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<p>Tree view</p>
<p>Correctly display encoded messages</p>
<p>Correctly display multiple encoded images</p>
<p>Reply one's message and post new messages</p>
<p>Optimizations ( mainly using files to store important newsgroup information, 
  such as topics and images )</p>
<p>DB free</p>
<p><strong>Known bugs:</strong></p>
<p>One minor Tree view bug concerning Javascript</p>
<p>Cercern newsgroup cannot be displayed correctly</p>
<p>A bug within cross-posts</p>
<p><strong>TO-DO / MAY-DO LIST</strong></p>
<p>Produce a link whening display messages with hyperlink(s)</p>
<p>Clear downloaded files after some time</p>
<p>Personalize each user's preferences</p>
<p>Click to view message source code</p>
<p>Count number of visitors</p>
<p>Use bold font to indicate new message(s)</p>
<p> Save files into a faster server</p>
<p>Display message details besides showing the message itself</p>
<p>Display latest information about the newsgroup ( popularity, total number of 
  messages etc) </p>
<p align="center">Plese report bug(s) and request feature(s) to : <a href="mailto:hide@address.com">hide@address.com</a></p>
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