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Installation instructions

# Unpack 'phplively.zip'

# Edit '/master/config.php' options

# Drop '/master' folder on your master site

    * CHMOD 777 '/master/data'
    * CHMOD 777 '/master/data/chat'
    * CHMOD 777 '/master/data/visitantes'

# For each of your 'remote' sites do the following:

    * Edit '/remote1/!html_code.html' options
    * Add '/remote1/!html_code.html' code to your pages (inside body tag).
    * Upload '/remote1' folder

# Done!

# Open a new browser window and type: 

Now you should see user's online and their information (if any). Turn on online-support so they can contact you. Or alternatively, you can open a chat window to them.

I'm not fluent in english, but you still can contact me if you have technical problems.
Please be specific, it works to your advantage.

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