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 * Messages file for phlyMail 4
 * en (English)
$WP_msg['language'] = 'en';
$WP_msg['language_name'] = 'English';
$WP_msg['iso_encoding'] = 'iso-8859-1';
$WP_msg['tz'] = 'Europe/London';
$WP_msg['html_bidi'] = 'ltr';
$WP_msg['msg_copyright'] = '&copy; 2001-2010 phlyLabs, http://phlylabs.de';
$WP_msg['null'] = '';
$WP_msg['dec'] = '.';
$WP_msg['tho'] = ',';
$WP_msg['yes'] = 'Yes';
$WP_msg['no'] = 'No';
$WP_msg['auto'] = 'AUTO';
$WP_msg['dateformat'] = 'm-d-Y H:i';
$WP_msg['dateformat_new'] = 'm-d H:i';
$WP_msg['dateformat_old'] = 'm-d-Y';
$WP_msg['dateformat_daymonth'] = 'M jS'; //This is currently only used for the display of birthdays (PHlyADB)
$WP_msg['dateformat_calendarhead'] = '$1 (Week $2)'; // Filled with dateformat_old and the week of the year
$WP_msg['month'][1] = 'January';
$WP_msg['month'][2] = 'February';
$WP_msg['month'][3] = 'March';
$WP_msg['month'][4] = 'April';
$WP_msg['month'][5] = 'May';
$WP_msg['month'][6] = 'June';
$WP_msg['month'][7] = 'July';
$WP_msg['month'][8] = 'August';
$WP_msg['month'][9] = 'September';
$WP_msg['month'][10] = 'October';
$WP_msg['month'][11] = 'November';
$WP_msg['month'][12] = 'December';
$WP_msg['mnth'][1] = 'J';
$WP_msg['mnth'][2] = 'F';
$WP_msg['mnth'][3] = 'M';
$WP_msg['mnth'][4] = 'A';
$WP_msg['mnth'][5] = 'M';
$WP_msg['mnth'][6] = 'J';
$WP_msg['mnth'][7] = 'J';
$WP_msg['mnth'][8] = 'A';
$WP_msg['mnth'][9] = 'S';
$WP_msg['mnth'][10] = 'O';
$WP_msg['mnth'][11] = 'N';
$WP_msg['mnth'][12] = 'D';
$WP_msg['weekday'][0] = 'Monday';
$WP_msg['weekday'][1] = 'Tuesday';
$WP_msg['weekday'][2] = 'Wednesday';
$WP_msg['weekday'][3] = 'Thursday';
$WP_msg['weekday'][4] = 'Friday';
$WP_msg['weekday'][5] = 'Saturday';
$WP_msg['weekday'][6] = 'Sunday';
$WP_msg['wday'][0] = 'M';
$WP_msg['wday'][1] = 'T';
$WP_msg['wday'][2] = 'W';
$WP_msg['wday'][3] = 'T';
$WP_msg['wday'][4] = 'F';
$WP_msg['wday'][5] = 'S';
$WP_msg['wday'][6] = 'S';
$WP_msg['egal'] = 'unset';
$WP_msg['loggedout'] = 'Successfully logged out';
$WP_msg['nologgedout'] = 'Could not delete session.';
$WP_msg['selAll'] = 'Select All';
$WP_msg['selNone'] = 'Deselect All';
$WP_msg['selRev'] = 'Invert selection';
$WP_msg['About'] = 'About';
$WP_msg['Select'] = 'Select';
$WP_msg['Edit'] = 'Edit';
$WP_msg['Standard'] = 'Default';
$WP_msg['AboutSigSel'] = 'Please select below, which signature to append to the current email.';
$WP_msg['NoSigAvail'] = 'You do not have any signatures defined.';
$WP_msg['UploadSelectFile'] = 'Please select a file from your local machine';
$WP_msg['Upload'] = 'Upload';
$WP_msg['UploadDone'] = 'The attachment has been added. You can now close this window or upload further files after clicking <strong>OK</strong> below.';
// Alt texts for buttons
$WP_msg['alt_inbox'] = 'Inbox';
$WP_msg['alt_view'] = 'Display';
$WP_msg['NewEmail'] = 'New Email';
$WP_msg['NewSMS'] = 'New SMS';
$WP_msg['NewFax'] = 'New Fax';
$WP_msg['alt_setup'] ='Setup';
$WP_msg['SetupProgramme'] = 'Programme';
$WP_msg['alt_logout'] ='Logout';
$WP_msg['MainNew'] = 'New';
$WP_msg['MainGetMsg'] = 'Get messages';
$WP_msg['MainSystem'] = 'System';
$WP_msg['MainFolderOverview'] = 'Folder Overview';
// mod.account.php
$WP_msg['mailbox'] = 'Mailbox';
$WP_msg['FolderManager'] = 'Folder Manager';
$WP_msg['profile'] = 'Profile';
$WP_msg['logout'] = 'Logout';
$WP_msg['manual'] = 'Manual entry';
$WP_msg['popserver'] = 'Server / IP';
$WP_msg['popport'] = 'Port (optional)';
$WP_msg['popuser'] = 'Username';
$WP_msg['poppass'] = 'Password';
$WP_msg['popapop'] = 'Use APOP';
$WP_msg['popfetchevery'] = 'Check for new mails every <i>n</i>th minute (0 or empty for never)';
$WP_msg['popfetchfrontend'] = 'when I am logged in';
$WP_msg['popfetchbackend'] = 'via background process';
$WP_msg['popleaveonserver'] = 'Leave mails on server';
$WP_msg['login'] = 'Login';
$WP_msg['accounts'] = 'Accounts';
$WP_msg['account'] = 'Account';
$WP_msg['menu'] = 'Menu';
$WP_msg['send'] = 'Send';
$WP_msg['del'] = 'Delete';
$WP_msg['backLI'] = 'Back to Login';
$WP_msg['addacct'] = 'Add Account';
$WP_msg['email'] = 'Email Address';
$WP_msg['realname'] = 'Real Name';
$WP_msg['inmenu'] = 'Show in Menu';
$WP_msg['maysend'] = 'Allow Sending';
$WP_msg['sigOn'] = 'Add Signature';
$WP_msg['save'] = 'Save';
$WP_msg['cancel'] = 'Cancel';
$WP_msg['setKillSleep'] = 'sec. to wait after deleting mails';
$WP_msg['enterProfname'] = 'Please enter a name for the profile';
$WP_msg['enterPOPserver'] = 'Please enter server name or IP address';
$WP_msg['enterPOPuser'] = 'Please enter the username for the profile';
$WP_msg['deleAccount'] = 'Do you really want to delete this profile?';
// mod.auth.php
$WP_msg['authenticate'] = 'Please authenticate';
$WP_msg['currentlyoffline'] = 'The system is currently offline and undergoing maintainence. Please try again later.<br />';
$WP_msg['notknown'] = 'You are not known to the system';
$WP_msg['stilldisabled'] = 'Your account is not activated yet.<br />Please try again later.<br />';
$WP_msg['stillblocked'] = 'Your accounts is currently disabled due to too many false login attempts.<br />The lock will be removed after a defined amount of time. Please try again later.<br />';
$WP_msg['AuthRegDone'] = 'You are successfully registered. The account will be set active by the administrator in short term.';
$WP_msg['AuthRegDoneMail'] = 'You are successfully registered. You will receive an email with an activation link to activate your account in short term.';
$WP_msg['AuthRegister'] = 'Register';
$WP_msg['RegNow'] = 'Register now';
$WP_msg['RegActNow'] = 'You have signed up to our service and received an email? You clicked on the link contained there?<br />Please enter the username and the password you chose to activate your account.<br />';
$WP_msg['AuthActivate'] = 'Activate';
$WP_msg['RegActFail'] = 'The data you entered is not correct. Please try again.<br />';
$WP_msg['sysuser'] = 'Username';
$WP_msg['syspass'] = 'Password';
$WP_msg['sysnewpass'] = 'New Password';
$WP_msg['syspass2'] = 'Repeat Password';
$WP_msg['sysextemail'] = 'External Email Address';
$WP_msg['SuUserExists'] = 'This User Name is Already in Use.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuPrfExists'] = 'This Profile Name is Already in Use.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuDefinePW'] = 'Please set a Password.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuDefineUN'] = 'Please set a User Name.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuDefineEmail'] = 'Please enter your Email Address.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuDefineAEmail'] = 'Please enter an email address.';
$WP_msg['SuPW1notPW2'] = 'The passwords do not match.<br />';
// mod.inbox.php
$WP_msg['refresh'] = 'Refresh';
$WP_msg['nonewmail'] = 'No Mails to Display';
$WP_msg['newmail'] = 'Message';
$WP_msg['newmails'] = 'Messages';
$WP_msg['subject'] = 'Subject';
$WP_msg['from'] = 'From';
$WP_msg['to'] = 'To';
$WP_msg['date'] = 'Date';
$WP_msg['size'] = 'Size';
$WP_msg['nosubj'] = '[ No Subject ]';
$WP_msg['prio'] = 'Priority';
$WP_msg['high'] = 'High';
$WP_msg['normal'] = 'Normal';
$WP_msg['low'] = 'Low';
$WP_msg['allpage'] = 'All on page';
$WP_msg['li_sec'] = 'Secure Authentication (APOP)';
$WP_msg['li_norm'] = 'Normal Authentication';
$WP_msg['offline'] = 'Not connected';
$WP_msg['profno'] = 'No Profile';
$WP_msg['NoSrvrSelected'] = 'No Profile Selected';
$WP_msg['CreateProfileFirst'] = 'You do not have any profiles defined in the moment. Go to the profile manager, to add a profile now.';
$WP_msg['noconnect'] = 'No Connection to';
$WP_msg['wrongauth'] = 'Username or Password are Wrong';
$WP_msg['markread_set'] = 'Mark As Read';
$WP_msg['markread_unset'] = 'Mark As Unread';
$WP_msg['markmailSPAM'] = 'Mark as SPAM';
$WP_msg['markmailHAM'] = 'Mark as not SPAM';
$WP_msg['marked_read'] = 'This mail was already read';
$WP_msg['marked_unread'] = 'This mail is still unread';
$WP_msg['marked_forwarded'] = 'This mail has been forwarded';
$WP_msg['marked_answered'] = 'This mail has been answered';
$WP_msg['copytofolder'] = 'Copy to folder';
$WP_msg['movetofolder'] = 'Move to folder';
$WP_msg['BlockedWarning'] = 'This mail might contain dangerous elements. Downloading these elements has been blocked.';
$WP_msg['BlockedTitle'] = 'Blocked elements';
$WP_msg['BlockedUnblock'] = 'View blocked elements:';
// mod.read.php
$WP_msg['printview'] = 'Print View';
$WP_msg['mailer'] = 'Mailer';
$WP_msg['comment'] = 'Comment';
$WP_msg['inlinemail'] = '[ Inline Email ]';
$WP_msg['htmledit'] = '[ HTML Version ]';
$WP_msg['undeftxt'] = '[ Unnamed Text ]';
$WP_msg['notext'] = '[ No Text ]';
$WP_msg['undeffile'] = 'Unnamed File';
$WP_msg['attachs'] = 'Attachments';
$WP_msg['MailVerTxt'] = 'Plain Text Version';
$WP_msg['MailVerSHTML'] = 'Sanitized HTML';
$WP_msg['MailVerOHTML'] = 'Original HTML';
$WP_msg['answer'] = 'Reply';
$WP_msg['answerAll'] = 'Reply All';
$WP_msg['forward'] = 'Forward';
$WP_msg['bounce'] = 'Reroute';
$WP_msg['dismiss'] = 'Dismiss';
$WP_msg['prnt'] = 'Print';
$WP_msg['wheader'] = 'Full Header';
$WP_msg['woheader'] = 'Normal Header';
$WP_msg['source'] = 'Mail Source';
$WP_msg['savemail'] = 'Save';
$WP_msg['filetype'] = 'File Type';
$WP_msg['nofiletype'] = 'Unknown';
$WP_msg['mail'] = 'Mail';
$WP_msg['goto'] = 'Go';
$WP_msg['toobigtoshow'] = 'This email is too big to be displayed.';
// mod.read.php; save menu
$WP_msg['save_choose'] = 'Please select the format to save your email in';
$WP_msg['save_complete'] = 'Complete raw data';
$WP_msg['save_body'] = 'Main text only';
$WP_msg['save_sheader'] = 'Include standard header lines';
$WP_msg['save_aheader'] = 'Include all header lines';
$WP_msg['save_attlist'] = 'Include attachment listing';
// mod.kill.php
$WP_msg['killall'] = 'Really delete all $1 mails? This could in rare cases kill mails you did not read yet!';
$WP_msg['killone'] = 'Really delete this mail?';
$WP_msg['killmore'] = 'Really delete these $1 mails?';
$WP_msg['killJSconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete the selected items?';
$WP_msg['cantkill'] = 'Cannot delete mail $1';
$WP_msg['nokillchange'] = 'Deleting failed: The content of the mailbox has changed.';
// mod.suck.php
$WP_msg['undef'] = 'Unnamed';
// mod.send.php
$WP_msg['notemail'] = 'You did not define your From: address yet.';
$WP_msg['checkvalidity'] = 'Address check';
$WP_msg['invalidemail'] = 'Invalid Email Address';
$WP_msg['noprofile'] = 'Could not read your profile data';
$WP_msg['nofrom'] = 'Please enter a From: address';
$WP_msg['noto'] = 'Please enter at least one To: address, divide multiple with commas';
$WP_msg['EmailSendingMail'] = 'Sending Mail';
$WP_msg['EmailCreatingMail'] = 'Creating Mail';
$WP_msg['EmailSavingMail'] = 'Saving Mail';
$WP_msg['mailsent'] = 'Mail successfully sent!';
$WP_msg['nomailsent'] = 'Could not send mail!';
$WP_msg['nomailsent_savedraft'] = 'Could not send mail! Shall I save it as draft?';
$WP_msg['headoldmsg'] = ' --- Begin quoted message --- ';
$WP_msg['copytobox'] = 'Copy to mailbox';
$WP_msg['receipt_out'] = 'Return receipt';
$WP_msg['attach'] = 'Attachment';
$WP_msg['sig'] = 'Signature';
$WP_msg['sigload'] = 'Load Signature';
$WP_msg['selection'] = 'Selection';
$WP_msg['all'] = 'All';
$WP_msg['none'] = 'None';
$WP_msg['notsend'] = 'You are not allowed to send mails.';
$WP_msg['confirm_no_receiver'] = 'Please enter at least one receiver in To:, CC: or BCC:';
$WP_msg['confirm_no_subject'] = 'You did not specify a subject for this message. Would you like to send it anyway?';
$WP_msg['killorig'] = 'Delete orignal mail';
$WP_msg['bounce_to'] = 'Reroute to';
$WP_msg['bounce_others'] = 'Use setting for rest of list';
$WP_msg['bounce_stillinlist'] = 'Mails still in list';
$WP_msg['bounce_redirect'] = 'You will be redirected... Please wait...';
$WP_msg['bounce_disabled'] = 'It is impossible to reroute complete mailboxes';
// mod.sms.php
$WP_msg['SMSDefineSender'] = 'To send SMS, you must define the sender of your SMS first';
$WP_msg['SMSSender'] = 'SMS Sender';
$WP_msg['ESMSFormat'] = 'The sender for SMS must be either a string of up to 11 chars (A-Z, 0-9; no special chars or spaces) or a mobile phone number (international format with +xx for the country code).';
$WP_msg['SMSCharsLeft'] = 'chars left';
$WP_msg['SMSsent'] = 'Message successfully sent!';
$WP_msg['noSMSsent'] = 'Could not send message!';
$WP_msg['SMSNotActive'] = 'You are not allowed to send SMS';
$WP_msg['SMSQuotaExceeded'] = 'Your limit for sending SMS is exceeded.';
$WP_msg['SMSNoText'] = 'No text entered.\nSend SMS anyway?';
$WP_msg['SMSTooLong'] = 'Entered text is too long and will be truncated.\nSend SMS anyway?';
$WP_msg['SMSText'] = 'Text';
$WP_msg['SMSStatus'] = 'Status';
$WP_msg['SMSSending'] = 'Sending SMS';
$WP_msg['SMSListPos'] = 'Already sent';
$WP_msg['SMSFree'] = 'included or free SMS';
$WP_msg['SMSLegStatU'] = 'Statistics';
$WP_msg['SMSCurrUse'] = 'Current consumption';
$WP_msg['SMSLastUseU'] = 'Consumption prev. month';
$WP_msg['SMSAnswerVia'] = 'Answer via';
$WP_msg['Month'] = 'Month';
$WP_msg['Approx'] = 'ca.';
// mod.setup.php
$WP_msg['setup'] = 'Configuration';
$WP_msg['chosmen'] = 'Please choose a menu entry';
$WP_msg['setgen'] = 'Appearance';
$WP_msg['optssaved'] = 'Settings saved';
$WP_msg['optsnosave'] = 'Could not save settings';
$WP_msg['opttheme'] = 'Theme';
$WP_msg['optlang'] = 'Language';
$WP_msg['opttele'] = 'Text Mail Display';
$WP_msg['txt_prop'] = 'Proportional font';
$WP_msg['txt_syst'] = 'System font';
$WP_msg['optcopybox'] = 'Copy outgoing mails to your inbox';
$WP_msg['optreceipt'] = 'Return Receipt';
$WP_msg['optnewwin'] = 'Open Mails in New Window';
$WP_msg['optpagesize'] = 'Items per page';
$WP_msg['optwrap'] = 'Wordwrap outgoing mails to 75 chars';
$WP_msg['optsmtphost'] = 'Server / IP';
$WP_msg['optsmtpport'] = 'Port (optional)';
$WP_msg['optsmtpuser'] = 'Username (optional)';
$WP_msg['optsmtppass'] = 'Password (optional)';
$WP_msg['optactive'] = 'Active';
$WP_msg['optinactive'] = 'Inactive';
$WP_msg['SuOptKillSleep'] = 'Seconds to wait after deleting mails';
$WP_msg['sysextemail'] = 'External Email Address';
$WP_msg['editprofiles'] = 'Maintain Profiles';
$WP_msg['syspass'] = 'Password';
$WP_msg['sysnewpass'] = 'New Password';
$WP_msg['syspass2'] = 'Repeat Password';
$WP_msg['copy_smtp'] = 'Copy to SMTP';
$WP_msg['copy_pop3'] = 'Copy to POP3';
$WP_msg['default_account'] = 'Default Profile';
$WP_msg['EmailSendHTML'] = 'Send emails as HTML (not recommended)';
$WP_msg['MoveUp'] = 'Move up';
$WP_msg['MoveDown'] = 'Move down';
$WP_msg['about_defacc'] = 'If you define a default profile, this will be chosen as your default sender profile when sending mails. If you have only one profile, this is treated like the default profile. To deactivate the default profile, just select "$1".';
$WP_msg['notdef'] = 'Undefined';
$WP_msg['page'] = 'Page';
$WP_msg['newmail_showalert'] = 'Alert on new mails';
$WP_msg['newmail_alertpopup'] = 'Display a popup';
$WP_msg['newmail_alertsound'] = 'Play a sound';
$WP_msg['newmail_fetchlogin'] = 'Check for new mails after login';
$WP_msg['folders_use_preview'] = 'Use preview in folders';
$WP_msg['PlaintextFontstyle'] = 'Font face and size in text mails';
$WP_msg['FldrBrwsSelect'] = 'Please select the folder:';
$WP_msg['HeadSetFld'] = 'Folder Management';
$WP_msg['LegNewFolder'] = 'Create New Folder';
$WP_msg['AboutNewFolder'] = 'To create a new folder, enter its name and select, within which folder the new one should be created.<br />The new folder`s name should be between 1 and 32 characters long.<br />Valid characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, space and some special characters like !,".()+;';
$WP_msg['FolderName'] = 'Folder name';
$WP_msg['Folder'] = 'Folder';
$WP_msg['SetFldCreateIn'] = 'create in';
$WP_msg['LegMoveFolder'] = 'Move Folder';
$WP_msg['AboutMoveFolder'] = 'To move a folder please select the folder to be moved from the left first and then the target folder to the right';
$WP_msg['SetFldMoveTo'] = 'move to';
$WP_msg['LegRenameFolder'] = 'Rename Folder';
$WP_msg['AboutRenameFolder'] = 'To rename a folder select it from the list to the left and enter its new name to the right.<br />The new name should be between 1 and 32 characters long.<br />Valid characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, space and some special characters like !,".()+;';
$WP_msg['SetFldRenameTo'] = 'rename to';
$WP_msg['LegSyncFolder'] = 'Resynchronise Folder';
$WP_msg['AboutSyncFolder'] = 'In case the number of unread mails in the folder list does not match the real value any more, you can resync it here.';
$WP_msg['LegDeleteFolder'] = 'Delete Folder';
$WP_msg['AboutDeleteFolder'] = 'Please select the folder to be deleted from the list below. <strong>Attention:</strong> If you elect to delete the folder directly, all of its contents is lost!';
$WP_msg['SetFldWhichDelete'] = 'Folder to delete';
$WP_msg['SetFldDelDirect'] = '<strong>delete directly</strong> (do not move to dustbin)';
$WP_msg['SetFldEnocreate'] = 'Could not create the folder';
$WP_msg['SetFldEnomove'] = 'Could not move the folder';
$WP_msg['SetFldEnorename'] = 'Could not rename the folder';
$WP_msg['SetFldEnodelete'] = 'Could not delete the folder';
$WP_msg['SetFldEalreadyexists'] = 'The folder $1 already exists in the target folder';
$WP_msg['SetFldEwherecreate'] = 'Please say, where the new folder should be created';
$WP_msg['SetFldEwheremove'] = 'Please say, where to move the folder to';
$WP_msg['SetFldEwhichrename'] = 'Please say, which folder should be renamed';
$WP_msg['SetFldEwhichdelete'] = 'Please say, which folder should be deleted';
$WP_msg['SetFldEnomoveitself'] = 'Folders cannot be moved onto themselves. Please choose another target folder.';
$WP_msg['SetFldEkilldirecrt'] = 'Do you really want to directly delete this folder? All of its contents will be lost.';
$WP_msg['SetFldEnametoolong'] = 'Foldernames must be shorter than 33 chars';
$WP_msg['SetFldEnametooshort'] = 'Folder names must be at least 1 character';
$WP_msg['APIContacts'] = 'Contacts';
$WP_msg['EmailShowBCC'] = 'Show BCC: field';
$WP_msg['EmailSaveAsDraft'] = 'Save as draft';
$WP_msg['EmailAttachFile'] = 'Attach file';
$WP_msg['EmailSelectSig'] = 'Select signature';
$WP_msg['EmailMenView'] = 'View';
$WP_msg['SMSMailSubject'] = 'SMS sent to: $1';
$WP_msg['WorkerNewMail'] = 'You`ve got new mail';
$WP_msg['FilterName'] = 'Name of the filter';
$WP_msg['FilterHeadRules'] = 'Rules for incoming mails';
$WP_msg['FilterHeadActions'] = 'Perform these actions';
$WP_msg['FilterMatchAny'] = 'Any of these rules must match';
$WP_msg['FilterMatchAll'] = 'All of these rules must match';
$WP_msg['FilterAddRule'] = 'Add rule';
$WP_msg['FilterMoveMail'] = 'Move to folder';
$WP_msg['FilterCopyMail'] = 'Copy to folder';
$WP_msg['FilterSetPrio'] = 'Set priority to';
$WP_msg['FilterMarkAs'] = 'Mark as';
$WP_msg['FilterMarkRead'] = 'read';
$WP_msg['FilterMarkUnread'] = 'unread';
$WP_msg['FilterMarkJunk'] = 'Mark as junk';
$WP_msg['FilterDeleteMail'] = 'Delete this message';
$WP_msg['FilterFieldFrom'] = 'Sender';
$WP_msg['FilterFieldTo'] = 'Recipient';
$WP_msg['FilterFieldCC'] = 'CC:';
$WP_msg['FilterFieldToCC'] = 'Recipient or CC';
$WP_msg['FilterFieldSubject'] = 'Subject';
$WP_msg['FilterFieldDate'] = 'Date';
$WP_msg['FilterFieldPriority'] = 'Priority';
$WP_msg['FilterOp_contains'] = 'contains';
$WP_msg['FilterOp_n_contains'] = 'does not contain';
$WP_msg['FilterOp_is'] = 'is equal to';
$WP_msg['FilterOp_n_is'] = 'is not equal to';
$WP_msg['FilterOp_begins'] = 'begins with';
$WP_msg['FilterOp_ends'] = 'ends with';
$WP_msg['FilterOp_regex'] = 'Regular expression';
$WP_msg['FilterTopFilterRules'] = 'Filter rules';
$WP_msg['AliasesDefined'] = 'Aliases defined for this profile';
$WP_msg['AddAlias'] = 'Add Alias';
$WP_msg['ReallyDropAlias'] = 'Do you really want to delete this alias?';
$WP_msg['showattachmentinline'] = 'Show attached images inline (Plain text only)';
// 3.02.06
$WP_msg['AuthLostPW'] = 'Forgot your password?';
$WP_msg['AuthLostEnterName'] = 'Please enter your username here, so we can send you a new password to the email address you supplied us with';
$WP_msg['AuthLostSend'] = 'Send it!';
$WP_msg['AuthPWSent'] = 'Your new password has just been sent to you via email.';
$WP_msg['AuthLostNoEmail'] = 'You did not supply an email address. Please contact an administrator!';
$WP_msg['AuthLostMailSubj'] = 'Your password for $1';
$WP_msg['AuthLostMailBody'] = 'You have requested a new password for $1.
Your new passphrase is: $2
It is effective immediately.

You can change it anytime under Setup -> Programme.';
$WP_msg['properties'] = 'Properties';
$WP_msg['CreateSubfolder'] = 'New subfolder';
$WP_msg['ReallyDeleFolder'] = 'Do you really want to delete "$1"?';
$WP_msg['ReallyEmptyFolder'] = 'Do you really want to empty "$1"?';
$WP_msg['ActionEmptyTrash'] = 'Empty Trash';
$WP_msg['ActionEmptyJunk'] = 'Empty Junk';
$WP_msg['FolderType'] = 'Folder type';
$WP_msg['FolderHasFolders'] = 'Can have folders';
$WP_msg['FolderHasItems'] = 'Can have items';
$WP_msg['LegDisplayAndFields'] = 'Display and Fields';
$WP_msg['FolderUsePrevie'] = 'Use preview in this folder';
$WP_msg['FolderShowFields'] = 'Header fields to display';
$WP_msg['FolderUseDefFields'] = 'Display default fields';
$WP_msg['stat_mdn_read'] = 'Delivery Notification: Read';
$WP_msg['stat_mdn_notread'] = 'Delivery Notification: Deleted unread';
$WP_msg['stat_mdn_failed'] = 'Delivery Failure';
$WP_msg['optmdnbehaviour'] = 'Requested Delivery Notifications';
$WP_msg['optmdnbeha_never'] = 'Ignore (recommended)';
$WP_msg['optmdnbeha_ask'] = 'Ask me';
$WP_msg['optmdnbeha_send'] = 'Send always (not recommended)';
$WP_msg['SendMDNConfirm'] = 'The sender of this message requested a delivery notifcation.\nWould you like to send it now?';
$WP_msg['FilterAlertSMSTo'] = 'Send an alert SMS to';
$WP_msg['FilterAlertEmailTo'] = 'Send an alert email to';
$WP_msg['FilterSendBetween'] = 'only in the time from';
$WP_msg['FilterMinPauseSMS'] = 'next SMS at the earliest after';
$WP_msg['FilterMinPauseEmail'] = 'next email at the earliest after';
$WP_msg['IMAPFetchtype'] = 'Caching of Mails';
$WP_msg['IMAPFetchHeaders'] = 'only the strucutre';
$WP_msg['IMAPFetchFull'] = 'comlete mails (recommended)';
$WP_msg['ProfileCheckSPAM'] = 'Check for SPAM on retrieving mails';
$WP_msg['onLogout'] = 'On Logout';
// 3.03.00
$WP_msg['ProfileName'] = 'Profile name';
$WP_msg['General'] = 'General';
$WP_msg['Various'] = 'Various';
$WP_msg['Aliases'] = 'Aliases';
$WP_msg['SystemFolder'] = 'System folder';
$WP_msg['UserFolder'] = 'User folder';
$WP_msg['ImapOnlySubscribed'] = 'Show only subscribed folders';
$WP_msg['ImapOnlyWithPrefix'] = 'Show folders with prefix';
$WP_msg['SetFldEnosync'] = 'Could not resync the folder';
$WP_msg['SetFldEnoempty'] = 'Could not empty the folder';
$WP_msg['SetMailEnostatus'] = 'Could not set mail status';
$WP_msg['SetMailEnomove'] = 'Could not copy / move the mail(s)';
$WP_msg['SetMailEnodelete'] = 'Could not delete the mail(s)';
$WP_msg['SetMailEnotarget'] = 'Please specify the target folder';
$WP_msg['SetMailEnocolour'] = 'Could not set colour mark';
$WP_msg['UHeadAbout'] = 'Enter additional header lines, which get added to the mail header of all mails sent through this account. Please add useful lines only.';
$WP_msg['UHeadHKey'] = 'Token (ASCII)';
$WP_msg['UHeadHVal'] = 'Value';
$WP_msg['UHeadReiter'] = 'Header lines';
$WP_msg['UHeadAdd'] = 'Add header line';
$WP_msg['UHeadEEnterKey'] = 'Please enter a token!';
$WP_msg['UHeadReallyDrop'] = 'Do you really want to delete this header line?';
$WP_msg['optpreferred'] = 'Show message body as';
$WP_msg['optpreferred_text'] = 'plain text';
$WP_msg['optpreferred_html'] = 'HTML (secured)';
$WP_msg['markmailColour'] = 'Set colour mark';
$WP_msg['HeadColourMark'] = 'colour mark';
// 3.04.00
$WP_msg['RewrapText'] = 'Rewrap Text';
$WP_msg['StatusLoading'] = 'Loading, please wait';
$WP_msg['StatusReady'] = 'Ready.';
$WP_msg['MailSearchToCc'] = 'To or CC';
$WP_msg['MailSearchAllHead'] = 'All Headers';
$WP_msg['BPlateMenu'] = 'Boilerplates';
$WP_msg['BPlateAddHTML'] = 'New Boilerplate (HTML)';
$WP_msg['BPlateAddText'] = 'New Boilerplate (plain text)';
$WP_msg['BPlateName'] = 'Name (max. 32 characters)';
$WP_msg['BPlateBody'] = 'Content';
$WP_msg['BPlateFetching'] = 'Fetching Boilerplate';
$WP_msg['BPlateNotAvail'] = 'This feature is not available';
$WP_msg['BPlateReallyDel'] = 'Do you really want to delete this boilerplate?';
$WP_msg['ENoSSLAvailableSMTP'] = 'No SSL available in your PHP, please remove the prefix ssl:// the SMTP host name';
$WP_msg['ENoSSLAvailablePOP3'] = 'No SSL available in your PHP, please remove the prefix ssl:// the POP3 host name';
// 3.05.00
$WP_msg['EmailNewFilter'] = 'New Filter';
$WP_msg['PleaseEnterSearchTerm'] = 'Please specify a search term!';
$WP_msg['ConfigQuotaMailSizeIn'] = 'max. size of incoming mails (0 = unlimited)';
$WP_msg['ConfigQuotaMailSizeOut'] = 'max. size of outgoing mails (0 = unlimited)';
$WP_msg['ConfigQuotaStorageSize'] = 'max. disk space used for items (0 = unlimited)';
$WP_msg['ConfigQuotaNumMails'] = 'max. number of stored mails (0 = unlimited)';
$WP_msg['ConfigQuotaNumFolders'] = 'max. number of user defined folders (0 = none)';
$WP_msg['QuotaMailSizeIn'] = 'max. size of incoming mails (0 = unlimited)';
$WP_msg['QuotaMailSizeOut'] = 'max. size of outgoing mails (0 = unlimited)';
$WP_msg['QuotaStorageSize'] = 'max. disk space used for mails (0 = unlimited)';
$WP_msg['QuotaNumMails'] = 'max. number of stored mails (0 = unlimited)';
$WP_msg['QuotaNumFolders'] = 'max. number of user defined folders (0 = none)';
$WP_msg['QuotaLegend'] = 'Quotas';
$WP_msg['QuotaExceeded'] = 'Quota exceeded';
$WP_msg['QuotaOkay'] = 'Quota usage okay';
$WP_msg['QuotaMedium'] = 'Quota usage medium';
$WP_msg['AddToContacts'] = 'Save as new contact';
$WP_msg['Export'] = 'Export';
$WP_msg['AboutExportEmail'] = 'The chosen folder will be now exported in the MBOX format.<br />This might take its time, depending on the size of the folder and the mails.<br />After creating the MBOX file it will be autmatically offered as a download to you.';
$WP_msg['CloseWindow'] = 'Close this window';
$WP_msg['EmailDefaultFolder'] = 'Default folder';
$WP_msg['EmailLocalsFolder'] = 'Local folders';
$WP_msg['EmailInboxFolder'] = 'Inbox';
$WP_msg['EmailSentObjectsFolder'] = 'Sent';
$WP_msg['EmailDraftsFolder'] = 'Drafts';
$WP_msg['EmailTemplatesFolder'] = 'Templates';
$WP_msg['EmailJunkFolder'] = 'Spam';
$WP_msg['EmailWasteFolder'] = 'Trash';
$WP_msg['stat_appointment'] = 'Appointment Request';
$WP_msg['stat_sysmail'] = 'System Message';
$WP_msg['EmailSaveAsTemplate'] = 'Save as template';
$WP_msg['SignatureAdd'] = 'Add signature';
$WP_msg['SignatureDele'] = 'Delete signature';
$WP_msg['SignatureEdit'] = 'Edit signature';
$WP_msg['QSignatureDele'] = 'Really delete this signature?\nThis affects all profiles';
$WP_msg['Folders'] = 'Folders';
$WP_msg['poplocalkillserver'] = 'Remove locally deleted mails from server';
$WP_msg['Subscribe'] = 'Subscribe';
// 3.05.05
$WP_msg['SaveCopyIn'] = 'Save copy in';
$WP_msg['MaxFilesize'] = 'Max. file size';
$WP_msg['TimeZone'] = 'Timezone';
$WP_msg['MailStatus'] = $WP_msg['SMSStatus']; // Don't translate
$WP_msg['Virtual'] = 'Virtual';
$WP_msg['EmailVirtualsFolder'] = 'Virtual Folders';
$WP_msg['EditAsNew'] = 'Edit as new';
$WP_msg['OrderBy'] = 'Order by';
$WP_msg['GroupBy'] = 'Group by';
$WP_msg['OrderDirAsc'] = 'Asc.';
$WP_msg['OrderDirDesc'] = 'Desc';
$WP_msg['AutoMarkRead'] = 'Mark mails in preview window read after';
$WP_msg['AutoMarkRead2'] = 'Seconds';
$WP_msg['week_firstday'] = 0; // 1 for Monday, 0 for Sunday
$WP_msg['SendTo'] = 'Send to';
$WP_msg['ConfigQuotaNumItems'] = 'max. number of stored items (0 = unlimited)';
$WP_msg['ReplyInSameWin'] = 'Reply / Forward in same window';
$WP_msg['TeletypeFont'] = 'Use fixed width';
// 3.06.06
$WP_msg['MyFilesRootFolder'] = 'My Files';
// 3.06.50
$WP_msg['SigPos'] = 'Signature position';
$WP_msg['SigTop'] = 'On top (not recommended!)';
$WP_msg['SigBottom'] = 'At foot (recommended)';
$WP_msg['FilterFieldOtherHeader'] = 'Other Header';
$WP_msg['HideFolders'] = 'Hide Folders';
$WP_msg['AboutSubscribe'] = 'Subscribe to folders of the IMAP account $1';
$WP_msg['AboutHideFolders'] = 'Removing the checked marker from a folder hides in it the folder listing.';
$WP_msg['PrivNoAccess'] = 'No sufficient permssiosn for this operation';
$WP_msg['onLogin'] = 'On Login';
$WP_msg['LoginFolder'] = 'Change into folder';
$WP_msg['MailSearchBody'] = 'Message Body';
$WP_msg['MailSearchAll'] = 'Whole message';
$WP_msg['SharedFolders'] = 'Shared folders';
$WP_msg['ShareFolder'] = 'Share folder';
$WP_msg['DownloadingMessages'] = 'Downloading messages';
$WP_msg['UpdatingIndex'] = 'Updating index';
$WP_msg['HeadShareGroups'] = 'Groups';
$WP_msg['HeadShareUsers'] = 'Users';
$WP_msg['FavFoldersAddTo'] = 'Add to favourites';
$WP_msg['FavFoldersRemove'] = 'Remove from favourites';
$WP_msg['MainView'] = 'View';
$WP_msg['CoreShowFavourites'] = 'Favourite folders';
$WP_msg['CoreShowFolderlist'] = 'Folders list';
$WP_msg['CoreShowNamePane'] = 'Namen pane';
$WP_msg['EmailOutboxFolder'] = 'Outbox';
$WP_msg['CoreSentFolderSMS'] = 'Store sent SMS in';
$WP_msg['SigvalText'] = 'Plain Text';
$WP_msg['SigvalHTML'] = 'HTML';
$WP_msg['ButSearch'] = 'Search';
$WP_msg['SaveAsDefault'] = 'Save as default';
$WP_msg['CorePinboard'] = 'Pinboard';
$WP_msg['QReallyLogout'] = 'Really logout?';
// 3.06.51
$WP_msg['PermSeeEmails'] = 'See Emails';
$WP_msg['PermSeeLocalFolders'] = 'Use Local Folders';
$WP_msg['PermCopyEmail'] = 'Copy Emails';
$WP_msg['PermMoveEmail'] = 'Move Emails';
$WP_msg['PermDeleteEmail'] = 'Delete Emails';
$WP_msg['PermImportEmail'] = 'Import Emails';
$WP_msg['PermExportEmail'] = 'Export Emails';
$WP_msg['PermAddFolder'] = 'Add Folders';
$WP_msg['PermEditFolder'] = 'Rename / Movde Folders';
$WP_msg['PermDeleteFolder'] = 'Delete Folders';
$WP_msg['PermAddProfile'] = 'Add Email Accounts';
$WP_msg['PermEditProfile'] = 'Edit Email Accounts';
$WP_msg['PermDeleteProfile'] = 'Delete Email Accounts';
$WP_msg['PermUsePinboard'] = 'Use Pinboard';
$WP_msg['PermNewEmail'] = 'Send Emails';
$WP_msg['PermNewSMS'] = 'Send SMS';
$WP_msg['PermSetupSettings'] = 'Edit Personal Setup';
$WP_msg['PermChangeTheme'] = 'Change Theme';
$WP_msg['SessionCookieInfo'] = 'Your visit is protected by a session cookie, which will be deleted at the end of your session. Please make sure, that your browser accepts cookies from this domain, otherwise you won`t be able to login.';
// 3.07.21
$WP_msg['StoreReplySameFolder'] = 'Store reply in folder of original message';
$WP_msg['ParseSmileys'] = 'Rplace Smileys by graphics';
$WP_msg['ParsePlaintextFormats'] = 'Replace <strong>*bold*</strong>, <em>/italics/</em> and <u>_underline_</u> in text mails';
$WP_msg['SMSSendPauseSec'] = 'sec. pause between SMS';
// 3.09.70
$WP_msg['MainExchange'] = 'Exchange';
$WP_msg['Firstname'] = 'Firstname';
$WP_msg['Surname'] = 'Surname';
$WP_msg['WWW'] = 'WWW';
$WP_msg['TelBusiness'] = 'Business phone';
$WP_msg['TelPersonal'] = 'Personal phone';
$WP_msg['Fax'] = 'Fax';
$WP_msg['Cellular'] = 'Cellular';
$WP_msg['VCFsend'] = 'Append VCF';
$WP_msg['VCFsendNone'] = 'none';
$WP_msg['VCFsendDefault'] = 'as account';
$WP_msg['VCFsendPriv'] = 'personal data';
$WP_msg['VCFsendBusi'] = 'business data';
$WP_msg['VCFsendAll'] = 'complete';
$WP_msg['SigSendDefault'] = 'as account';
$WP_msg['SigSendNone'] = 'none';
$WP_msg['DelAfterBounce'] = 'Delete after bouncing';
$WP_msg['BounceForAll'] = 'Use this setting for all';
$WP_msg['ShowInSync'] = 'Include in syncs';
$WP_msg['ok'] = 'OK';
$WP_msg['AttRcvOtherModule'] = 'from other handler';
$WP_msg['UploadSelectFiles'] = 'Please select one or more files from your local machine';
$WP_msg['onLogoutShowPrompt'] = 'Show prompt';
$WP_msg['ShowInPinboard'] = 'Include in pinboard display(s)';
// 4.00.01
$WP_msg['CoreGoToConfig'] = 'Go to Config';
$WP_msg['CoreChkUpdHead'] = 'A programme update is available';
$WP_msg['CoreChkUpdTitle'] = 'A programme update is available';
$WP_msg['CoreChkUpdBody'] = 'phlyMail <strong>$build$</strong> ($relstatus$) is available.<br />To update your installation please login to the Config and go to the Autoupdate page.';
// 4.00.02
$WP_msg['HTMLUnblockThisMail'] = 'This mail only';
$WP_msg['HTMLUnblockEmailAddr'] = 'For <strong>$1$</strong>';
$WP_msg['HTMLUnblockWholeDomain'] = 'For <strong>$1$</strong>';
// 4.00.03
$WP_msg['FaxDefineSender'] = 'For sending a fax you need to define the sender number and sender name.';
$WP_msg['FaxSender'] = 'Fax sender number';
$WP_msg['FaxSenderName'] = 'Fax sender name';
$WP_msg['EFaxFormat'] = 'The sender for faxes must be either a string of up to 11 chars (A-Z, 0-9; no special chars or spaces) or a phone number in international format (with +xx for the country code, e.g. +49 for Germany or +1 for USA).';
$WP_msg['Faxsent'] = 'Fax successfully enqueued.';
$WP_msg['noFaxsent'] = 'Could not send fax!';
$WP_msg['FaxPDFTooLarge'] = 'The PDF is too large, maximum size: $1';
$WP_msg['FaxNotActive'] = 'You are not allowed to send faxes';
$WP_msg['FaxNotToThisRecipient'] = 'You are not allowed to send faxes to this recipient number!';
$WP_msg['FaxQuotaExceeded'] = 'Your fax sending quota is exceeded';
$WP_msg['FaxNoText'] = 'Please attach exactly one PDF, maximum size $1';
$WP_msg['FaxStatus'] = 'Status';
$WP_msg['FaxSending'] = 'Sending fax...';
$WP_msg['CoreSentFolderFax'] = 'Store sent faxes in';
$WP_msg['PermNewFax'] = 'Send faxes';
// 4.00.04
$WP_msg['BPlateUnsorted'] = 'Unassigned';
$WP_msg['BPlateAddMainGroup'] = 'New main group';
$WP_msg['BPlateAddSubGroup'] = 'New sub group';
// 4.00.05
$WP_msg['EmailCollapseThreads'] = 'Collapse threads in folders';
$WP_msg['ThreadOtherFolder'] = 'This mail is stored in another folder';
$WP_msg['FaxStatusEmailTo'] = 'Email address for fax status';
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