALUES (NULL, '".$me->user_id."', '$resoff', '$resoffqnt', '$resreq', '$resreqqnt');");
	if( isset($_GET['aceptoff']) ){
		$offinf= mysql_fetch_array( mysql_query("SELECT * FROM market WHERE id=".$offid) );	
		if( $me->city_res[ $offinf['resreq'] ] >= $offinf['resrqnt'] ){ //you must have the requided resoure!
			$me->city_res[ $offinf['resreq'] ] -= $offinf['resrqnt'];
			$me->city_res[ $offinf['resoff'] ] += $offinf['resoqnt'];
			$op= new sge( $offinf['owner'] ); //update the offer owner resource!
			$op->city_res[ $offinf['resreq'] ] += $offinf['resrqnt'];
			mysql_query("DELETE FROM market WHERE id=".$offid);
	if( isset($_POST['atkcity']) ){
		$atkct= (int)$_POST['atkcity'];
		$qrtunt= mysql_query("SELECT * FROM t_unt");
		while( $row= mysql_fetch_array( $qrtunt ) ){
			if( isset( $_POST[ 'tuid'.$row['id'] ] ) ){
				$mvunt= $_POST[ 'tuid'.$row['id'] ];
				$qryourunt= mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `units` WHERE `owner_id` =".$me->user_id." AND `where` =".$me->city_id." AND id_unt =".$row['id']);
				if( mysql_num_rows($qryourunt) >0 ){
					$ayu= mysql_fetch_array($qryourunt);
					$myunt= $ayu['uqnt'] -$_POST[ 'tuid'.$row['id'] ];
					mysql_query("INSERT INTO `units` (`id`, `id_unt`, `uqnt`, `owner_id`, `from`, `to`, `where`, `time`, `action`) VALUES (NULL, '".$row['id']."', '$mvunt', '".$me->user_id."', '".$me->city_id."', '$atkct', NULL, '".(mtimetn()+10)."', '1');");
					mysql_query("UPDATE `units` SET `uqnt` = '$mvunt' WHERE `id` =".$ayu['id']);
	if( isset($_POST['editset']) ){
		$lng= mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['lang']);
		mysql_query("UPDATE `users` SET `lang` = '$lng' WHERE `id` =".$me->user_id);
		$_SESSION['lang'] = $lng;
		header("Location: index.php?pg=settings");
	if( isset($_POST['colonize']) ){
		$gal= (int)$_POST['gal'];
		$sys= (int)$_POST['sys'];
		$pos= (int)$_POST['pos'];
		if( mysql_num_rows( mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `city` WHERE `galaxy` =$gal AND `system` =$sys AND `pos` =$pos LIMIT 1;") ) ==0 ){
			mysql_query("INSERT INTO `city` (`id`, `owner`, `name`, `pop`, `last_update`, `galaxy`, `system`, `pos`, `img`) VALUES (NULL, '".$me->user_id."', 'Your new city', '100', '".mtimetn()."', '$gal', '$sys', '$pos', 'null.gif');");
	//private messages
	$usermessage= mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `".TB_PREFIX."user_message` WHERE `to` =".$me->user_id." AND `read`= 0"); 
	$nummsg= mysql_num_rows($usermessage);

if( file_exists("templates/".$config['template']."/tmpdc.php") ) include("templates/".$config['template']."/tmpdc.php"); //include template definition for style used by corepages
else include("templates/sgex/tmpdc.php");

if( !isset($me) and $pg!="register" and $pg!="credits" ) $pg= "index";
if( isset($me) and isset($pg) and $pg!="index" and $pg!="register" ){ 
	switch ($pg) {
 		case 'ally':
   		case 'barracks':
		case 'battle':
		case 'buildings':
		case 'chat':
		case 'highscores':
		case 'map':
		case 'market':
		case 'message':
   		case 'profile':
   		case 'research':
   		case 'settings':
   			include 'core-pages/'.$pg.'.php';
    	case 'map2':
			if( file_exists("templates/".$config['template']."/main.php") ) include("templates/".$config['template']."/main.php");
			else $body="PAGE DOESN'T EXIST!";

} else {
	$tuq= mysql_query("SELECT username FROM ".TB_PREFIX."users ORDER BY `id` DESC");
	$tusr= mysql_num_rows($tuq);
	$lastreg= mysql_fetch_array($tuq);

	if( $pg != "index" ){
		if( $pg != "credits" ) include("templates/".$config['template']."/$pg.php");
		else include("core-pages/credits.php");
	if( !isset($me) ) include("templates/".$config['template']."/index.php");
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