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/* Messages file for the phlyMail Installer  */
/* en (English)                              */

$WP_msg['language'] = 'en';

$WP_msg['NoChangeSetting'] = 'Could not change setting for $1 in the choices.ini.php.<br />';
$WP_msg['NotUpdateConfF'] = 'It seems I could not update the configuration file<br />';
$WP_msg['NoOpenDB'] = 'I could not open the DB. Please check your settings.<br />';
$WP_msg['NoFindRunDB'] = 'It seems like I could not find and run the driver you chose.<br />';
$WP_msg['NoValidLKey'] = 'This is not a valid licence key. Please try again.<br/>';
$WP_msg['NoSaveLKey'] = 'Couldn\'t save licence key.<br />';
$WP_msg['AccessBlock'] = 'It seems, that there will be problems with installing and running phlyMail due to insufficent file permissions. PHP must be able to write to certain folders and files.<br />Make sure, that the file permissions are set correctly on these files and folders:.<br /><ul><li>phlymail/choices.ini.php (755, 775)</li><li>phlymail/shared/config/ (777)</li><li>phlymail/storage/ (777)</li><li>phlymail/install/ (777)</li><li>phlymail/installer.php (755, 775)</li></ul>To fix it, try "chmod -R 777 phlymail/shared/config/", where you should type the value given above for 777. If more than one value is specified in parantheses, try the first value at first, then the second.<br />Repeat this step for all the mentioned files and folders.';
$WP_msg['HeadInstall'] = 'phlyMail Installation';
$WP_msg['Greeting'] = 'We are setting some basic configuration options here to allow you to start phlyMail.<br />Most of the settings can be made later in the Config Interface.';
$WP_msg['StartInstall'] = 'START INSTALLATION';
$WP_msg['StartUpdate'] = 'UPDATE from phlyMail SmallBusiness / Community';
$WP_msg['German'] = 'Deutsch';
$WP_msg['English'] = 'English';
$WP_msg['Step'] = 'Step';
$WP_msg['HeadStep1'] = 'Setup basic paths';
$WP_msg['AboutDriver'] = 'Which of the available database driver(s) shall be used?<br />You will be queried for it\'s settings later in the installation process.<br />';
$WP_msg['Driver'] = 'Driver';
$WP_msg['AboutLang'] = 'Please choose the default language of phlyMail\'s FrontEnd and Config Interface.<br />';
$WP_msg['Language'] = 'Language';
$WP_msg['AboutSkin'] = 'Which default theme do you wish to use?<br />';
$WP_msg['Skin'] = 'Theme';
$WP_msg['AboutSendMethod'] = 'Please decide, which send method you would like to use. Preferably you should choose SMTP, but in case this doesn\'t work for you, you can use Sendmail as a fallback.<br />';
$WP_msg['SendMethod'] = 'Send Method';
$WP_msg['Path'] = 'Path to Sendmail (with options)';
$WP_msg['Continue'] = 'Continue';
$WP_msg['HeadStep2'] = 'Setup database driver';
$WP_msg['AboutDriverSetup'] = 'Now we are setting up the chosen databse driver.<br />Please enter the values and press "Save". After successfully saving the data you could test it.<br />';
$WP_msg['Step2Ahead'] = 'Enter the values queried above and press "Save".<br />If everything is done and fine, you can go ahead.';
$WP_msg['HeadStep3'] = 'Importing Licence Key';
$WP_msg['FoundValidLKey'] = 'I have found a valid licence key inside your configuration folder';
$WP_msg['FoundInvalidLKey'] = 'The licence key found inside your configuration dir is not valid. Please import a valid one. Please make sure, that you have entered your personal data correctly. Pay special attention to the capitalization.';
$WP_msg['ImportLKey'] = 'Please import your licence key here by uploading it from your local machine or entering it in the text box. Please enter your name as you did when ordering phlyMail. Your customer number has been sent to you in the order receipt email. The licence key was part 2 of your order.';
$WP_msg['LKeyFirstname'] = 'First Name';
$WP_msg['LKeySurtname'] = 'Surname';
$WP_msg['LKeyCustomer'] = 'Customer No.';
$WP_msg['HeadStep4'] = 'Driver specifics';
$WP_msg['SpecificBelow'] = 'The chosen driver offers some specific installation options through a frontend. Please follow its instructions below';
$WP_msg['HappyCheck'] = 'Enter the values queried above and press "Save".<br />If you are happy with the values appearing above you can try them out.';
$WP_msg['TestIt'] = 'Test it';
$WP_msg['NoSpecific'] = 'There is no driver specific installation frontend.<br />You can proceed installation and skip that step.';
$WP_msg['AboutStep101'] = 'The update process allows you to transfer your data and settings from your current installation of phlyMail SmallBusiness or Community. Please be advised, that your old installation will become unusable afterwards. Also you should make sure, that your old installation is at least a build 2.03.08. If not, please perform all necessary updates.';
$WP_msg['EnterOldPath'] = 'Please enter the path to your previous installation of phlyMail. Do either use the absolute path (like "/usr/local/httpd/htdocs/phlymail") or a relative path. For an old installation of phlyMail in the same folder as the new installation the statement would be i.e. "../phlymail". This updater script is located here:';
$WP_msg['EEnterOldPath'] = 'Please key in the path to the old installation.';
$WP_msg['EInvalidPath'] = 'Invalid path given';
$WP_msg['ECopyConf'] = 'Error copying configuration file $1';
$WP_msg['AboutStep103'] = 'The database structure will now be adapted for the new engine. It\'s probably a good idea to backup the current database.';
$WP_msg['AboutStep104'] = 'The database structure has been adapted and the profiles converted. Now the script updates your adress book data. This might take a whie, depending on the number of address book entries.';
$WP_msg['UpdatingADB'] = 'Updating address book entries';
$WP_msg['UpdatingGRP'] = 'Updating address book groups';
$WP_msg['CreatingBaseFolders'] = 'Creating folder structure for user';
$WP_msg['HeadStep5'] = 'Finalisation';
$WP_msg['AboutFinal'] = 'We are now finalising the basic installation.';
$WP_msg['RemoveDir'] = 'Removing installation dir';
$WP_msg['RemoveMe'] = 'Removing myself';
$WP_msg['InstComplete'] = 'Installation complete. You can now start phlyMail\'s Config Interface.';
$WP_msg['CompleteManually'] = 'Please complete installation by proceeding the steps above manually.<br />Please run the Config interface manually afterwards.';
$WP_msg['Failed'] = 'FAILED';
$WP_msg['Success'] = 'SUCCESS';

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