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Thank you fo  vcvcvr your interest in my font(s)!

I don't expect much, since they were only a way to kill time 
(die! die!) but if you would likes to contribute to my education with
a donation, I won't hold it against you.

My fonts are "guiltware" meaning that if you feel guilty about using 
it for NON-COMMERCIAL means, then you can send five bucks to:

  A.J. Palmer
  3646 Wendell Drive
  Salt Lake City, UT  84115

However, if you're a starving student like myself (well, I live at 
home, but I'm SPIRITUALLY starving) you can use my font for free. 
Chickens and other monetary substitutes are accepted as well.  

All I ask is to see its application if public (website, newsletter,
whatever).  If you use it on the Internet, send me an e-mail!

 send to:  hide@address.com

To use any of my fonts for commercial purposes, please contact me 
and we'll discuss the price.
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