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    Copyright (C) 2006 Scott Brumbaugh.  All rights reserved.

    You may distribute this work under the terms of the GNU General
    Public License Version 2, or at your option any later version.
    See the COPYING file for the license text.

  $Id: file_list.tpl 3 2006-10-05 15:17:51Z brumbs $

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css" type="text/css">
{include file=body_header.tpl title=$title}

<p><a href="{$parent_url}">Up one directory</a></p>
<table class="file_list">
  <th align="left">Filename</th>
  <th align="left">Size</th>
  <th align="left">Lines</th>
 <!-- directories -->
 {section name=dir loop=$dirs}
 <tr class="{cycle values="even,odd}" valign="top">
  <td class="image"><a href="{$dirs[dir].image_url}"><img src="{$dirs[dir].image}" border="0"/></a></td>
  <td><a href="{$dirs[dir].text_url}">{$dirs[dir].basename}</a></td>
 <!-- files -->
 {section name=file loop=$files}
 <tr class="{cycle values="even,odd"} valign="top">
  <td class="image"><a href="{$files[file].image_url}"><img src="{$files[file].image}" border="0"/></a></td>
  <td><a href="{$files[file].text_url}">{$files[file].basename}</a></td>
{include file=body_footer.tpl}
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