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 * Messages File for global Bookmarks management
 * English (en)
 * @version 0.1
$modmsg['Bookmarks'] = 'Global Bookmarks';
$modmsg['MenBookmarks'] = 'Bookmarks';
$modmsg['MenExchange'] = 'Exchange';

$modmsg['AboutGrps'] = 'These global folders and bookmarks are defined right now:';
$modmsg['AboutSysGrps'] = 'Click the arrow symbol to manage the bookmarks within their respective folders.';
$modmsg['addGrp'] = 'New folder';
$modmsg['addItm'] = 'New bookmark';
$modmsg['group'] = 'Folder';
$modmsg['HGrp'] = 'Folder';
$modmsg['DelGrp'] = 'Do you really want to delete this folder?';
$modmsg['DelItm'] = 'Do you really want to delete this bookmark?';
$modmsg['NewGrpName'] = 'Name of the new folder';
$modmsg['NewNameGrp'] = 'New name of the folder';
$modmsg['ELenGrpName'] = 'Foldernames should have between 1 and 64 characters';
$modmsg['EGrpNameExists'] = 'This folder name is already taken';
$modmsg['ShowItems'] = 'Show bookmarks';
$modmsg['AboutImport'] = 'Here you can import bookmarks from other programmes into phlyMail. Please select the format and the local file from the menu. Imported bookmarks are added to the current database..';
$modmsg['AboutExport'] = 'Please select the format you want to export yxour bookmarks to.';
$modmsg['ImpNum'] = '$1 entries have been added';
$modmsg['Import'] = 'Import';
$modmsg['Export'] = 'Export';
$modmsg['format'] = 'Format';
$modmsg['filename'] = 'Filename';
$modmsg['BMName'] = 'Name';
$modmsg['BMURL'] = 'URL';
$modmsg['BMDescription'] = 'Description';
$modmsg['BMFavouriteBookmark'] = 'Favourite bookmark';
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