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			For Developers
 PHP Navigator is very tiny & light weight compared to other file managers.
Here are some useful information for developers.

1. windows.php: It is the script that handles requests and decide which action to
   perform based on the request. It also calls the functions for authenticating, client
   browser features detection (AJAX, Resolution etc).

2. explorer.php: contains the core function explore, which lists the files/folders in 
   the current directory.

3. functions.php: contains a lot of cool functions like upload, filestatus,
   authenticate, fileicon, download etc.

4. Action files: actions like recursive delete, new folder, extract etc.

5. JavaScripts: In AJAX mode, files 'windows.js' and 'ajax.js' are loaded, while
   in normal mode, 'windows.js' and 'normal.js' are loaded.

6. I use 'zip.lib.pbp' for zipping and 'pclzip.class.php' for unzipping.

7. The file 'thumb.php' handles thumbnail of images. You can refer this file as
   <img src="thumb.php?img=someimgfile">
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