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	include_once( './grab.class.php' );
	$grabber = new Grabber( $_POST  );
	$array = $grabber->grab();
		<title>PHP Contact List results</title>
	<body style="background-color:#E5ECF9">
		<br /><br />
		<div align='left' style="background-color:#555565;">
			<font color='red'><b>Initial Credits goes for:</b></font><br />
			<div style="background-color:#000000;">
			<font color="#FFFFFF">
			-Gmail ( <a  style="color:green;" href="http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=116304">Y. H. Gan, and Neerav Modi</a> )<br >
			-MSN Messenger ( <a style="color:green;" href="mailto:hide@address.com">Jonathan Street</a> ) <br />
			-Lycos, AOL, and Yahoo ( <a style="color:green;text-decoration:none;" href="mailto:hide@address.com">Ma'moon Al-Akash</a> )
			<br /><font size = "2" color='orange'>
			Programmed by Ma'moon Al-Akash, hide@address.com
		</div><br /><br />
		<div align='center'><b>Total number of grabbed items is( </b><font color='green'><?php echo count( $array ); ?></font><b> )</b></div><br /><br />
			if ( count( $array ) == 0 )
				die('<div align="left"><font size="2"><u><b>If you reach this point then please make sure that one of the following is actually happening:</b></u><br />
					<i>1- Your contact list is empty and hence no contacts has been grabbed. </i><br />
					<i>2- You may entered incorrect credentials, please <a href="javascript:history.back()">Go Back</a> again and make sure that you are having the correct username, password, and provider fields filled/selected correctly!</i>
		<table align='center' border='1'>
			<tr bgcolor='#000000'>
				<td align='center'><font color='#FFFFFF'><b>Name</b></font></td>
				<td align='center'><font color='#FFFFFF'><b>Email Address</b></font></td>
				foreach( $array as $key => $value ){
					<tr bgcolor='#444444'>
						<td align='center'><font color='#FFFFFF'><?php echo $key; ?></font></td>
						<td align='center' bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><?php if ( !empty( $value ) ) echo "<a style='color:#00316B;' href='mailto:$value'>$value</a>"; else echo "<font size='3' color='red'>There is no email associated with this contact!</font>"?></td>
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