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phpCMS Demo - Sub page 1 of page 2: Online Editor

<h3>The Online Editor of phpCMS</h3>
<p><strong><em>php</em>CMS</strong> is the system on which these pages are based.<br />
   Up to now online editing is not one of the top features of <strong><em>php</em>CMS</strong>.<br />
   With a future release of <strong><em>php</em>CMS</strong> this situation might be improved.<br />
   Nevertheless there <strong>is</strong> a simple online editor in <strong><em>php</em>CMS</strong>.</p>
<p>Before you can use it, it has to be activated in the configuration GUI of <strong><em>php</em>CMS</strong>.</p>
<p>To use it, you call the page to be edited with the parameter "?phpcmsaction=edit", e.g.:<br />
<p>On the page you will then find some buttons at the bottom for the necessary actions.</p>
<p><strong>Important:</strong><br />
   <em>If cookies are accepted in your browser, all pages called from then on until a LOGOUT will be shown in editing mode!<br />
   <strong>So do not forget to LOGOUT </strong>(button at the bottom) <strong>!</em></strong></p>
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