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<h3>Help for the Online-Editor of phpCMS</h3>

<p>On the page to be edited you will find some buttons at the bottom for the necessary actions.</p>
<p><strong>Important:</strong><br />
   <em>If cookies are accepted in your browser, all pages called from then on until a LOGOUT will be shown in editing mode!<br />
   <strong>So do not forget to LOGOUT </strong>(button at the bottom) <strong>!</em></strong></p>

<h3>Some hints regarding the syntax in pages:</h3>
   <li>To use <strong>bold characters</strong> preceed that part of the text with "&lt;strong&gt;" and end it with "&lt;/strong&gt;"<br />
      (without the "", of course).</li>
   <li>To use <em>italic writing</em>&nbsp; start your text part with "&lt;em&gt;" and put "&lt;/em&gt;" after it ("em" for "emphasis").<br />
      (Bold and italic writing can also be combined: <br />
       "&lt;STRONG&gt;&lt;em&gt;" und "&lt;/em&gt;&lt;/STRONG&gt;" - note the order sequence!)</li>
   <li>A new line is obtained by typing "&lt;NL&gt;".</li>
   <li><strong><em>Each single</em></strong>&nbsp; paragraph has to be enclosed in "&lt;p&gt;" and "&lt;/p&gt;".</li>
   <li>Only one space is shown between words, even if there are more in the text.<br />
       To show more then one, they have to be written as "&lt;SPACE&gt;".</li>
   <li>A list is started with "&lt;ul&gt;" and closed with "&lt;/ul&gt;";<br />
       aach single item is to be enclosed in "&lt;li&gt;" and "&lt;/li&gt;".</li>

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