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File Name 	: ReadMe.txt
Domain		: http://www.triangle-solutions.com
Author		: Ian Warner
Copyright	: (C) 2001 Triangle Solutions Ltd
Email		: hide@address.com
URL		: http://www.triangle-solutions.com/
Description	: Describes any Fetures and Requirements.
Date Created	: Tuesday 24 February 2004 19:15:22
File Version	: 2.7

Description v2.7 - PHP Multiple Newsletters

Triangle Solutions Ltd has developed an application which allows you to create
a newsletter(s) subscription service.

You will be able to create multiple newsletters through this one application,
thus offering your users a choice of information about your company/site.

Users will be able to Unregister from the newsletter(s) themselves - so there is
very little maintenance within the script. Through the intuitive Admin system you
will be able to upload emails, delete or modify users, and maintain and send your

Click tracking has been enabled for HTML emails. This will allow you to view
who is clicking on the campaigns you send out.


+	Easy installation - Just read the Install doc to get going in mins.
+	Secure administration system
+	Choose from 2 languages sets for the User end. Admin side in english only.
+	100% Web based - no server installations.
+	Unlimited Capacity - only the database restricts how many newsletters and
	members you can have.
+	Create and manage multiple newsletters through the one script.
+	Users can unregister themselves.
+	Admin facility allows you to edit, delete and list the members of each newsletter.
+	Upload as many emails as you like to each newsletter with the upload facility.
+	Send to one of your newsletters knowing that only members signed up for
	that newsletter will recieve it.
+	Users select whether to receive Plain Text email or HTML email, default
	is HTML.
+	When you send to the list, bad emails will be identified, these can be
	deleted instantly.
+	Duplicate emails are not allowed within the system, on registry the user will
	be told whether they are a member or not.
+	Administrators can upload there own HTML and Plain Text email templates,
	using special words to call the users name and the text of the submitted
+	In the admin section administrators can search for email addresses and
	delete them if a user requests removal.
+	Send via SMTP sockets for speed - tested with thousands of recipients.
+	Auto Archive section that will save the body of the newsletter sent
	users will then be able to browse this section.
+	URL tracking to know who is clicking on your campaign.
+	SMTP keep alive for faster sending
+	User email verification

Known Issues
+	I am using a Win2k, IIS setup - so most of my development is governed
	by these parameters - i.e I use Internet Explorer Exclusively to test,
	so dont be surprised if things dont work correctly in NetScape. Instead
	of saying why I do this please send me the solutions and I will be happy
	to include it in the code so it does work.


+	Requires PHP v4.2+ - For the security measures incorporated in this release.
+	Will run on Linux or Windows.
+	MySQL database.
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