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; <?php die('Forbidden'); ?>
; Do not remove the above line, it prevents this file from being downloaded.
; config.php file for PHP Shell 2.1
; Copyright (C) 2005 Martin Geisler <hide@address.com>
; Licensed under the GNU GPL.  See the file COPYING for details.

; This ini-file has three parts:
; * [users] where you add usernames and passwords to give users access to PHP
;   Shell.
; * [aliases] where you can configure shell aliases.
; * [settings] where general settings are placed.


; The default configuration has no users defined, you have to add your own
; (choose good passwords!).  Add uses as simple 'username = "password"' lines.
; Please quote your password using double-quotes as shown.  The semi-colon ':'
; is a reserved character, so do *not* use that in your passwords.
; For improved security it is *strongly suggested* that you the pwhash.php
; script to generate a hashed password and store that instead of the normal
; clear text password.  Keeping your passwords in hashed form ensures that
; they cannot be found, even if this file is disclosed.  The passwords are
; still visible in clear text during the login, though.  Please follow the
; instructions given in pwhash.php.


; Alias expansion.  Change the two examples as needed and add your own
; favorites --- feel free to suggest more defaults!  The command line you
; enter will only be expanded on the very first token and only once, so having
; 'ls' expand into 'ls -CvhF' does not cause an infinite recursion.

ls = "ls -CvhF"
ll = "ls -lvhF"


; General settings for PHP Shell.

; Home directory.  PHP Shell will change to this directory upon startup and
; whenever a bare 'cd' command is given.  This can be an absolute path or a
; path relative to the PHP Shell installation directory.

home-directory = "."
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