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<?php //ENGLISH language file

   To whom it may concern:

   The only language that I really know good is English.  I have made this
   file available so that other language speaking people can modify these
   variables so that PHP Helpdesk will work for other languages.  If you can
   help translate the following variables into another language, then please
   email me at hide@address.com  I will then let you know if someone
   else has already done this translation.  If they have not, then I will ask
   for your help in the translation.  I will need you to then translate these
   variables into the other language and send me an email with the document
   attached.  I will then add the language to the project so that other can
   benefit from your translations.  It will then appear in the project as:


   Thank You in advance,

   Joe Hoot


$l_version = "version";
$l_status = "status ";
$l_departments = "departments ";
$l_companies = "companies ";
$l_laston = "last on ";
$l_needhelp = "Need Help?";
$l_clickhere = "Click Here";
$l_visitphphelpdesk = "Visit PHP Helpdesk at";
$l_ifyouneedhelp = "If you need additional help, please email helpdesk at";
$l_addjob = "Add Job";
$l_viewjobs = "View Jobs";
$l_adduser = "Add User";
$l_modifyuser = "Modify User";
$l_deleteuser = "Delete User";
$l_addcategory = "Add Category";
$l_deletecategory = "Delete Category";
$l_adddepartment = "Add Department";
$l_addcompany = "Add Company";
$l_deletedepartment = "Delete Department";
$l_deletecompany = "Delete Company";
$l_addparts = "Add Parts";
$l_reports = "Reports";
$l_preferences = "Preferences";
$l_logout = "Logout";
$l_search = "Search";
$l_help = "Help";

$l_whatdepartmentareyouin = "What department are you in?";
$l_whatcompanyareyouin = "What company are you in?";
$l_login = "Login";
$l_username = "username";
$l_password = "password";
$l_enter = "Enter";
$l_welcometothe = "Welcome to the ".$g_title;
$l_pleasechoose = "Please choose an item from the list above.";
$l_usernameorpasswordareincorrect = "Username or Password are incorrect!";
$l_cannotconnecttodatabase = "Can not connect to database!";

$l_choosecompany = "Choose Company";
$l_choosedepartment = "Choose Department";
$l_continue = "Continue";
$l_addjobform = "Add Job Form";
$l_itisimportant = "It is important to input your contact information so that we may better serve you.";
$l_firstname = "First Name:";
$l_lastname = "Last Name:";
$l_telephonenumberextension = "Telephone Number / Extension:";
$l_emailaddress = "Email Address:";
$l_shortsummary = "Short Summary:";
$l_detail = "Detail:";
$l_location = "Location:";
$l_priority = "Priority:";
$l_low = "Low";
$l_normal = "Normal";
$l_high = "High";
$l_urgent = "Urgent!";
$l_addjob = "Add Job";
$l_clearform = "Clear Form";
$l_areceiptwassent = "A receipt was sent to";
$l_yourservicerequest = "Your service request was successfully submitted!";
$l_atechnician = "A technician will service this request as soon as possible.";
$l_eventwasadded = "Event was added.";
$l_error = "ERROR:";
$l_jobnotadded = "Your job was <B>not</B> added to the database!";
$l_resolution = "<font color=red>RESOLUTION:</font>";
$l_youmustenteratleast = "<font color=red>You must enter at least the following:</font>";
// l_eventwayadded change to was
$l_wehavereceivedyourrequest = "We have received your job request!";
$l_belowisacopyoftheticket = "Below is a copy of the ticket information that you submitted.";
$l_ithasbeenadded = "It has been added to the queue and will be looked into shortly.";
$l_senton = "Sent on"; // As in Sent on May 5, 2001 usering username sam smith
$l_usingusername = "using username";
$l_from = "From:"; //As in From hide@address.com
$l_mailwassent = "Mail was sent to";
$l_mailto = "Mail To:";
$l_pleasechoosecompanytoviewtickets = "Please select all of the companies that you would like to view tickets for.";

$l_viewalltickets = "View all tickets";
$l_viewonlyopenedtickets = "View only opened tickets";
$l_ticketid = "Ticket ID";
$l_summary = "Summary";
$l_category = "Category";
$l_status = "Status";
$l_department = "Department";
$l_company = "Company";
$l_assignedto = "Assigned To";
$l_priority = "Priority";
$l_dateopened = "Date Opened";
$l_viewjobdetailsform = "View Job Details Form";
$l_computerid = "Computer ID:";
$l_openedby = "Opened By:";
$l_totaltime = "Total Time:";
$l_priceforparts = "Price for Parts:";
$l_closeticket = "Close Ticket";
$l_showprintableversion = "Show a Printable Version";
$l_time = "Time";
$l_event = "Event";
$l_duration = "Duration";
$l_reassignedto = "(re)Assigned-to";
$l_addevent = "Add Event";
$l_selectpartsfromthislist = "Select parts from this list";
$l_notassigned = "Not Assigned";
$l_ticketregisterd = "Ticket Registered";
$l_reassignedticket = "(re)Assigned Ticket/Added Hours";
$l_added = "added";
$l_manager = "Manager:";
$l_technician = "Technician";
$l_hours = "Hours";
$l_parts = "Parts:";
$l_unitprice = "Unit Price";
$l_extendedprice = "Extended Price";
$l_phonenumber = "Phone Number:";
$l_networkpropertiescorrect = "Network Properties Correct:";
$l_antivirus = "Antivirus Dat File Updated:";
$l_runantivirus = "Run Antivirus Program:";
$l_removenonworkrelatedprograms = "Remove Non-work Related Programs:";
$l_runscandisk = "Run Scan Disk:";
$l_authorizingsignature = "Authorizing Signature:";
$l_quantity = "Quantity:";
$l_partid = "Part ID:";
$l_partdescription = "Part Description";

$l_userinformation = "User Information - 1 of 3";
$l_verifypassword = "Verify Password:";
$l_next = "Next";
$l_selectpermissions = "Select Permissions - 2 of 3";
$l_privileges = "Privileges";
$l_grant = "Grant";
$l_dontgrant = "Don't Grant";
$l_registernewtickets = "Register New Tickets:";
$l_authorizetickets = "Authorize Tickets:";
$l_assigntickets = "Assign Tickets:";
$l_updatetickets = "Update Tickets:";
$l_deletetickets = "Delete Tickets:";
$l_openclosedtickets = "Open Closed Tickets:";
$l_viewunauthorizedtickets = "View Unauthorized Tickets:";
$l_viewdepartmenttickets = "View Department Tickets:";
$l_addcategories = "Add Categories:";
$l_deletecategories = "Delete Categories:";
$l_adddepartments = "Add Departments:";
$l_deletedepartments = "Delete Departments:";
$l_manageusers = "Manage Users:";
$l_manageparts = "Manage Parts:";
$l_runreports = "Run Reports:";
$l_isamanager = "Is a Manager:";
$l_userinfoadded = "User Information was added.";
$l_wassuccessfullyadded = "was successfully added to the database!";
$l_pleasechoosethedepts = "Please choose the departments or companies that you would like this user to be able to work with:";
$l_selectdepartments = "Select Departments - 3 of 3";
$l_alldepartments = "All <BR> Departments";
$l_useravailabledepartments = "User <BR> Available<BR> Departments";
$l_userthisbuttontoadd = "Use this button to <B><I>add</I></B> selected departments from the left to the users list of available departments on the right.";
$l_userthisbuttontodelete = "Use this button to <B><I>delete</I></B> selected departments from the list of available departments that are available to this user.";
$l_add = "Add";
$l_delete = "Delete";
$l_clickfinishmessage = "When the <I>User Available Departments</I> has the correct list of departments in it, click the Finish button.";
$l_finish = "Finish";
$l_usersuccessfullycreated = "has been successfully created!";
$l_isalreadyauser = "is already a user in the database!<BR>\nPlease choose another username and try again.\n";
$l_atleastusername = "At least Username, Password, and Verrified Password must all be entered.";
$l_Username = "Username:";
$l_Password = "Password:";

$l_selectusertomodify = "Select User to Modify";
$l_selectuser = "Select User:";
$l_selectthisuser = "Select This User";
$l_modifyuserinfo = "Modify User Information - 1 of 3";
$l_userhasbeenupdated = "has been successfully updated!";
$l_userhasnotbeenupdated = "has <b>not</b> been successfully updated!";

$l_selectusertodelete = "Select User to Delete";
$l_deleteuser = "Delete User";
$l_areyousureyouwanttodelete = "Are you sure you want to delete this user?";
$l_yes = "YES";
$l_no = "NO";
$l_userhasbeendeleted = "has been deleted";

$l_addcategoryform = "Add Category Form";
$l_choosethisdepartment = "Choose This Department";
$l_choosethiscompany = "Choose This Company";
$l_categoryname = "Category Name:";
$l_currentcategories = "Current Categories:";
$l_addthiscategory = "Add This Category to";
$l_wasadded = "was successfully added!";
$l_wasnotadded = "was <b>not</b> successfully added!";

$l_deletecategoryform = "Delete Category Form";
$l_deletethiscategory = "Delete This Category from";
$l_wasnotdeleted = "was <b>not</b> successfully deleted!";

$l_adddepartmentform = "Add Department Form";
$l_addcompanyform = "Add Company Form";
$l_newdepartmentname = "New Department Name:";
$l_newcompanyname = "New Company Name:";
$l_currentdepartments = "Current Departments:";
$l_currentcompanies = "Current Companies:";
$l_add = "Add";

$l_deletedepartmentform = "Delete Department Form";
$l_deletecompanyform = "Delete Company Form";
$l_selectdepartment = "Select Department:";
$l_selectcompany = "Select Company:";
$l_delete = "Delete";

$l_partnumber = "Part Number";
$l_description = "Description";
$l_price = "Price";
$l_stockquantity = "Stock Quantity";
$l_mustbeunique = "Must be unique";
$l_imsure = "I'm Sure";
$l_currentquantity = "Current Quantity:";
$l_addthisquantity = "Add This Quantity:";
$l_cantfindpartid = "Can't find Part ID";
$l_save = "Save";
if (!isset($partfound)) {   $partfound=1;  }
$l_parthasalreadybeenused = "Part number $partfound has already been used."; //$partfound is the part number
$l_pleasechooseadifferentpart = "Please choose a different part number.";
if (!isset($p_id)) {   $p_id=0;  }
$l_partwasnotdeleted = "Part $p_id was not deleted from the database for the following reason:"; //p_id is a part number
$l_pleasecheckimsure = "Please check the \"I'm Sure\" checkbox under the delete button ito delete a part.";

$l_selectthedepartment = "Select the department that you would like to run a report for.";
$l_selectthecompany = "Select the company that you would like to run a report for.";
$l_inputthebeginningdate = "Input the Beginning Date and End Date in the format 2001-02-23.";
$l_runthereport = "Run the report.";
$l_startdate = "Start Date:";
$l_enddate = "End Date:";
$l_generatethisreport = "Generate This Report";
$l_reportgenerated = "Report Generated";
$l_totalservicecalls = "Total Service Calls:";
$l_minresponsetime = "Min Response Time:";
$l_maxresponsetime = "Max Response Time:";
$l_avgresponsetime = "Avg Response Time:";
$l_minresolutiontime = "Min Resolution Time:";
$l_maxresolutiontime = "Max Resolution Time:";
$l_avgresolutiontime = "Avg Resolution Time:";
$l_categories = "Categories";
$l_valuesareintickets = "(values are in tickets)";
$l_computeridsandassociated = "Computer ID's and Associated Tickets";

$l_userpreferences = "User Preferences";
$l_showalltickets = "Show All Tickets:";
$l_viewjobsfirst = "View Jobs As First Page Shown:";
$l_savechanges = "Save Changes";

//added ones:
$l_totalprice = "Price in total";
$l_title_report = "Report Page";
$l_titel_wizzard1 = "HELPDESK REPORT WIZZARD";
$l_titel_wizzard2 = "";
$l_titel_wizzard3 = "Report";
$l_wiz_towhomitmayconcern ="In reference to:"   ;
$l_ticket_key = "Key";
$l_num_personal = "Staff number";
$l_area = "reporting department";
$l_welcometothe_wizz = "Welcome to the wizzard to report problem ";
$l_proposed_solution = "Proposed Solution";
$l_currrentquantity = "Current Quantity"; // part (Bug report)
$l_ticketsdisplayed = "Tickets displayed";
$l_deleteticket = "Delete Ticket";
$l_search = "Search";
$l_help = "Help";
$l_wizzardsname ="Help Wizzard";
$l_notifications ="Notifications";
$l_notifications_titel = "Notifications and Assignments";
$l_notifications_explain ="<b>To inform certain persons  about a new generated request you can here enter additional eMail addresses which sould be notified. Further you can preassign tickets to a specific category.</b>";
$l_notifications_email1="First eMail Notification";
$l_notifications_email2="Second eMail Notification";
$l_notifications_email3="Third eMail Notification";
$l_prev_saved = "Your preferences have been saved";
$l_assignto = "Assing tickets to"; 
// notification part, sending the eMail screen
$l_ticketresponsible = "The technican who is responsible for your problem will be:";
$l_emailresponsbile = "eMail oft you  technican: ";
$l_numticket = "The number of your ticket is: ";
$l_eMailsubject_technican ="$g_title - A ticket has been assigned to you. Please enter the System for details";
$l_eMailsubject_reporting_user ="Your report /request at $g_title";
$l_eMailsubject_addtional_notification ="$g_title - A new request has been entered";
//added ones for new department functions
$l_newdepartmentkey = "New department Key / Abreviation";
$l_newcompanykey = "New company key";
$l_givedepname = "Please enter the name of the department!";
$l_depalreadyexists = "This name arlready exists!";
$l_givedepkey = "Please enter a department/ company key";
$l_depkeyalreadyexists = "The key exists already!";
$l_default_category_name = "General"; // this will be created with every new department created
$l_default_request_added = "The default category  -- $l_default_category_name -- has been added";
$l_numoftickets = "Tickets";
$l_opentickets ="Tickets open";
$l_assignadoausario = "Assigned to you";
$l_back = "Back";
$l_searchfor = "Search";
$l_searchtitel = "Serach options";
$l_search_results = "Search results for ";
$l_changepwd = "Change your password";
$l_changepwdforuser = "You are about to change the password for  ";
$l_currentpwd = "Old Password";
$l_newpwd = "New Password";
$l_confirmpwd ="Confirm Password";
$l_changepwdacction = "Change Password now";
$l_pwdchanged = "Your Password has been changed";
$l_currentpwdincorrect = "Your old password was not entered correctly";
$newpwdnomatch = "Your new password was not confirmed correctly";
// for the menu
$menu_label1 = "Tickts";
$menu_label2 = "Users";
$menu_label3 = "Departments";
$menu_label4 = "Parts";
$menu_label5= "Optcions";
$menu_label6= "Logout";
$l_access_denied = "You don't have the rights to access  ";
$l_access_denied_1 = "Access denied";
// Main Page (additnally)
$l_contact = "Contacts ";
$l_credits ="Credits  ";
$l_ip_txt = "IP of the machine: ";
$l_hotline = "Hotline: ";
$l_adminemail = "eMail from the Administrator";
// request general
$l_requests ="Requests";
//ADD Request
$l_addrequest = "Add request";
$l_deleterequest = "Delete request";
$l_addrequestform = "Formular to add a request";
$l_choosethisdepartment = "Choose a department";
$l_choosethiscompany = "Choose a company";
$l_requestname = "Name of the request";
$l_currentrequests = "Existing request :";
$l_addthisrequest = "Add this request"; 
$l_wasadded = "was added!";
$l_wasnotadded = "Could <b>not</b> be added!";
$l_requestcategories = "Request Categories";
$l_addrequestcategory ="Add new request category";

$l_deleterequestform = "Formular for deleting a request";
$l_deletethisrequest = "Delete this request ";
$l_deletethisrequestcategory = "Delete this request category";
$l_wasnotdeleted = "you <b>cannot</b> delete this!";
$l_requestcategorynotempty  = "You cannot delete this category since it is not empty";
// For calender anbd date
$l_month1 = "Enero";
$l_month2 = "Feb.";
$l_month3 = "Marzo";
$l_month4 = "Avril";
$l_month5 = "Mayo";
$l_month6 = "Junio";
$l_month7 = "Julio";
$l_month8 = "Agosto";
$l_month9 = "Sept.";
$l_month10 = "Oct.";
$l_month11 = "Nov.";
$l_month12 = "Dic.";
$l_daylabel2 ="Lunes";
$l_daylabel3 ="Martes";
$l_daylabel4 ="Mie.";
$l_daylabel5 ="Jueves";
$l_daylabel6 ="Viernes";
$l_daylabel7 ="S&aacute;bado";
$l_daylabel1 ="Domingo";
//left menu
$l_information ="Information";
$l_documentation ="Dokuments";
$l_wizzard ="Help Wizzard";
$l_library = "Library";
$l_faq ="F.A.Q.";
$l_forum ="Bulletin Board";
// footer bar text
$l_condicions = "Condicions";
$l_ip_txt = "Your IP: ";
// verification and error text realteted
$l_requesterrortext = "Please insert the requestname, and a requestcategory (if not choosen from the list). ";
$l_verifyfirstname = "Please enter you firstname!";
$l_verifylastname = "Please enter you lastname!";
$l_verifyemail = "Please enter a correct eMail address!";
$l_dontdeleteyouself = "You cannot delete the user with which you are logged in!!";
$l_news ="News";
$l_deleterequests = "Delete Requests: ";
$l_addrequests = "Add Requests: ";
$l_default_requestcat_added = "A default request category was added";
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