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 *                            lang_main.php [English]
 *                              -------------------
 *     begin                : Sat Dec 16 2000
 *     copyright            : (C) 2001 The phpBB Group
 *     email                : hide@address.com
 *     $Id: lang_main.php,v 2002/06/24 23:43:02 mattboy99 Exp $

 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 *   (at your option) any later version.

// The format of this file is:
// ---> $lang['message'] = "text";
// You should also try to set a locale and a character
// encoding (plus direction). The encoding and direction
// will be sent to the template. The locale may or may
// not work, it's dependent on OS support and the syntax
// varies ... give it your best guess!


// Gender
$lang['Gender'] = "Gender";//used in users profile to display witch gender he/she is 
$lang['Male'] = "Male"; 
$lang['No_gender_specify'] = "Not Disclosed";

$lang['Plus_Member_Yes'] = "Yes";
$lang['Plus_Member_No'] = "No";

//setlocale(LC_ALL, "en");
$lang['ENCODING'] = "iso-8859-1";
$lang['DIRECTION'] = "LTR";
$lang['LEFT'] = "LEFT";
$lang['RIGHT'] = "RIGHT";
$lang['DATE_FORMAT'] =  "d M Y"; // This should be changed to the default date format for your language, php date() format

// Common, these terms are used
// extensively on several pages
$lang['Forum'] = "Forum";
$lang['Category'] = "Category";
$lang['Topic'] = "Topic";
$lang['Topics'] = "Topics";
$lang['Replies'] = "Replies";
$lang['Views'] = "Views";
$lang['Post'] = "Post";
$lang['Posts'] = "Posts";
$lang['Posted'] = "Posted";
$lang['Username'] = "Username";
$lang['Password'] = "Password";
$lang['Email'] = "Email";
$lang['Poster'] = "Poster";
$lang['Author'] = "Author";
$lang['Time'] = "Time";
$lang['Hours'] = "Hours";
$lang['Message'] = "Message";

$lang['1_Day'] = "1 Day";
$lang['7_Days'] = "7 Days";
$lang['2_Weeks'] = "2 Weeks";
$lang['1_Month'] = "1 Month";
$lang['3_Months'] = "3 Months";
$lang['6_Months'] = "6 Months";
$lang['1_Year'] = "1 Year";

$lang['Go'] = "Go";
$lang['Jump_to'] = "Jump to";
$lang['Submit'] = "Submit";
$lang['Reset'] = "Reset";
$lang['Cancel'] = "Cancel";
$lang['Preview'] = "Preview";
$lang['Confirm'] = "Confirm";
$lang['Spellcheck'] = "Spellcheck";
$lang['Yes'] = "Yes";
$lang['No'] = "No";
$lang['Enabled'] = "Enabled";
$lang['Disabled'] = "Disabled";
$lang['Error'] = "Error";

$lang['Next'] = "Next";
$lang['Previous'] = "Previous";
$lang['Goto_page'] = "Goto page";
$lang['Joined'] = "Joined";
$lang['IP_Address'] = "IP Address";

$lang['Page_of'] = "Page <b>%d</b> of <b>%d</b>"; // Replaces with: Page 1 of 2 for example

$lang['Post_new_topic'] = "Post new topic";
$lang['Reply_to_topic'] = "Reply to topic";
$lang['Reply_with_quote'] = "Reply with quote";

$lang['Click_return_topic'] = "Click %sHere%s to return to the topic"; // %s's here are for uris, do not remove!
$lang['Click_return_login'] = "Click %sHere%s to try again";
$lang['Click_return_forum'] = "Click %sHere%s to return to the forum";
$lang['Click_view_message'] = "Click %sHere%s to view your message";
$lang['Click_return_modcp'] = "Click %sHere%s to return to the Moderator Control Panel";
$lang['Click_return_group'] = "Click %sHere%s to return to group information";

$lang['Admin_panel'] = "Go to Administration Panel";

$lang['Board_disable'] = "Sorry but this board is currently unavailable, please try again later";

// Global Header strings
$lang['Registered_users'] = "Registered Users:";
$lang['Browsing_forum'] = "Users browsing this forum:";
$lang['Online_users_zero_total'] = "In total there are <b>0</b> users online :: ";
$lang['Online_users_total'] = "In total there are <b>%d</b> users online :: ";
$lang['Online_user_total'] = "In total there is <b>%d</b> user online :: ";
$lang['Reg_users_zero_total'] = "0 Registered, ";
$lang['Reg_users_total'] = "%d Registered, ";
$lang['Reg_user_total'] = "%d Registered, ";
$lang['Hidden_users_zero_total'] = "0 Hidden and ";
$lang['Hidden_user_total'] = "%d Hidden and ";
$lang['Hidden_users_total'] = "%d Hidden and ";
$lang['Guest_users_zero_total'] = "0 Guests";
$lang['Guest_users_total'] = "%d Guests";
$lang['Guest_user_total'] = "%d Guest";
$lang['Record_online_users'] = "Most users ever online was <b>%s</b> on %s"; // first %s = number of users, second %s is the date.

$lang['Admin_online_color'] = "%sAdministrator%s";
$lang['Mod_online_color'] = "%sModerator%s";

$lang['You_last_visit'] = "You last visited on %s"; // %s replaced by date/time
$lang['Current_time'] = "%s"; // %s replaced by time

$lang['Search_new'] = "View posts since last visit";
$lang['Search_your_posts'] = "View your posts";
$lang['Search_unanswered'] = "View unanswered posts";

$lang['Register'] = "Register for FREE";
$lang['Profile'] = "Profile";
$lang['Edit_profile'] = "Edit your profile";
$lang['Search'] = "Search for Mate";
$lang['Memberlist'] = "Memberlist";
$lang['FAQ'] = "FAQ";
$lang['BBCode_guide'] = "BBCode Guide";
$lang['Usergroups'] = "Usergroups";
$lang['Last_Post'] = "Last Post";
$lang['Moderator'] = "Moderator";
$lang['Moderators'] = "Moderators";

$lang['Firstname'] = "First Name";
$lang['Lastname'] = "Last Name";
$lang['Birthdate'] = "Date of Birth";

$lang['ProfileAddress'] = "Address Information";
$lang['ProfileAddressNotice'] = "This information is private and for verfication only.";
$lang['Address1'] = "Address Line 1";
$lang['Address2'] = "Address Line 2";
$lang['CityState'] = "City, State Zip";
$lang['Education'] = "Education";
$lang['Income'] = "Annual Income";
$lang['Religion'] = "Religion";
$lang['MarryStatus'] = "Marital Status";
$lang['MarrySingle'] = "Single";
$lang['MarryDivorced'] = "Divorced";
$lang['MarryWidowed'] = "Widowed";
$lang['Height'] = "Height";
$lang['Weight'] = "Weight";
$lang['HairColor'] = "Hair Color";
$lang['EyeColor'] = "Eye Color";

// Stats block text
$lang['Posted_articles_zero_total'] = "Our users have posted a total of <b>0</b> article"; // Number of posts
$lang['Posted_articles_total'] = "Our users have posted a total of <b>%d</b> articles"; // Number of posts
$lang['Posted_article_total'] = "Our users have posted a total of <b>%d</b> article"; // Number of posts
$lang['Registered_users_zero_total'] = "We have <b>0</b> registered users"; // # registered users
$lang['Registered_users_total'] = "We have <b>%d</b> registered users"; // # registered users
$lang['Registered_user_total'] = "We have <b>%d</b> registered user"; // # registered users
$lang['Newest_user'] = "The newest registered user is <b>%s%s%s</b>"; // a href, username, /a 

$lang['No_new_posts_last_visit'] = "No new posts since your last visit";
$lang['No_new_posts'] = "No new posts";
$lang['New_posts'] = "New posts";
$lang['New_post'] = "New post";
$lang['No_new_posts_hot'] = "No new posts [ Popular ]";
$lang['New_posts_hot'] = "New posts [ Popular ]";
$lang['No_new_posts_locked'] = "No new posts [ Locked ]";
$lang['New_posts_locked'] = "New posts [ Locked ]";
$lang['Forum_is_locked'] = "Forum is locked";

// Login
$lang['Enter_password'] = "Please enter your username and password to login";
$lang['Login'] = "Login";
$lang['Logout'] = "Logout";

$lang['Forgotten_password'] = "I forgot my password";

$lang['Log_me_in'] = "Log me on automatically each visit";

$lang['Error_login'] = "You have specified an incorrect or inactive username or an invalid password";

// Index page
$lang['Index'] = "Index";
$lang['No_Posts'] = "No Posts";
$lang['No_forums'] = "This board has no forums";

$lang['Private_Message'] = "Private Message";
$lang['Private_Messages'] = "Private Messages";
$lang['Who_is_Online'] = "Who is Online";

$lang['Mark_all_forums'] = "Mark all forums read";
$lang['Forums_marked_read'] = "All forums have been marked read";

// Viewforum
$lang['View_forum'] = "View Forum";

$lang['Forum_not_exist'] = "The forum you selected does not exist";
$lang['Reached_on_error'] = "You have reached this page in error";

$lang['Display_topics'] = "Display topics from previous";
$lang['All_Topics'] = "All Topics";

$lang['Topic_Announcement'] = "<b>Announcement:</b>";
$lang['Topic_Sticky'] = "<b>Sticky:</b>";
$lang['Topic_Moved'] = "<b>Moved:</b>";
$lang['Topic_Poll'] = "<b>[ Poll ]</b>";

$lang['Mark_all_topics'] = "Mark all topics read";
$lang['Topics_marked_read'] = "The topics for this forum have now been marked read";

$lang['Rules_post_can'] = "You <b>can</b> post new topics in this forum";
$lang['Rules_post_cannot'] = "You <b>cannot</b> post new topics in this forum";
$lang['Rules_reply_can'] = "You <b>can</b> reply to topics in this forum";
//$lang['Rules_reply_cannot'] = "You <b>cannot</b> reply to topics in this forum";
$lang['Rules_edit_can'] = "You <b>can</b> edit your posts in this forum";
$lang['Rules_edit_cannot'] = "You <b>cannot</b> edit your posts in this forum";
$lang['Rules_delete_can'] = "You <b>can</b> delete your posts in this forum";
$lang['Rules_delete_cannot'] = "You <b>cannot</b> delete your posts in this forum";
$lang['Rules_vote_can'] = "You <b>can</b> vote in polls in this forum";
$lang['Rules_vote_cannot'] = "You <b>cannot</b> vote in polls in this forum";
$lang['Rules_moderate'] = "You <b>can</b> %smoderate this forum%s"; // %s replaced by a href links, do not remove! 

$lang['No_topics_post_one'] = "There are no posts in this forum<br />Click on the <b>Post New Topic</b> link on this page to post one";

// Viewtopic
$lang['View_topic'] = "View topic";

$lang['Guest'] = 'Guest';
$lang['Post_subject'] = "Post subject";
$lang['View_next_topic'] = "View next topic";
$lang['View_previous_topic'] = "View previous topic";
$lang['Submit_vote'] = "Submit Vote";
$lang['View_results'] = "View Results";

$lang['No_newer_topics'] = "There are no newer topics in this forum";
$lang['No_older_topics'] = "There are no older topics in this forum";
$lang['Topic_post_not_exist'] = "The topic or post you requested does not exist";
$lang['No_posts_topic'] = "No posts exist for this topic";

$lang['Display_posts'] = "Display posts from previous";
$lang['All_Posts'] = "All Posts";
$lang['Newest_First'] = "Newest First";
$lang['Oldest_First'] = "Oldest First";

$lang['Back_to_top'] = "Back to top";

$lang['Read_profile'] = "View users profile"; 
$lang['Send_email'] = "Send email to user";
$lang['Visit_website'] = "Visit posters website";
$lang['ICQ_status'] = "ICQ Status";
$lang['Edit_delete_post'] = "Edit/Delete this post";
$lang['View_IP'] = "View IP of poster";
$lang['Delete_post'] = "Delete this post";

$lang['wrote'] = "wrote"; // proceeds the username and is followed by the quoted text
$lang['Quote'] = "Quote"; // comes before bbcode quote output.
$lang['Code'] = "Code"; // comes before bbcode code output.

$lang['Edited_time_total'] = "Last edited by %s on %s, edited %d time in total"; // Last edited by me on 12 Oct 2001, edited 1 time in total
$lang['Edited_times_total'] = "Last edited by %s on %s, edited %d times in total"; // Last edited by me on 12 Oct 2001, edited 2 times in total

$lang['Lock_topic'] = "Lock this topic";
$lang['Unlock_topic'] = "Unlock this topic";
$lang['Move_topic'] = "Move this topic";
$lang['Delete_topic'] = "Delete this topic";
$lang['Split_topic'] = "Split this topic";

$lang['Stop_watching_topic'] = "Stop watching this topic";
$lang['Start_watching_topic'] = "Watch this topic for replies";
$lang['No_longer_watching'] = "You are no longer watching this topic";
$lang['You_are_watching'] = "You are now watching this topic";

$lang['Total_votes'] = "Total Votes";

// Posting/Replying (Not private messaging!)
$lang['Message_body'] = "Message body";
$lang['Topic_review'] = "Topic review";

$lang['No_post_mode'] = "No post mode specified"; // If posting.php is called without a mode (newtopic/reply/delete/etc, shouldn't be shown normaly)

$lang['Post_a_new_topic'] = "Post a new topic";
$lang['Post_a_reply'] = "Post a reply";
$lang['Post_topic_as'] = "Post topic as";
$lang['Edit_Post'] = "Edit post";
$lang['Options'] = "Options";

$lang['Post_Announcement'] = "Announcement";
$lang['Post_Sticky'] = "Sticky";
$lang['Post_Normal'] = "Normal";

$lang['Confirm_delete'] = "Are you sure you want to delete this post?";
$lang['Confirm_delete_poll'] = "Are you sure you want to delete this poll?";

$lang['Flood_Error'] = "You cannot make another post so soon after your last, please try again in a short while";
$lang['Empty_subject'] = "You must specify a subject when posting a new topic";
$lang['Empty_message'] = "You must enter a message when posting";
$lang['Forum_locked'] = "This forum is locked you cannot post, reply to or edit topics";
$lang['Topic_locked'] = "This topic is locked you cannot edit posts or make replies";
$lang['No_post_id'] = "You must select a post to edit";
$lang['No_topic_id'] = "You must select a topic to reply to";
$lang['No_valid_mode'] = "You can only post, reply edit or quote messages, please return and try again";
$lang['No_such_post'] = "There is no such post, please return and try again";
$lang['Edit_own_posts'] = "Sorry but you can only edit your own posts";
$lang['Delete_own_posts'] = "Sorry but you can only delete your own posts";
$lang['Cannot_delete_replied'] = "Sorry but you may not delete posts that have been replied to";
$lang['Cannot_delete_poll'] = "Sorry but you cannot delete an active poll";
$lang['Empty_poll_title'] = "You must enter a title for your poll";
$lang['To_few_poll_options'] = "You must enter at least two poll options";
$lang['To_many_poll_options'] = "You have tried to enter too many poll options";
$lang['Post_has_no_poll'] = "This post has no poll";

$lang['Add_poll'] = "Add a Poll";
$lang['Add_poll_explain'] = "If you do not want to add a poll to your topic leave the fields blank";
$lang['Poll_question'] = "Poll question";
$lang['Poll_option'] = "Poll option";
$lang['Add_option'] = "Add option";
$lang['Update'] = "Update";
$lang['Delete'] = "Delete";
$lang['Poll_for'] = "Run poll for";
$lang['Days'] = "Days"; // This is used for the Run poll for ... Days + in admin_forums for pruning
$lang['Poll_for_explain'] = "[ Enter 0 or leave blank for a never ending poll ]";
$lang['Delete_poll'] = "Delete Poll";

$lang['Disable_HTML_post'] = "Disable HTML in this post";
$lang['Disable_BBCode_post'] = "Disable BBCode in this post";
$lang['Disable_Smilies_post'] = "Disable Smilies in this post";

$lang['HTML_is_ON'] = "HTML is <u>ON</u>";
$lang['HTML_is_OFF'] = "HTML is <u>OFF</u>";
$lang['BBCode_is_ON'] = "%sBBCode%s is <u>ON</u>"; // %s are replaced with URI pointing to FAQ
$lang['BBCode_is_OFF'] = "%sBBCode%s is <u>OFF</u>";
$lang['Smilies_are_ON'] = "Smilies are <u>ON</u>";
$lang['Smilies_are_OFF'] = "Smilies are <u>OFF</u>";

$lang['Attach_signature'] = "Attach signature (signatures can be changed in profile)";
$lang['Notify'] = "Notify me when a reply is posted";
$lang['Delete_post'] = "Delete this post";

$lang['Stored'] = "Your message has been entered successfully";
$lang['Deleted'] = "Your message has been deleted successfully";
$lang['Poll_delete'] = "Your poll has been deleted successfully";
$lang['Vote_cast'] = "Your vote has been cast";

$lang['Topic_reply_notification'] = "Topic Reply Notification";

$lang['bbcode_b_help'] = "Bold text: [b]text[/b]  (alt+b)";
$lang['bbcode_i_help'] = "Italic text: [i]text[/i]  (alt+i)";
$lang['bbcode_u_help'] = "Underline text: [u]text[/u]  (alt+u)";
$lang['bbcode_q_help'] = "Quote text: [quote]text[/quote]  (alt+q)";
$lang['bbcode_c_help'] = "Code display: [code]code[/code]  (alt+c)";
$lang['bbcode_l_help'] = "List: [list]text[/list] (alt+l)";
$lang['bbcode_o_help'] = "Ordered list: [list=]text[/list]  (alt+o)";
$lang['bbcode_p_help'] = "Insert image: [img]http://image_url[/img]  (alt+p)";
$lang['bbcode_w_help'] = "Insert URL: [url]http://url[/url] or [url=http://url]URL text[/url]  (alt+w)";
$lang['bbcode_a_help'] = "Close all open bbCode tags";
$lang['bbcode_s_help'] = "Font color: [color=red]text[/color]  Tip: you can also use color=#FF0000";
$lang['bbcode_f_help'] = "Font size: [size=x-small]small text[/size]";

$lang['Emoticons'] = "Emoticons";
$lang['More_emoticons'] = "View more Emoticons";

$lang['Font_color'] = "Font colour";
$lang['color_default'] = "Default";
$lang['color_dark_red'] = "Dark Red";
$lang['color_red'] = "Red";
$lang['color_orange'] = "Orange";
$lang['color_brown'] = "Brown";
$lang['color_yellow'] = "Yellow";
$lang['color_green'] = "Green";
$lang['color_olive'] = "Olive";
$lang['color_cyan'] = "Cyan";
$lang['color_blue'] = "Blue";
$lang['color_dark_blue'] = "Dark Blue";
$lang['color_indigo'] = "Indigo";
$lang['color_violet'] = "Violet";
$lang['color_white'] = "White";
$lang['color_black'] = "Black";

$lang['Font_size'] = "Font size";
$lang['font_tiny'] = "Tiny";
$lang['font_small'] = "Small";
$lang['font_normal'] = "Normal";
$lang['font_large'] = "Large";
$lang['font_huge'] = "Huge";

$lang['Close_Tags'] = "Close Tags";
$lang['Styles_tip'] = "Tip: Styles can be applied quickly to selected text";

// Private Messaging
$lang['Private_Messaging'] = "Private Messaging";

$lang['Login_check_pm'] = "Inbox [ Login ]";
$lang['New_pms'] = "Inbox [ %d New ]"; // You have 2 new messages
$lang['New_pm'] = "Inbox [ %d New ]"; // You have 1 new message
$lang['No_new_pm'] = "Inbox [ 0 New ]";
$lang['Unread_pms'] = "Inbox [ %d  Unread ]";
$lang['Unread_pm'] = "Inbox [ %d Unread ]";
$lang['No_unread_pm'] = "Inbox [ 0 Unread ]";
$lang['You_new_pm'] = "A new private message is waiting for you in your Inbox";
$lang['You_new_pms'] = "New private messages are waiting for you in your Inbox";
$lang['You_no_new_pm'] = "No new private messages are waiting for you";

$lang['Inbox'] = "Inbox";
$lang['Outbox'] = "Outbox";
$lang['Savebox'] = "Savebox";
$lang['Sentbox'] = "Sentbox";
$lang['Flag'] = "Flag";
$lang['Subject'] = "Subject";
$lang['From'] = "From";
$lang['To'] = "To";
$lang['Date'] = "Date";
$lang['Mark'] = "Mark";
$lang['Sent'] = "Sent";
$lang['Saved'] = "Saved";
$lang['Delete_marked'] = "Delete Marked";
$lang['Delete_all'] = "Delete All";
$lang['Save_marked'] = "Save Marked"; 
$lang['Save_message'] = "Save Message";
$lang['Delete_message'] = "Delete Message";

$lang['Display_messages'] = "Display messages from previous"; // Followed by number of days/weeks/months
$lang['All_Messages'] = "All Messages";

$lang['No_messages_folder'] = "You have no messages in this folder";

$lang['PayPal'] = "<img src=\"http://images.paypal.com/images/lgo/logo3.gif\" border=\"0\" width=\"88\" height=\"33\" alt=\"Pay securely with your Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, or American Express through PayPal!\">";

$lang['No_Credits'] = "<strong>You are not a Club (paying) member, this feature is only for club members.</strong><br /><br />".$lang['PayPal']."<br />"; 

$lang['Rules_reply_cannot'] = $lang['No_Credits']."You <b>cannot</b> reply to topics in this forum";

$lang['PM_disabled'] = "Private messaging has been disabled on this board";
$lang['Cannot_send_privmsg'] = $lang['No_Credits']."<br />Want to send this person a message? Take the time now to become a club member.";
$lang['No_to_user'] = "You must specify a username to send this message";
$lang['No_such_user'] = "Sorry but no such user exists";

$lang['Disable_HTML_pm'] = "Disable HTML in this message";
$lang['Disable_BBCode_pm'] = "Disable BBCode in this message";
$lang['Disable_Smilies_pm'] = "Disable Smilies in this message";

$lang['Message_sent'] = "Your message has been sent";

$lang['Click_return_inbox'] = "Click %sHere%s to return to your Inbox";
$lang['Click_return_index'] = "Click %sHere%s to return to the Index";

$lang['Send_a_new_message'] = "Send a new private message";
$lang['Send_a_reply'] = "Reply to a private message";
$lang['Edit_message'] = "Edit private message";

$lang['Notification_subject'] = "New Private Message has arrived";

$lang['Find_username'] = "Find a username";
$lang['Find'] = "Find";
$lang['No_match'] = "No matches found";

$lang['No_post_id'] = "No post ID was specified";
$lang['No_such_folder'] = "No such folder exists";
$lang['No_folder'] = "No folder specified";

$lang['Mark_all'] = "Mark all";
$lang['Unmark_all'] = "Unmark all";

$lang['Confirm_delete_pm'] = "Are you sure you want to delete this message?";
$lang['Confirm_delete_pms'] = "Are you sure you want to delete these messages?";

$lang['Inbox_size'] = "Your Inbox is %d%% full"; // eg. Your Inbox is 50% full
$lang['Sentbox_size'] = "Your Sentbox is %d%% full"; 
$lang['Savebox_size'] = "Your Savebox is %d%% full"; 

$lang['Click_view_privmsg'] = "Click %sHere%s to visit your Inbox";

// Profiles/Registration
$lang['Viewing_user_profile'] = "Viewing profile :: %s"; // %s is username 
$lang['About_user'] = "All about %s"; // %s is username

$lang['Preferences'] = "Preferences";
$lang['Items_required'] = "Items marked with a * are required unless stated otherwise";
$lang['Registration_info'] = "Registration Information";
$lang['Profile_info'] = "Profile Information";
$lang['Profile_info_warn'] = "This information will be publicly viewable";
$lang['image_panel'] = "Photo control panel";
$lang['image_gallery'] = "Photo Gallery";

$lang['Website'] = "Website";
$lang['Location'] = "Location";
$lang['Contact'] = "Contact";
$lang['Email_address'] = "Email address";
$lang['Email'] = "Email";
$lang['Send_private_message'] = "Send private message";
$lang['Hidden_email'] = "[ Hidden ]";
$lang['Search_user_posts'] = "Search for posts by this user";
$lang['Interests'] = "Interests";
$lang['Occupation'] = "Occupation"; 
$lang['Poster_rank'] = "Poster rank";

$lang['Total_posts'] = "Total posts";
$lang['User_post_pct_stats'] = "%.2f%% of total"; // 1.25% of total
$lang['User_post_day_stats'] = "%.2f posts per day"; // 1.5 posts per day
$lang['Search_user_posts'] = "Find all posts by %s"; // Find all posts by username

$lang['No_user_id_specified'] = "Sorry but that user does not exist";
$lang['Wrong_Profile'] = "You cannot modify a profile that is not your own.";

$lang['Only_one_image'] = "Only one type of image can be specified";
$lang['File_no_data'] = "The file at the URL you gave contains no data";
$lang['No_connection_URL'] = "A connection could not be made to the URL you gave";
$lang['Incomplete_URL'] = "The URL you entered is incomplete";
$lang['Wrong_remote_image_format'] = "The URL of the remote image is not valid";
$lang['No_send_account_inactive'] = "Sorry, but your password cannot be retrieved because your account is currently inactive. Please contact the forum administrator for more information";

$lang['Always_smile'] = "Always enable Smilies";
$lang['Always_html'] = "Always allow HTML";
$lang['Always_bbcode'] = "Always allow BBCode";
$lang['Always_add_sig'] = "Always attach my signature";
$lang['Always_notify'] = "Always notify me of replies";
$lang['Always_notify_explain'] = "Sends an email when someone replies to a topic you have posted in. This can be changed whenever you post";

$lang['Board_style'] = "Board Style";
$lang['Board_lang'] = "Board Language";
$lang['No_themes'] = "No Themes In database";
$lang['Timezone'] = "Timezone";
$lang['Date_format'] = "Date format";
$lang['Date_format_explain'] = "The syntax used is identical to the PHP <a href=\"http://www.php.net/date\" target=\"_other\">date()</a> function";
$lang['Signature'] = "Signature";
$lang['Signature_explain'] = "This is a block of text that can be added to posts you make. There is a %d character limit";
$lang['Public_view_email'] = "Always show my Email Address";

$lang['Current_password'] = "Current password";
$lang['New_password'] = "New password";
$lang['Confirm_password'] = "Confirm password";
$lang['Confirm_password_explain'] = "You must confirm your current password if you wish to change it or alter your email address";
$lang['password_if_changed'] = "You only need to supply a password if you want to change it";
$lang['password_confirm_if_changed'] = "You only need to confirm your password if you changed it above";

$lang['image'] = "Photo";
$lang['image_explain'] = "Displays a small graphic image below your details in posts. Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width can be no greater than %d pixels, a height no greater than %d pixels and a file size no more than %dkB."; $lang['Upload_image_file'] = "Upload Photo from your machine";
$lang['Upload_image_URL'] = "Upload Photo from a URL";
$lang['Upload_image_URL_explain'] = "Enter the URL of the location containing the Photo image, it will be copied to this site.";
$lang['Pick_local_image'] = "Select Photo from the gallery";
$lang['Link_remote_image'] = "Link to off-site Photo";
$lang['Link_remote_image_explain'] = "Enter the URL of the location containing the Photo image you wish to link to.";
$lang['image_URL'] = "URL of Image";
$lang['Select_from_gallery'] = "Select Photo from gallery";
$lang['View_image_gallery'] = "Show gallery";

$lang['Select_image'] = "Select Photo";
$lang['Return_profile'] = "Cancel Photo";
$lang['Select_category'] = "Select category";

$lang['Delete_Image'] = "Delete Image";
$lang['Current_Image'] = "Current Image";

$lang['Notify_on_privmsg'] = "Notify on new Private Message";
$lang['Popup_on_privmsg'] = "Pop up window on new Private Message"; 
$lang['Popup_on_privmsg_explain'] = "Some templates may open a new window to inform you when new private messages arrive"; 
$lang['Hide_user'] = "Hide your online status";

$lang['Profile_updated'] = "Your profile has been updated";
$lang['Profile_updated_inactive'] = "Your profile has been updated, however you have changed vital details thus your account is now inactive. Check your email to find out how to reactivate your account, or if admin activation is require wait for the administrator to reactivate your account";

$lang['Password_mismatch'] = "The passwords you entered did not match";
$lang['Current_password_mismatch'] = "The current password you supplied does not match that stored in the database";
$lang['Password_long'] = "Your password must be no more than 32 characters";
$lang['Username_taken'] = "Sorry but this username has already been taken";
$lang['Username_invalid'] = "Sorry but this username contains an invalid character such as \"";
$lang['Username_disallowed'] = "Sorry but this username has been disallowed";
$lang['Email_taken'] = "Sorry but that email address is already registered to a user";
$lang['Email_banned'] = "Sorry but this email address has been banned";
$lang['Email_invalid'] = "Sorry but this email address is invalid";
$lang['Signature_too_long'] = "Your signature is too long";
$lang['Fields_empty'] = "You must fill in the required fields";
$lang['image_filetype'] = "The image filetype must be .jpg, .gif or .png";
$lang['image_filesize'] = "The image image file size must be less than %d kB"; // The image image file size must be less than 6 kB
$lang['image_imagesize'] = "The image must be less than %d pixels wide and %d pixels high"; 

$lang['Welcome_subject'] = "Welcome to %s Forums"; // Welcome to my.com forums
$lang['New_account_subject'] = "New user account";
$lang['Account_activated_subject'] = "Account Activated";

$lang['Account_added'] = "Thank you for registering, your account has been created. You may now login with your username and password";
$lang['Account_inactive'] = "Your account has been created. However, this forum requires account activation, an activation key has been sent to the email address you provided. Please check your email for further information";
$lang['Account_inactive_admin'] = "Your account has been created. However, this forum requires account activation by the administrator. An email has been sent to them and you will be informed when your account has been activated";
$lang['Account_active'] = "Your account has now been activated. Thank you for registering";
$lang['Account_active_admin'] = "The account has now been activated";
$lang['Reactivate'] = "Reactivate your account!";

$lang['Registration'] = "Registration Agreement Terms";

$lang['clubreg'] = "<br /><br /><div align=\"center\"><strong>CLUB MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT</strong></div><br /><br />
a)	This membership agreement is a legal binding agreement between you (the member) and MAMUDOC. 
You are required to read it carefully to ensure that you understand it fully before joining. To become a member of MAMUDOC and to use the services and to enjoy all the membership benefits, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement as set forth below.<br /><br />
b)	MAMUDOC shall reserve the right to review, reject, and/or delete any member profile considered 
by MAMUDOC to be profane, discriminatory, illegal, distasteful, offensive, racist, spamming, or in any way violates the terms and conditions of the agreement.<br /><br />
c)	MAMUDOC shall also reserve the right o modify this agreement whenever it sees fit. You will be 
notified after the modification, via your e-mail. If you find the modification unacceptable, you may elect to terminate your membership by giving MAMUDOC a 30-day, written notice of your termination. If you or MAMUDOC terminate your membership, you will not be refunded any unused portion of your membership fees. After termination, you may not use any information gained while a member. By the same token, you may not release such information to a third party or use such information to your own advantage.<br /><br />
d)	Businesses, companies, and organizations are forbidden from joining MAMUDOC.<br /><br />
e)	You, the member, will be held solely accountable for anything you publish, post or display on 
the MAMUDOC service or site.<br /><br />
f)	MAMUDOC shall reserve the right to change the membership fees without notice.<br /><br />
g)	Notwithstanding to the contrary contained herein, MAMUDOC's liability to you, the member, for 
any cause whatsoever, and regardless of the form of the action, will at all times be limited to the amount paid, if any, by you to MAMUDOC for the service during the term of your membership.<br /><br />
h)	You, the member, expressly agree that the use of our service is at your own risk since the 
service is provided to you on an \"as is\" basis without warranty of any kind. The accuracy and reliability of any information content or services provided either by MAMUDOC or another member should be verified by you as a user, prior to making any decision based on such information content.<br /><br />
i)	I have read the membership agreement of MAMUDOC in its entirety; its terms and conditions are 
acceptable to me and I agree to be bound by them. I also confirm that I am at least 18 years old, single, divorced or widowed.<br />";

$lang['disclaim'] = "<br /><br /><div align=\"center\"><strong>DISCLAIMERS</strong></div><br /><br />
a)	Under no circumstances will MAMUDOC, its agents, representatives or employees be held liable 
for any losses, claims, or damages arising from the use of or inability to use any software or equipment, including, without limitation, damages to users' systems and/or softwares and/or data, computer failure or malfunction, computer virus transmission, spamming, performance delays or communication failures, security breaches or any and all other damages or losses.<br /><br />
b)	The number should understand that posting, or using any copyrighted material without the 
written permission of the owner of the material is in violation of the terms and conditions of the membership agreement. Therefore, any costs, expenses, or claims arising from the illegal use of a copyrighted material (copyright infringement) by you, the member, or a third party user of our services or site will not be the responsibility of MAMUDOC, its officers, representatives, agents, or employees.<br /><br />
c)	MAMUDOC makes no express or implied warranties with respect to services provided by MAMUDOC and 
the quality, accuracy, and/or reliability of the information content of all materials posted on the site either by MAMUDOC or its members.<br /><br />
d)	Furthermore, you, the member, or user agree to indemnify and hold MAMUDOC, its subsidiaries, 
affiliates, officers, assigns, agents, other parties and its employees harmless from any losses, lawsuits, liability, or claims made by a third party including reasonable attorney fees arising from your use of our site or services in violation of the Membership Agreement.<br /><br />";

$lang['Reg_agreement'] = "Welcome to MarryMeUSA.com (MAMUDOC). We are glad you found us. Our registration is FREE and simple. But before you proceed with registration, we urge you not to falsify any personal information you furnish because all your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be released to any member or a third party without your consent. We do this because it is all about you, ensuring that you feel comfortable and that your privacy is protected.<br /><br />To register, you must be 18 years or older, single, divorced (final), or widowed. By registering, you represent to MAMUDOC and to those authorities who regulate and/or control our industry that you are at least 18 years old and are single, divorced, or widowed.<br />".$lang['clubreg'].$lang['disclaim'];

$lang['Agree'] = "Accept";
$lang['Agree_not'] = "Cancel";

$lang['Wrong_activation'] = "The activation key you supplied does not match any in the database";
$lang['Send_password'] = "Send me a new password"; 
$lang['Password_updated'] = "A new password has been created, please check your email for details on how to activate it";
$lang['No_email_match'] = "The email address you supplied does not match the one listed for that username";
$lang['New_password_activation'] = "New password activation";
$lang['Password_activated'] = "Your account has been re-activated. To logon please use the password supplied in the email you received";

$lang['Send_email_msg'] = "Send an email message";
$lang['No_user_specified'] = "No user was specified";
$lang['User_prevent_email'] = "This user does not wish to receive email. Try sending them a private message";
$lang['User_not_exist'] = "That user does not exist";
$lang['CC_email'] = "Send a copy of this email to yourself";
$lang['Email_message_desc'] = "This message will be sent as plain text, do not include any HTML or BBCode. The return address for this message will be set to your email address.";
$lang['Flood_email_limit'] = "You cannot send another email at this time, try again later";
$lang['Recipient'] = "Recipient";
$lang['Email_sent'] = "The email has been sent";
$lang['Send_email'] = "Send email";
$lang['Empty_subject_email'] = "You must specify a subject for the email";
$lang['Empty_message_email'] = "You must enter a message to be emailed";

// Memberslist
$lang['Select_sort_method'] = "Select sort method";
$lang['Sort'] = "Sort";
$lang['Sort_Top_Ten'] = "Top Ten Posters";
$lang['Sort_Joined'] = "Joined Date";
$lang['Sort_Username'] = "Username";
$lang['Sort_Location'] = "Location";
$lang['Sort_Posts'] = "Total posts";
$lang['Sort_Email'] = "Email";
$lang['Sort_Website'] = "Website";
$lang['Sort_Ascending'] = "Ascending";
$lang['Sort_Descending'] = "Descending";
$lang['Order'] = "Order";

// Group control panel
$lang['Group_Control_Panel'] = "Group Control Panel";
$lang['Group_member_details'] = "Group Membership Details";
$lang['Group_member_join'] = "Join a Group";

$lang['Group_Information'] = "Group Information";
$lang['Group_name'] = "Group name";
$lang['Group_description'] = "Group description";
$lang['Group_membership'] = "Group membership";
$lang['Group_Members'] = "Group Members";
$lang['Group_Moderator'] = "Group Moderator";
$lang['Pending_members'] = "Pending Members";

$lang['Group_type'] = "Group type";
$lang['Group_open'] = "Open group";
$lang['Group_closed'] = "Closed group";
$lang['Group_hidden'] = "Hidden group";

$lang['Current_memberships'] = "Current memberships";
$lang['Non_member_groups'] = "Non-member groups";
$lang['Memberships_pending'] = "Memberships pending";

$lang['No_groups_exist'] = "No Groups Exist";
$lang['Group_not_exist'] = "That user group does not exist";

$lang['Join_group'] = "Join Group";
$lang['No_group_members'] = "This group has no members";
$lang['Group_hidden_members'] = "This group is hidden, you cannot view its membership";
$lang['No_pending_group_members'] = "This group has no pending members";
$lang["Group_joined"] = "You have successfully subscribed to this group<br />You will be notified when your subscription is approved by the group moderator";
$lang['Group_request'] = "A request to join your group has been made";
$lang['Group_approved'] = "Your request has been approved";
$lang['Group_added'] = "You have been added to this usergroup"; 
$lang['Already_member_group'] = "You are already a member of this group";
$lang['User_is_member_group'] = "User is already a member of this group";
$lang['Group_type_updated'] = "Successfully updated group type";

$lang['Could_not_add_user'] = "The user you selected does not exist";
$lang['Could_not_anon_user'] = "You cannot make Anonymous a group member";

$lang['Confirm_unsub'] = "Are you sure you want to unsubscribe from this group?";
$lang['Confirm_unsub_pending'] = "Your subscription to this group has not yet been approved, are you sure you want to unsubscribe?";

$lang['Unsub_success'] = "You have been un-subscribed from this group.";

$lang['Approve_selected'] = "Approve Selected";
$lang['Deny_selected'] = "Deny Selected";
$lang['Not_logged_in'] = "You must be logged in to join a group.";
$lang['Remove_selected'] = "Remove Selected";
$lang['Add_member'] = "Add Member";
$lang['Not_group_moderator'] = "You are not this groups moderator therefor you cannot preform that action.";

$lang['Login_to_join'] = "Login to join or manage group memberships";
$lang['This_open_group'] = "This is an open group, click to request membership";
$lang['This_closed_group'] = "This is a closed group, no more users accepted";
$lang['This_hidden_group'] = "This is a hidden group, automatic user addition is not allowed";
$lang['Member_this_group'] = "You are a member of this group";
$lang['Pending_this_group'] = "Your membership of this group is pending";
$lang['Are_group_moderator'] = "You are the group moderator";
$lang['None'] = "None";

$lang['Subscribe'] = "Subscribe";
$lang['Unsubscribe'] = "Unsubscribe";
$lang['View_Information'] = "View Information";

// Search
$lang['Search_query'] = "Search Query";
$lang['Search_options'] = "Search Options";

$lang['Search_keywords'] = "Search for Keywords";
$lang['Search_keywords_explain'] = "You can use <u>AND</u> to define words which must be in the results, <u>OR</u> to define words which may be in the result and <u>NOT</u> to define words which should not be in the result. Use * as a wildcard for partial matches";
$lang['Search_author'] = "Search for Author";
$lang['Search_author_explain'] = "Use * as a wildcard for partial matches";

$lang['Search_for_any'] = "Search for any terms or use query as entered";
$lang['Search_for_all'] = "Search for all terms";
$lang['Search_title_msg'] = "Search topic title and message text";
$lang['Search_msg_only'] = "Search message text only";

$lang['Return_first'] = "Return first"; // followed by xxx characters in a select box
$lang['characters_posts'] = "characters of posts";

$lang['Search_previous'] = "Search previous"; // followed by days, weeks, months, year, all in a select box

$lang['Sort_by'] = "Sort by";
$lang['Sort_Time'] = "Post Time";
$lang['Sort_Post_Subject'] = "Post Subject";
$lang['Sort_Topic_Title'] = "Topic Title";
$lang['Sort_Author'] = "Author";
$lang['Sort_Forum'] = "Forum";

$lang['Display_results'] = "Display results as";
$lang['All_available'] = "All available";
$lang['No_searchable_forums'] = "You do not have permissions to search any forum on this site";

$lang['No_search_match'] = "No topics or posts met your search criteria";
$lang['Found_search_match'] = "Search found %d match"; // eg. Search found 1 match
$lang['Found_search_matches'] = "Search found %d matches"; // eg. Search found 24 matches

$lang['Close_window'] = "Close Window";

// Auth related entries
// Note the %s will be replaced with one of the following 'user' arrays
$lang['Sorry_auth_announce'] = "Sorry but only %s can post announcements in this forum";
$lang['Sorry_auth_sticky'] = "Sorry but only %s can post sticky messages in this forum"; 
$lang['Sorry_auth_read'] = "Sorry but only %s can read topics in this forum"; 
$lang['Sorry_auth_post'] = "Sorry but only %s can post topics in this forum"; 
$lang['Sorry_auth_reply'] = "Sorry but only %s can reply to posts in this forum"; 
$lang['Sorry_auth_reply'] = $lang['Rules_reply_cannot']; 
$lang['Sorry_auth_edit'] = "Sorry but only %s can edit posts in this forum"; 
$lang['Sorry_auth_delete'] = "Sorry but only %s can delete posts in this forum"; 
$lang['Sorry_auth_vote'] = "Sorry but only %s can vote in polls in this forum"; 

// These replace the %s in the above strings
$lang['Auth_Anonymous_Users'] = "<b>anonymous users</b>";
$lang['Auth_Registered_Users'] = "<b>registered users</b>";
$lang['Auth_Users_granted_access'] = "<b>users granted special access</b>";
$lang['Auth_Moderators'] = "<b>moderators</b>";
$lang['Auth_Administrators'] = "<b>administrators</b>";

$lang['Not_Moderator'] = "You are not a moderator of this forum";
$lang['Not_Authorised'] = "Not Authorised";

$lang['You_been_banned'] = "You have been banned from this forum<br />Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information";

// Viewonline
$lang['Reg_users_zero_online'] = "There are 0 Registered users and "; // There ae 5 Registered and
$lang['Reg_users_online'] = "There are %d Registered users and "; // There ae 5 Registered and
$lang['Reg_user_online'] = "There is %d Registered user and "; // There ae 5 Registered and
$lang['Hidden_users_zero_online'] = "0 Hidden users online"; // 6 Hidden users online
$lang['Hidden_users_online'] = "%d Hidden users online"; // 6 Hidden users online
$lang['Hidden_user_online'] = "%d Hidden user online"; // 6 Hidden users online
$lang['Guest_users_online'] = "There are %d Guest users online"; // There are 10 Guest users online
$lang['Guest_users_zero_online'] = "There are 0 Guest users online"; // There are 10 Guest users online
$lang['Guest_user_online'] = "There is %d Guest user online"; // There is 1 Guest user online
$lang['No_users_browsing'] = "There are no users currently browsing this forum";

$lang['Online_explain'] = "This data is based on users active over the past five minutes";

$lang['Forum_Location'] = "Forum Location";
$lang['Last_updated'] = "Last Updated";

$lang['Forum_index'] = "Forum index";
$lang['Logging_on'] = "Logging on";
$lang['Posting_message'] = "Posting a message";
$lang['Searching_forums'] = "Searching forums";
$lang['Viewing_profile'] = "Viewing profile";
$lang['Viewing_online'] = "Viewing who is online";
$lang['Viewing_member_list'] = "Viewing member list";
$lang['Viewing_priv_msgs'] = "Viewing Private Messages";
$lang['Viewing_FAQ'] = "Viewing FAQ";

// Moderator Control Panel
$lang['Mod_CP'] = "Moderator Control Panel";
$lang['Mod_CP_explain'] = "Using the form below you can perform mass moderation operations on this forum. You can lock, unlock, move or delete any number of topics.";

$lang['Select'] = "Select";
$lang['Delete'] = "Delete";
$lang['Move'] = "Move";
$lang['Lock'] = "Lock";
$lang['Unlock'] = "Unlock";

$lang['Topics_Removed'] = "The selected topics have been successfully removed from the database.";
$lang['Topics_Locked'] = "The selected topics have been locked";
$lang['Topics_Moved'] = "The selected topics have been moved";
$lang['Topics_Unlocked'] = "The selected topics have been unlocked";
$lang['No_Topics_Moved'] = "No topics were moved";

$lang['Confirm_delete_topic'] = "Are you sure you want to remove the selected topic/s?";
$lang['Confirm_lock_topic'] = "Are you sure you want to lock the selected topic/s?";
$lang['Confirm_unlock_topic'] = "Are you sure you want to unlock the selected topic/s?";
$lang['Confirm_move_topic'] = "Are you sure you want to move the selected topic/s?";

$lang['Move_to_forum'] = "Move to forum";
$lang['Leave_shadow_topic'] = "Leave shadow topic in old forum.";

$lang['Split_Topic'] = "Split Topic Control Panel";
$lang['Split_Topic_explain'] = "Using the form below you can split a topic in two, either by selecting the posts individually or by splitting at a selected post";
$lang['Split_title'] = "New topic title";
$lang['Split_forum'] = "Forum for new topic";
$lang['Split_posts'] = "Split selected posts";
$lang['Split_after'] = "Split from selected post";
$lang['Topic_split'] = "The selected topic has been split successfully";

$lang['Too_many_error'] = "You have selected too many posts. You can only select one post to split a topic after!";

$lang['None_selected'] = "You have no selected any topics to preform this operation on. Please go back and select at least one.";
$lang['New_forum'] = "New forum";

$lang['This_posts_IP'] = "IP for this post";
$lang['Other_IP_this_user'] = "Other IP's this user has posted from";
$lang['Users_this_IP'] = "Users posting from this IP";
$lang['IP_info'] = "IP Information";
$lang['Lookup_IP'] = "Look up IP";

// Timezones ... for display on each page
$lang['All_times'] = "All times are %s"; // eg. All times are GMT - 12 Hours (times from next block)

$lang['-12'] = "GMT - 12 Hours";
$lang['-11'] = "GMT - 11 Hours";
$lang['-10'] = "HST (Hawaii)";
$lang['-9'] = "GMT - 9 Hours";
$lang['-8'] = "PST (U.S./Canada)";
$lang['-7'] = "MST (U.S./Canada)";
$lang['-6'] = "CST (U.S./Canada)";
$lang['-5'] = "EST (U.S./Canada)";
$lang['-4'] = "GMT - 4 Hours";
$lang['-3.5'] = "GMT - 3.5 Hours";
$lang['-3'] = "GMT - 3 Hours";
$lang['-2'] = "Mid-Atlantic";
$lang['-1'] = "GMT - 1 Hours";
$lang['0'] = "GMT";
$lang['1'] = "CET (Europe)";
$lang['2'] = "EET (Europe)";
$lang['3'] = "GMT + 3 Hours";
$lang['3.5'] = "GMT + 3.5 Hours";
$lang['4'] = "GMT + 4 Hours";
$lang['4.5'] = "GMT + 4.5 Hours";
$lang['5'] = "GMT + 5 Hours";
$lang['5.5'] = "GMT + 5.5 Hours";
$lang['6'] = "GMT + 6 Hours";
$lang['6.5'] = "GMT + 6.5 Hours";
$lang['7'] = "GMT + 7 Hours";
$lang['8'] = "WST (Australia)";
$lang['9'] = "GMT + 9 Hours";
$lang['9.5'] = "CST (Australia)";
$lang['10'] = "EST (Australia)";
$lang['11'] = "GMT + 11 Hours";
$lang['12'] = "GMT + 12 Hours";

// These are displayed in the timezone select box
$lang['tz']['-12'] = "(GMT -12:00 hours) Eniwetok, Kwajalein";
$lang['tz']['-11'] = "(GMT -11:00 hours) Midway Island, Samoa";
$lang['tz']['-10'] = "(GMT -10:00 hours) Hawaii";
$lang['tz']['-9'] = "(GMT -9:00 hours) Alaska";
$lang['tz']['-8'] = "(GMT -8:00 hours) Pacific Time (US &amp; Canada), Tijuana";
$lang['tz']['-7'] = "(GMT -7:00 hours) Mountain Time (US &amp; Canada), Arizona";
$lang['tz']['-6'] = "(GMT -6:00 hours) Central Time (US &amp; Canada), Mexico City";
$lang['tz']['-5'] = "(GMT -5:00 hours) Eastern Time (US &amp; Canada), Bogota, Lima, Quito";
$lang['tz']['-4'] = "(GMT -4:00 hours) Atlantic Time (Canada), Caracas, La Paz";
$lang['tz']['-3.5'] = "(GMT -3:30 hours) Newfoundland";
$lang['tz']['-3'] = "(GMT -3:00 hours) Brassila, Buenos Aires, Georgetown, Falkland Is";
$lang['tz']['-2'] = "(GMT -2:00 hours) Mid-Atlantic, Ascension Is., St. Helena";
$lang['tz']['-1'] = "(GMT -1:00 hours) Azores, Cape Verde Islands";
$lang['tz']['0'] = "(GMT) Casablanca, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Lisbon, Monrovia";
$lang['tz']['1'] = "(GMT +1:00 hours) Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Rome";
$lang['tz']['2'] = "(GMT +2:00 hours) Cairo, Helsinki, Kaliningrad, South Africa";
$lang['tz']['3'] = "(GMT +3:00 hours) Baghdad, Riyadh, Moscow, Nairobi";
$lang['tz']['3.5'] = "(GMT +3:30 hours) Tehran";
$lang['tz']['4'] = "(GMT +4:00 hours) Abu Dhabi, Baku, Muscat, Tbilisi";
$lang['tz']['4.5'] = "(GMT +4:30 hours) Kabul";
$lang['tz']['5'] = "(GMT +5:00 hours) Ekaterinburg, Islamabad, Karachi, Tashkent";
$lang['tz']['5.5'] = "(GMT +5:30 hours) Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, New Delhi";
$lang['tz']['6'] = "(GMT +6:00 hours) Almaty, Colombo, Dhaka, Novosibirsk";
$lang['tz']['6.5'] = "(GMT +6:30 hours) Rangoon";
$lang['tz']['7'] = "(GMT +7:00 hours) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta";
$lang['tz']['8'] = "(GMT +8:00 hours) Beijing, Hong Kong, Perth, Singapore, Taipei";
$lang['tz']['9'] = "(GMT +9:00 hours) Osaka, Sapporo, Seoul, Tokyo, Yakutsk";
$lang['tz']['9.5'] = "(GMT +9:30 hours) Adelaide, Darwin";
$lang['tz']['10'] = "(GMT +10:00 hours) Canberra, Guam, Melbourne, Sydney, Vladivostok";
$lang['tz']['11'] = "(GMT +11:00 hours) Magadan, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands";
$lang['tz']['12'] = "(GMT +12:00 hours) Auckland, Wellington, Fiji, Marshall Island";

$lang['datetime']['Sunday'] = "Sunday";
$lang['datetime']['Monday'] = "Monday";
$lang['datetime']['Tuesday'] = "Tuesday";
$lang['datetime']['Wednesday'] = "Wednesday";
$lang['datetime']['Thursday'] = "Thursday";
$lang['datetime']['Friday'] = "Friday";
$lang['datetime']['Saturday'] = "Saturday";
$lang['datetime']['Sun'] = "Sun";
$lang['datetime']['Mon'] = "Mon";
$lang['datetime']['Tue'] = "Tue";
$lang['datetime']['Wed'] = "Wed";
$lang['datetime']['Thu'] = "Thu";
$lang['datetime']['Fri'] = "Fri";
$lang['datetime']['Sat'] = "Sat";
$lang['datetime']['January'] = "January";
$lang['datetime']['February'] = "February";
$lang['datetime']['March'] = "March";
$lang['datetime']['April'] = "April";
$lang['datetime']['May'] = "May";
$lang['datetime']['June'] = "June";
$lang['datetime']['July'] = "July";
$lang['datetime']['August'] = "August";
$lang['datetime']['September'] = "September";
$lang['datetime']['October'] = "October";
$lang['datetime']['November'] = "November";
$lang['datetime']['December'] = "December";
$lang['datetime']['Jan'] = "Jan";
$lang['datetime']['Feb'] = "Feb";
$lang['datetime']['Mar'] = "Mar";
$lang['datetime']['Apr'] = "Apr";
$lang['datetime']['May'] = "May";
$lang['datetime']['Jun'] = "Jun";
$lang['datetime']['Jul'] = "Jul";
$lang['datetime']['Aug'] = "Aug";
$lang['datetime']['Sep'] = "Sep";
$lang['datetime']['Oct'] = "Oct";
$lang['datetime']['Nov'] = "Nov";
$lang['datetime']['Dec'] = "Dec";

// Errors (not related to a
// specific failure on a page)
$lang['Information'] = "Information";
$lang['Critical_Information'] = "Critical Information";

$lang['General_Error'] = "General Error";
$lang['Critical_Error'] = "Critical Error";
$lang['An_error_occured'] = "An Error Occurred";
$lang['A_critical_error'] = "A Critical Error Occurred";

// That's all Folks!
// -------------------------------------------------

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