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<?php        //html configuration
// Colors for the main view tickets table
$html_alt_color1        = "#DEDEEE";            //first alternating color
$html_alt_color2        = "#F1FAFE";            //second alternating color
$html_highlight_color   = "#99CCFF";            //color that highlights while
                                               //looking at viewjobs
$html_priority_low        = "#CCCCCC";
$html_priority_normal        = "#00FF00";
$html_priority_high        = "#FFFF00";
$html_priority_urgent        = "#FF0000";
// others
$html_table_header_fontcolor        = "#FFFFFF";    //table header font color (havent find a way to put this nice in CSS since link colors are gloablly defindes and these are ownly overridden by direct style or fond colors
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