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* @author  Joel Wan & Mark Slemko.  Designs by Jonathan Easton
* @link  http://www.phpobjectgenerator.com
* @copyright  Offered under the  BSD license
* @abstract  Php Object Generator  automatically generates clean and tested Object Oriented code for your PHP4/PHP5 application.
include "./include/misc.php";
include "./include/configuration.php";
include "./services/nusoap.php";

if (IsPostback())
	$_GET = null;
	$objectName = GetVariable('object');
	for ($i=1; $i<50; $i++)
		if (GetVariable(('fieldattribute_'.$i)) != null)
			$attributeList[] = GetVariable(('fieldattribute_'.$i));
		if (GetVariable(('type_'.$i)) != null && $z==$i)
			if (GetVariable(('type_'.$i)) != "OTHER"  && GetVariable(('ttype_'.$i)) == null)
				$typeList[] = GetVariable(('type_'.$i));
				$typeList[] = GetVariable(('ttype_'.$i));
			//attribute may have been removed. proceed to next row

	$_SESSION['objectName'] = $objectName;
	$_SESSION['language'] = $language = GetVariable('language');
	$_SESSION['wrapper'] = $wrapper = GetVariable('wrapper');
	$_SESSION['pdoDriver'] = $pdoDriver = GetVariable('pdoDriver');

	$client = new soapclient($GLOBALS['configuration']['soap'], true);
	$params = array(
		    'objectName' 	=> $objectName,
		    'attributeList' => $attributeList,
		    'typeList'      => $typeList,
		    'language'      => $language,
		    'wrapper'       => $wrapper,
		    'pdoDriver'     => $pdoDriver

	$object = base64_decode($client->call('GenerateObject', $params));
	//echo $client->debug_str;
	$_SESSION['objectString'] = $object;
	$_SESSION['attributeList'] = serialize($attributeList);
	$_SESSION['typeList'] = serialize($typeList);
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
		<title>Php Object Generator (<?=$GLOBALS['configuration']['versionNumber']?><?=$GLOBALS['configuration']['revisionNumber']?>) - Open Source PHP Code Generator</title>
		<link rel="stylesheet" href="./phpobjectgenerator.css" type="text/css" />
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		<script type="text/javascript">
			_uacct = "UA-72762-1";
		<div class="main">
			<div class="left2">
				<img src="./images/aboutphpobjectgenerator.jpg" alt="About Php Object Generator"/>
				<br />PHP Object Generator, (POG) is an open source <h1>PHP code generator</h1>&nbsp;which automatically generates clean &amp; tested Object Oriented code for your PHP4/PHP5 application. Over the years, we realized that a large portion of a PHP programmer's time is wasted on repetitive coding of the Database Access Layer of an application simply because different applications require different objects.
				<br />
				<br />By generating PHP objects with integrated CRUD methods, POG gives you a head start in any project. The time you save can be spent on more interesting areas of your project.<br /><a href="http://www.phpobjectgenerator.com/php_code_generator/introduction_php_code_generator.php" title="extended introduction to pog">Read more &#8250;&#8250;</a>
				<br />
				<br /><img src="./images/keyfeaturesphpobjectgenerator.jpg" alt="Key Features of  Php Object Generator"/>
				<br />Generates clean &amp; tested code
				<br />Generates CRUD methods
				<br />Generates setup file
				<br />Generates parent-child relations
				<br />Generates Setup file
				<br />Compatible with PHP4 &amp; PHP5
				<br />Compatible with PDO
				<br />Automatic data encoding
				<br />Free Developer SOAP API
				<br />Free for personal use
				<br />Free for commercial use
				<br />Open Source
				<br />
				<br />
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				<br />
				<br /><img src="./images/wantmorepog.jpg" alt="Want more Php Object Generator?"/>
				<br /><a href="http://www.phpobjectgenerator.com/plog" title="php object generator weblog">The POG Weblog</a> and <a href="http://www.phpobjectgenerator.com/plog/rss/" title="POG RSS feed">RSS feed</a>.
				<br /><a href="http://groups.google.com/group/Php-Object-Generator" title="Php object generator google group">The POG Google group</a>
				<br /><a href="http://www.phpobjectgenerator.com/plog/tutorials" title="php object generator tutorials and documentation">The POG Tutorials</a>
				<br /><a href="http://www.faintlight.com/techinfo/pog" title="POG mirror site">The POG mirror site</a>
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			<div class="middle">
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				<!-- header -->
				<form method="post" action="index3.php">
					<div class="result">
						<input type="image" src="./images/download.jpg"/>
					<!-- result -->
					<div class="greybox2">
						<textarea cols="200" rows="30"><?=$object;?></textarea>
					<!-- greybox -->
					<div class="generate2"></div>
					<!-- generate -->
					<div class="restart">
						<a href="./index.php"><img src="./images/back1.gif" border="0"/></a><br />
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	$_POST = null;
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