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$multi_user = false;
		# if 'false' single user settings will be used.
		# else if 'true' ONLY multiple user settings will be used!!

#---single user settings (no database required)-----#

$user = "admin";		# Login username
$passwd = "admin";	# Login password

$homedir = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'];	# Default directory for single user. Use absolute path.
$enable_login = true;	# Caution!! 'false' means everyone have access to your files!
$rdonly = false;		# Read-only access to the single user.

#---multiple user settings-------#

$mysql_user = "root";
$mysql_passwd = "password";
$mysql_db = "navphp";	// database name
$mysql_table = "navphp_users";	// table name

#---Other Options---------

$cols = "auto";	
		# Number of icon columns. Leave as auto for autodetection.
		# 5 best suited for 800x600 and 7 for 1024x768

$thumb = false;	
		# Force thumbnail view for all supported images.
		# (This has no relation with the thumbnail in the left pane)

$max_edit_size = 200000; 
		# maximum file size that can be edited (in Bytes).

$uploads = 6;
		# No. of files that can be uploaded at a time

$mode = "auto";
		# Can take three values 'auto', 'ajax' and 'normal'
		# If you don't know about this, select 'auto'.
		# 'auto' - Your browser compatibility will be automatically detected. (Recommended)
$compress = true;
		# Compress page using gzip deflate encoding. Recommended.

$EditableFiles = "php php4 php3 phtml phps conf cf sh shar csh ksh tcl cgi pl js vbs txt inc html htm shtml css xml xsl ini inf cfg log nfo bat tex sql java c cpp cs";
		# Editable Files (code editor)

$HTMLfiles = "htm html phtml shtml";
		# Enabled file types for WYSIWYG HTML editor.
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