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 * PHP Server Monitor v2.0.1
 * Monitor your servers with error notification
 * http://phpservermon.sourceforge.net/
 * Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Pepijn Over (hide@address.com)
 * This file is part of PHP Server Monitor.
 * PHP Server Monitor is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.
 * PHP Server Monitor is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with PHP Server Monitor.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

$sm_lang = array(
	'system' => array(
		'title' => 'Server Monitor',
		'servers' => 'servers',
		'users' => 'users',
		'log' => 'log',
		'update' => 'update',
		'config' => 'config',
		'help' => 'help',
		'action' => 'Action',
		'save' => 'Save',
		'edit' => 'Edit',
		'delete' => 'Delete',
		'deleted' => 'Record has been deleted',
		'date' => 'Date',
		'message' => 'Message',
		'yes' => 'Yes',
		'no' => 'No',
		'edit' => 'Edit',
		'insert' => 'Insert',
		'add_new' => 'Add new?',
		'update_available' => 'A new update is available from <a href="http://phpservermon.sourceforge.net" target="_blank">http://phpservermon.sourceforge.net</a>.',
	'users' => array(
		'user' => 'user',
		'name' => 'Name',
		'mobile' => 'Mobile',
		'email' => 'Email',
		'updated' => 'User updated.',
		'inserted' => 'User added.',
	'log' => array(
		'title' => 'Log entries',
		'type' => 'Type',
		'status' => 'status',
		'email' => 'email',
		'sms' => 'sms',
	'servers' => array(
		'server' => 'Server',
		'label' => 'Label',
		'domain' => 'Domain/IP',
		'port' => 'Port',
		'type' => 'Type',
		'last_check' => 'Last check',
		'last_online' => 'Last online',
		'monitoring' => 'Monitoring',
		'send_email' => 'Send Email',
		'send_sms' => 'Send SMS',
		'updated' => 'Server updated.',
		'inserted' => 'Server added.',
		'rtime' => 'Response time',
	'config' => array(
		'general' => 'General',
		'language' => 'Language',
		'show_update' => 'Check for new updates weekly?',
		'english' => 'English',
		'dutch' => 'Dutch',
		'french' => 'French',
		'german' => 'German',
		'email_status' => 'Allow sending email?',
		'email_from_email' => 'Email from address',
		'email_from_name' => 'Email from name',
		'sms_status' => 'Allow sending text messages?',
		'sms_gateway' => 'Gateway to use for sending messages',
		'sms_gateway_mollie' => 'Mollie',
		'sms_gateway_spryng' => 'Spryng',
		'sms_gateway_inetworx' => 'Inetworx',
		'sms_gateway_clickatell' => 'Clickatell',
		'sms_gateway_username' => 'Gateway username',
		'sms_gateway_password' => 'Gateway password',
		'sms_from' => 'Sender\'s phone number',
		'alert_type' =>
			'Select when you\'d like to be notified.<br/>'.
			'<div class="small">'.
 			'1) Status change<br/>'.
			'You will receive a notifcation when a server has a change in status. So from online -> offline or offline -> online.<br/>'.
			 '2) Offline<br/>'.
			'You will receive a notification when a server goes offline for the *FIRST TIME ONLY*. For example, '.
			'your cronjob is every 15 mins and your server goes down at 1 am and stays down till 6 am. '.
			'You will get 1 notification at 1 am and thats it.<br/>'.
			'3) Always<br/>'.
			'You will receive a notification every time the script runs and a site is down, even if the site has been '.
			'offline for hours.'.

		'alert_type_status' => 'Status change',
		'alert_type_offline' => 'Offline',
		'alert_type_always' => 'Always',
		'log_status' => 'Log status<br/><div class="small">If log status is set to TRUE, the monitor will log the event whenever the Notification settings are passed</div>',
		'log_email' => 'Log emails sent by the script?',
		'log_sms' => 'Log text messages sent by the script?',
		'updated' => 'The configuration has been updated.',
		'settings_email' => 'Email settings',
		'settings_sms' => 'Text message settings',
		'settings_notification' => 'Notification settings',
		'settings_log' => 'Log settings',
		'auto_refresh_servers' =>
			'Auto-refresh servers page<br/>'.
			'<div class="small">'.
			'Time in seconds, if 0 the page won\'t refresh.'.
	// for newlines in the email messages use <br/>
	'notifications' => array(
		'off_sms' => 'Server \'%LABEL%\' is DOWN: ip=%IP%, port=%PORT%. Error=%ERROR%',
		'off_email_subject' => 'IMPORTANT: Server \'%LABEL%\' is DOWN',
		'off_email_body' => "Failed to connect to the following server:<br/><br/>Server: %LABEL%<br/>IP: %IP%<br/>Port: %PORT%<br/>Error: %ERROR%<br/>Date: %DATE%",
		'on_sms' => 'Server \'%LABEL%\' is RUNNING: ip=%IP%, port=%PORT%',
		'on_email_subject' => 'IMPORTANT: Server \'%LABEL%\' is RUNNING',
		'on_email_body' => "Server '%LABEL%' is running again:<br/><br/>Server: %LABEL%<br/>IP: %IP%<br/>Port: %PORT%<br/>Date: %DATE%",

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