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	File: thewall.common.php

	Example which demonstrates a xajax implementation of a graffiti wall.
	Title: Graffiti Wall Example
	Please see <copyright.inc.php> for a detailed description, copyright
	and license information.

	Section: Files
	- <thewall.php>
	- <thewall.common.php>
	- <thewall.server.php>

	@package xajax
	@version $Id: xajax.inc.php 362 2007-05-29 15:32:24Z calltoconstruct $
	@copyright Copyright (c) 2005-2007 by Jared White & J. Max Wilson
	@copyright Copyright (c) 2008-2009 by Joseph Woolley, Steffen Konerow, Jared White  & J. Max Wilson
	@license http://www.xajaxproject.org/bsd_license.txt BSD License

require_once ("../../xajax_core/xajax.inc.php");

$xajax = new xajax("thewall.server.php");
$xajax->configure('javascript URI','../../');
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