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<commands version="1.0">
  <summary>List Installed Packages In The Default Channel</summary>
    <doc>list installed packages from this channel</doc>
    <doc>list installed packages from all channels</doc>
    <doc>output fully channel-aware data, even on failure</doc>
If invoked without parameters, this command lists the PEAR packages
installed in your php_dir ({config php_dir}).  With a parameter, it
lists the files in a package.
  <summary>List Files In Installed Package</summary>
  <options />
List the files in an installed package.
  <summary>Shell Script Test</summary>
  <options />
  <doc>&lt;package&gt; [[relation] version]
Tests if a package is installed in the system. Will exit(1) if it is not.
   &lt;relation&gt;   The version comparison operator. One of:
                &lt;, lt, &lt;=, le, &gt;, gt, &gt;=, ge, ==, =, eq, !=, &lt;&gt;, ne
   &lt;version&gt;    The version to compare with
  <summary>Display information about a package</summary>
  <options />
Displays information about a package. The package argument may be a
local package file, an URL to a package file, or the name of an
installed package.</doc>
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