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{PROJECT} ../template/home.ini
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{TITLE} phpCMS Demo - Form Plug-in: Result page
{PLUGIN FILE="$plugindir/form.php" TYPE="DYNAMIC"}
<h3>This is the result.</h3>
<p>The values from the form are embedded as TAGS into this page.</p>
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3">
<tr><td>Value 1:</td><td><!-- PLUGIN:FORM show='val1' --></td>
<tr><td>Value 2:</td><td><!-- PLUGIN:FORM show='val2' --></td>
<tr><td>Secret:</td><td><!-- PLUGIN:FORM show='secret' --></td>
<tr><td>IP number of poster:</td><td><!-- PLUGIN:FORM show='ip' --></td>
<tr><td>Time of posting:</td><td><!-- PLUGIN:FORM show='time' --></td>
<p><a href="start.en.htm">Back to form.</a></p>
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