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/* Messages file for phlyMail mysql DB driver   */
/* Driver Version: 4.0, Language: en (English)  */
$WP_drvmsg['host'] = 'MySQL Hostname / IP';
$WP_drvmsg['user'] = 'MySQL Username';
$WP_drvmsg['pass'] = 'MySQL Password';
$WP_drvmsg['database'] = 'Database';
$WP_drvmsg['prefix'] = 'Table Prefix';
$WP_drvmsg['HeadGen'] = 'Please enter / update the connection data for the MySQL driver.<br />You should change the predefined table prefix only when necessary.<br />Would you like to set a different port or socket, append them to the hostname, divided by a colon, like so: localhost<strong>:3316</strong> or localhost<strong>:/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock</strong>.';
$WP_drvmsg['save'] = 'Save';
$WP_drvmsg['HeadInst'] = 'Now we are creating the database tables.<br />'.LF.'Please enter the administrator\'s credentials.<br />'.LF.'Please choose a secure phrase, only known to you.<br />'.LF;
$WP_drvmsg['mysql_admname'] = 'Admin Username';
$WP_drvmsg['mysql_admpass'] = 'Admin Password';
$WP_drvmsg['mysql_admpass2'] = 'Repeat Password';
$WP_drvmsg['nonequal'] = 'The Passwords are Not Identical';
$WP_drvmsg['InstTblExist'] = 'There\'s already one or more tables with the prefix given by you. In case you try to reinstall an up to date phlyMail you might click on "Test it" below. Otherweise you should use the "Back" button of your browser to return to the MySQL driver settings page and choose another prefix.';
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