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<h3>Logical OR relation</h3>
<p>If more than one search term is entered, they are internally related by logical OR, i.e. all pages containing at least one of the search terms are shown. A logical AND relation is at present not possible.</p>

<h3>Exclusion from the search</h3>
<p>To exclude a term from the search, preceed it by a "-" (minus).
In that case all pages containing that term will not be shown.</p>

<h3>Exclude text areas from indexing</h3>
<p>Text areas can be excluded from indexing by wrapping them into<br />
<p>Go ahead, try it out by searching for &#8222;exclusiontag&#8221;!</p>

<p>The index files for this search are located in the directory $home/search.</p>
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