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<code>Rect(<b>float</b> x, <b>float</b> y, <b>float</b> w, <b>float</b> h [, <b>string</b> style])</code>
Outputs a rectangle. It can be drawn (border only), filled (with no border) or both.
<dl class="param">
Abscissa of upper-left corner.
Ordinate of upper-left corner.
Style of rendering. Possible values are:
<li><code>D</code> or empty string: draw. This is the default value.</li>
<li><code>F</code>: fill</li>
<li><code>DF</code> or <code>FD</code>: draw and fill</li>
<h2>See also</h2>
<a href="setlinewidth.htm">SetLineWidth()</a>,
<a href="setdrawcolor.htm">SetDrawColor()</a>,
<a href="setfillcolor.htm">SetFillColor()</a>.
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