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require_once "Font.php";

class PdfFontCollection {
  * track if the current font is bolded or italicised
  var $currentTextState = ''; 
  var $currentBaseFont;
  var $currentFont;
  var $currentFontNum;
  var $selectedFont;
  var $fontFamilies;
  var $fonts = array();
  var $fontNum = 0;
  var $baseFontDir;
  var $baseCFontDir;
  var $objects;

  function PdfFontCollection (&$objects,$path=false,$cPath=false) {
    $this->objects = &$objects;
    $this->baseFontDir = $path;
    $this->baseCFontDir = $cPath;
  function add(&$font,$path=false) {
    $fnt = pathinfo($font);
    if (isset($fnt['extension']))
      $font = str_replace('.'.$fnt['extension'],"",$fnt['basename']);
      $font = $fnt['basename'];
    if (!isset($this->fonts[$font])){
//      echo "Font was not set: ".$font."<br>";
      $path = !$path?$this->baseFontDir:$path;
      $f = &new PdfFont($this->objects,$font,$path,$this->baseCFontDir);
      if ($f->isLoaded) {
//        $this->fonts[$font]['fontNum']=fontNum;
//        $this->fonts[$font]['fontNum']=$this->fontNum++;
        return $this->fonts[$font];
      } else {
        $f = false;
        return $f;
//    echo "Font is set: ".$font."<br>";
    return false;
  * if the font is not loaded then load it and make the required object
  * else just make it the current font
  * the encoding array can contain 'encoding'=> 'none','WinAnsiEncoding','MacRomanEncoding' or 'MacExpertEncoding'
  * note that encoding='none' will need to be used for symbolic fonts
  * and 'differences' => an array of mappings between numbers 0->255 and character names.
  function select($font,$encoding='',$set=true) {
    // load the file
    $fl = &$this->add($font);
    if (false !== $fl) {
      $fontExt = array();
//      $this->numObj++;
//      $this->numFonts++;
      $options=array('name'   =>$font,
      if (is_array($encoding)){
        // then encoding and differences might be set
        if (isset($encoding['encoding'])) $options['encoding']=$encoding['encoding'];
        if (isset($encoding['differences'])) $options['differences']=$encoding['differences'];
      } else if (strlen($encoding)>0){
        // then perhaps only the encoding has been set
//      $fontObj = $this->numObj;                            //­®¬¥à ä®­â  = ­®¬¥à ⥪ã饣® ®¡ê¥ªâ 
//      $this->objects->font'][] = $options;
      $this->objects->createObject('PdfObjectFont',$options);         //ᮧ¤ ¥¬ ®¡ê¥ªâ ä®­â 


      // also set the differences here, note that this means that these will take effect only the 
      //first time that a font is selected, else they are ignored
      if (isset($options['differences'])){
    if ($set && isset($this->fonts[$font])){
      // so if for some reason the font was not set in the last one then it will not be selected
      // the next line means that if a new font is selected, then the current text state will be
      // applied to it as well.
    return $this->currentFontNum;
  * define font families, this is used to initialize the font families for the default fonts
  * and for the user to add new ones for their fonts. The default bahavious can be overridden should
  * that be desired.
  function setFontFamily($family,$options=''){
    if (!is_array($options)) {
      if ($family=='init'){
        // set the known family groups
        // these font families will be used to enable bold and italic markers to be included
        // within text streams. html forms will be used... <b></b> <i></i>
        $this->fontFamilies['Helvetica'] = array('b'=>'Helvetica-Bold',
        $this->fontFamilies['Courier'] = array('b'=>'Courier-Bold',
        $this->fontFamilies['Times-Roman'] = array('b'=>'Times-Bold',
    } else {
      // the user is trying to set a font family
      // note that this can also be used to set the base ones to something else
      if (strlen($family)) $this->fontFamilies[$family] = $options;
  * sets up the current font, based on the font families, and the current text state
  * note that this system is quite flexible, a <b><i> font can be completely different to a
  * <i><b> font, and even <b><b> will have to be defined within the family to have meaning
  * This function is to be called whenever the currentTextState is changed, it will update
  * the currentFont setting to whatever the appropriatte family one is.
  * If the user calls selectFont themselves then that will reset the currentBaseFont, and the currentFont
  * This function will change the currentFont to whatever it should be, but will not change the 
  * currentBaseFont.
  * @access private
  function setCurrentFont($textState=false){
    if (strlen($this->currentBaseFont)==0){
      // then assume an initial font
    $cf = $this->currentBaseFont;
    if (strlen($textState) && isset($this->fontFamilies[$cf]) && isset($this->fontFamilies[$cf][$textState])) {
      // then we are in some state or another
      // and this font has a family, and the current setting exists within it
      // select the font, then return it
      $nf = $this->fontFamilies[$cf][$textState];
      $this->currentFont = $nf;
//      $this->currentFontNum = $this->fonts[$nf]['fontNum'];
      $this->currentFontNum = $this->fonts[$nf]->fontNum;
    } else {
      // the this font must not have the right family member for the current state
      // simply assume the base font
      $this->currentFont = $this->currentBaseFont;
//      $this->currentFontNum = $this->fonts[$this->currentFont]['fontNum'];
      $this->currentFontNum = $this->fonts[$this->currentFont]->fontNum;
  * return the height in units of the current font in the given size
  function getFontHeight($size){
    if (!$this->hasFonts()){
    // for the current font, and the given size, what is the height of the font in user units
    $h = $this->fonts[$this->currentFont]->fontDesc['FontBBox'][3]-$this->fonts[$this->currentFont]->fontDesc['FontBBox'][1];
    return $size*$h/1000;
  * return the font decender, this will normally return a negative number
  * if you add this number to the baseline, you get the level of the bottom of the font
  * it is in the pdf user units
  function getFontDecender($size){
    // note that this will most likely return a negative value
    if (!$this->hasFonts()){
    $h = $this->fonts[$this->currentFont]->fontDesc['FontBBox'][1];
    return $size*$h/1000;
  function hasFonts() {
    return (boolean)$this->fontNum;
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