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<title> PHP Flat File Guestbook, from AdvanceByDesign </title>
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<h1>PHP Flat File Guestbook</h1>
<h2>From AdvanceByDesign</h2>

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The PHP Flat File Guestbook control is Copyright &copy;
2011 Robert Rook, and is released under the terms of the
ABD Free Source Code Licence.

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	<td><p><b>PHP Flat File Guestbook</b><br>
	A neat little Guestbook script to allow visitors to drop you a
	comment on your website without the need for a MySQL database to
	support it.  Very easy to get up and running, and you're ready
	to go!

	<li><a href="docs/index.htm">Read the Documentation</a></li>
	<li><a href="licence.txt">View the Licence / Terms of Usage</a></li>
	<li><a href="docs/changes.htm">Changelog / Version history</a></li>

<h2>Using this PHP script</h2>
Copy the contents of the <i>www</i> directory to your server
(to any folder / subdirectory).  Your server must support
the following features:
	<li>PHP must be allowed file WRITE access</li>
	<li>(Optional) PHP must have SMTP configured to alert you of new comments being posted</li>

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