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How to install phpchat:

1)Unzip the folder chat.zip

2)Place the phpchat-free and ioncube folders under the public_html folder in your website.

3)Linux users must set read, write permission for folders phpchat/admin/config.php and phpchat/admin/init.

4)For installation, you should run phpchat/setup.php

5)In setup, you should provide admin email id and your website name.

6)Create a database with any name for your phpchat installation.

7)During setup, you should enter the following database details for the db configuration.
Database name
Database Username
Database Password

8) When you  click setup code button, you can get the setup key. You cannot complete your installation without the setup key.

How to get chat status code
9) Run the phpchat/chat_status_code.php, then you get the code. Place that code in your website file, where you want the online/offline status of the operators to be displayed.

Please read help file within the phpchat-free folder for additional informations.
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