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<h1>PHP Flat File Guestbook Documentation</h1>


<p>Before uploading the contents of the 'www' folder to your server,
you must first open the file '<i>ffgb_config.php</i>' in a plain
text editor, and change the values of the <a href="configure.htm">
Configurable Settings</a> "<i>username</i>" and "<i>password</i>"
to the login information you would like to use for the Administration

<p>Next, upload all the files and folders from the 'www' folder to
your server.</p>

<p>Place a link from your main page (or any page you want to) on your
website to the "<i>guestbook.php</i>" file wherever you uploaded it
on your server (for example: <i>http://www.your-domain.com/guestbook.php</i>).
Check the link is working, then away you go!</p>

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