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 * Messages file for phlyMail Config 4.x
 * en (English)
 * This file is in the UTF-8 format
$WP_msg['language'] = 'en';
$WP_msg['iso_encoding'] = 'iso-8859-1';
$WP_msg['msg_copyright'] = '&copy; 2001-2010 phlyLabs, http://phlylabs.de';
$WP_msg['subject'] = 'Subject';
$WP_msg['null'] = '';
$WP_msg['dec'] = '.';
$WP_msg['tho'] = ',';
$WP_msg['yes'] = 'Yes';
$WP_msg['no'] = 'No';
$WP_msg['auto'] = 'AUTO';
$WP_msg['dateformat'] = 'm-d-Y H:i';
$WP_msg['dateformat_new'] = 'm-d H:i';
$WP_msg['dateformat_old'] = 'm-d-Y';
$WP_msg['re'] = 'Re';
$WP_msg['fwd'] = 'Fwd';
$WP_msg['egal'] = 'unset';
$WP_msg['selAll'] = 'Select All';
$WP_msg['selNone'] = 'Deselect All';
$WP_msg['selRev'] = 'Invert Selection';
$WP_msg['profile'] = 'Profile';
$WP_msg['logout'] = 'Logout';
$WP_msg['go_frontend'] = 'Go to Frontend';
$WP_msg['settings'] = 'Settings';
$WP_msg['manual'] = 'Manual Entry';
$WP_msg['popserver'] = 'Server / IP';
$WP_msg['popport'] = 'Port (optional)';
$WP_msg['popuser'] = 'Username';
$WP_msg['poppass'] = 'Password';
$WP_msg['popapop'] = 'Use APOP';
$WP_msg['EmailInboxFolder'] = 'Inbox folder';
$WP_msg['login'] = 'Login';
$WP_msg['accounts'] = 'Profile Manager';
$WP_msg['account'] = 'Profile';
$WP_msg['menu'] = 'Menu';
$WP_msg['send'] = 'Send';
$WP_msg['del'] = 'Delete';
$WP_msg['addacct'] = 'Add Profile';
$WP_msg['email'] = 'Email Address';
$WP_msg['realname'] = 'Real Name';
$WP_msg['inmenu'] = 'Show in Menu';
$WP_msg['maysend'] = 'Allow Sending';
$WP_msg['sigOn'] = 'Use Signature';
$WP_msg['noprofiles'] = 'There are no profiles defined';
$WP_msg['save'] = 'Save';
$WP_msg['cancel'] = 'Cancel';
$WP_msg['Unlicenced'] = 'Unlicenced';
$WP_msg['Unlimited'] = 'Unlimited';
$WP_msg['Perpetual'] = 'Perpetual';
$WP_msg['ValidTo'] = 'Valid until';
$WP_msg['setKillSleep'] = 'sec. to wait after deleting mails';
$WP_msg['enterProfname'] = 'Please enter a name for hte profile';
$WP_msg['enterPOPserver'] = 'Please enter name or IP address of the server';
$WP_msg['enterPOPuser'] = 'Please enter the username of the account';
$WP_msg['deleAccount'] = 'Do you really want to delete this profile?';
$WP_msg['authenticate'] = 'Please log in';
$WP_msg['wrongauth'] = 'Username or password are wrong';
$WP_msg['notknown'] = 'You are not known to the system';
$WP_msg['stillblocked'] = 'Your accounts is currently disabled due to too many false login attempts.<br />The lock will be removed after a defined amount of time. Please try again later.<br />';
$WP_msg['AuthActivate'] = 'Activate';
$WP_msg['RegActFail'] = 'The data you entered is not correct. Please try again.<br />';
$WP_msg['prio'] = 'Priority';
$WP_msg['high'] = 'High';
$WP_msg['normal'] = 'Normal';
$WP_msg['low'] = 'Low';
$WP_msg['prnt'] = 'Print';
$WP_msg['goto'] = 'Go';
$WP_msg['undef'] = 'unnamed';
$WP_msg['selection'] = 'Selection';
$WP_msg['all'] = 'All';
$WP_msg['none'] = 'None';
$WP_msg['general'] = 'General';
$WP_msg['YourCurrBuild'] = 'Your currently installed version is';
$WP_msg['YourFEis'] = 'The FrontEnd is';
$WP_msg['CheckForUpdates'] ='Check for Updates';
$WP_msg['ChgStatus'] = 'Change Status';
$WP_msg['MenuConfig'] = 'Config Interface';
$WP_msg['MenuSettings'] = 'Settings';
$WP_msg['MenuUsers'] = 'Users';
$WP_msg['MenuAdmins'] = 'Administrators';
$WP_msg['MenuAPI'] = 'API functions';
$WP_msg['MenuGlobAdr'] = 'Global contacts';
$WP_msg['setup'] = 'Configuration';
$WP_msg['chosmen'] = 'Please select a menu entry';
$WP_msg['setgen'] = 'Appearance';
$WP_msg['setadv'] = 'System settings';
$WP_msg['setplugs'] = 'Module manager';
$WP_msg['diagnosis'] = 'Short diagnosis';
$WP_msg['setAU'] = 'AutoUpdate';
$WP_msg['setDB'] = 'Comfigure DB driver';
$WP_msg['setuser'] = 'Users management';
$WP_msg['setSec'] = 'Security Rules';
$WP_msg['setJunk'] = 'SPAM protection';
$WP_msg['optssaved'] = 'Settings saved';
$WP_msg['optsnosave'] = 'Could not save settings';
$WP_msg['optskin'] = 'Skin';
$WP_msg['optlang'] = 'Language';
$WP_msg['opttele'] = 'Text Mail Display';
$WP_msg['txt_prop'] = 'Proportional font';
$WP_msg['txt_syst'] = 'System font';
$WP_msg['optcopybox'] = 'Copy outgoing mails to the user\'s inbox';
$WP_msg['LegCopyBox'] = 'Copy to inbox';
$WP_msg['AboutCopyBox'] = 'This option allows to put outgoing mails via BCC (blind carbon copy) into the originating mailbox so the user receives a copy of the outgoing mail.';
$WP_msg['optreceipt'] = 'Return Receipt';
$WP_msg['LegReceipt'] = 'Return Receipt';
$WP_msg['AboutReceipt'] = 'Receipts of received mails are either sent out by the email client or final mail server of the receiver of a mail. This assumes, that this feature is either supported or not blocked.<br />Certain email clients allow their users to suppress the sending of receipts.';
$WP_msg['optwrap'] = 'Wrap outigoing email texts to 75 chars';
$WP_msg['LegWrap'] = 'Word wrap';
$WP_msg['AboutWrap'] = 'This option should always be active to send out mails as standard compliant as possible.<br />Only on encountering problems with this feature it is recommended to disable it.';
$WP_msg['optsendmethod'] = 'Sending method';
$WP_msg['optsendmail'] = 'Invocation w/ options<br />(<b>$1</b> - From: address)';
$WP_msg['optsmtphost'] = 'Server / IP';
$WP_msg['optsmtpport'] = 'Port (optional)';
$WP_msg['optsmtpuser'] = 'Username (optional)';
$WP_msg['optsmtppass'] = 'Password (optional)';
$WP_msg['optleaveonserver'] = 'Leave mails on Server';
$WP_msg['optcheckspam'] = 'Use junk filter';
$WP_msg['optcheckevery'] = 'Mail check interval (minutes)';
$WP_msg['optsmtpafterpop'] = 'SMTP after POP';
$WP_msg['optsizelimit'] = 'Size Limit (in Bytes)';
$WP_msg['optsizeexample'] = 'i.e. 8M, 500K, 102230';
$WP_msg['optbigmark'] = 'Colour Mark';
$WP_msg['optnoshow'] = 'Don\'t display mail above';
$WP_msg['SuOptPagesize'] = 'Items per page (0 = all at once, no pagination)';
$WP_msg['optmaxupload'] = 'Max. Size of Uploads';
$WP_msg['SuOptKillall'] = 'Show "Kill All" Button';
$WP_msg['optaddrcheck'] = 'Allow Address Check (Send menu)';
$WP_msg['SuOptKillSleep'] = 'Seconds to wait after deleting mails';
$WP_msg['SuOptWaitOnFail'] = 'Seconds to wait after failed login';
$WP_msg['SuOptAllowSend'] = 'Allow sending (Exceptions on user level)';
$WP_msg['SuOptConfAcc'] = 'Users may manage their profiles (Exceptions on user level)';
$WP_msg['SuOptAllowConf'] = 'Users may manage their own basic settings (Exceptions on user level)';
$WP_msg['SuOptUserAllowSend'] = 'Allow sending';
$WP_msg['SuOptUserConfAcc'] = 'User may manage own profiles';
$WP_msg['SuOptUserAllowConf'] = 'User may manage own basic settings';
$WP_msg['LegName'] = 'Service Name';
$WP_msg['SuNameOfService'] = 'Name of the service';
$WP_msg['SuOptCountOnFail'] = 'How many retries after failed login';
$WP_msg['SuOptLockOnFail'] = 'Lock the account for how many seconds';
$WP_msg['SuOptMarkRead'] = 'Enable "Mark Read" feature (Disable on high load machines only)';
$WP_msg['SuOptForcedSig'] = 'Append Forced Signature (Text only) to sent mails:';
$WP_msg['SuUseGZipFE'] = 'Compress output in order to save bandwidth';
$WP_msg['SuShowMOTD'] = 'Show this message on User Login (above Profile Menu)<br />The following placeholder is defined:<br /><b>$1</b> - User Name of the Logged in User<br />';
$WP_msg['AboutOnline'] = 'Please pay attention to the following regarding the online status of your system:<br />Before doing any bigger changes to the system you should switch the frontend to "offline". This prevents further logins to the frontend. Active sessions are not affected. Thus planned maintainance times should be announced in good time.<br />Logging in to the config interface is not affected by this setting.<br />';
$WP_msg['AboutProvName'] = 'The Name Of The Service appaers in the login window of the frontend (skin dependent) as well as in the browser\'s window title.<br />Thus you should choose a short, concise labelling. HTML tags and the like are not allowed.';
$WP_msg['AboutSendMethod'] = 'Please choose, whether you want to use Sendmail or SMTP for sending mails off the frontend. You choice will also influence, how the system delivers mails (e.g. registration mails or any other mails sent through the config interface).<br />In the following marked areas you can take up the specific settings for the chosen sending method.<br />Please be aware, that the system will automatically add the necessary option -t to sendmail\'s options.';
$WP_msg['FillinSendMail'] = 'Please enter the settings for Sendmail here.';
$WP_msg['FillinSMTP'] = 'Please enter the settings for SMTP here. Do only enter a credential (username and password) when the SMTP server is capable of authenticating via SMTP AUTH. When in doubt, leave these lines empty.';
$WP_msg['AboutSizeLimit'] = 'The following size declarations define general limits.<br />Mails of a certain size are colour marked in the user\'s inbox (skin dependent).<br />Mails above a defined size will neither be parsed nor displayed. A reasonable value for that setting is very much dependent on your system\'s configuration. A rule of thumb says, that a PHP standard configuration (Memory Limit set to 8MB) on a Linux OS can handle mails of 2-4MB successfully.<br />Similar values apply to the maximum size of uploads. Here you should take into account, that the maximum value should be 1/3 of the size limit of incoming mails, since your users may add up to 3 attachments to outgoing mails.<br />In isolated cases smaller values could be considered, to keep the volume of mails to be processed low.';
$WP_msg['LegOnline'] = 'Online Status Frontend';
$WP_msg['LegName'] = 'Name Of The Service';
$WP_msg['LegMisc'] = 'Miscellaneous';
$WP_msg['LegFSig'] = 'Forced Signature';
$WP_msg['LegMOTD'] = 'Login Message';
$WP_msg['AboutPagesize'] = 'Here you can define, how many items should be shown at once in folders of the frontend before pagination sets in. This value should be small enough to fit the performance of your server and the bandwidth of your internet connection.';
$WP_msg['optnomainskel'] = 'Skeletton File for Plugin Control not found / not readable...<br />';
$WP_msg['optnoplugctrl'] = 'Skeletton for $1 not found / not readable (snd ignored)<br />';
$WP_msg['optactive'] = 'Active';
$WP_msg['optinactive'] = 'Inactive';
$WP_msg['optlocked'] = 'Locked';
$WP_msg['optplugin'] = 'Plugin';
$WP_msg['optdescr'] = 'Description';
$WP_msg['setregnow'] = '"Register now" Settings';
$WP_msg['SuOptRegisterShow'] = 'Show "Register Now" link in auth screen';
$WP_msg['SuHeadSec'] = 'These are the System\'s Security Settings';
$WP_msg['LegWrongLogin'] = 'Failed Logins';
$WP_msg['AboutWrongLogin'] = 'Here you can define in-depth, how the system behaves on failed user logins.<br />Dependent on the trust level of your audience or the POP3 boxes you can be either rigid or lax.';
$WP_msg['SuHeadReg'] = 'Make your settings for the "Register Now" link here. The System can send Mails regarding this automatically. Make sure, that the System\'s Email Address is set correctly.';
$WP_msg['LegRegNow'] = 'Allow Registration of new users';
$WP_msg['LegMailUser'] = 'Confirmation Mail for the New User';
$WP_msg['LegMailAdmin'] = 'Confirmation Mail for the System';
$WP_msg['SuRegSystmail'] = 'System\'s email address for notifications.';
$WP_msg['SuOptRegMailUser'] = 'Send Registration Confirmation to the new user';
$WP_msg['SuRegMailUserText'] = 'This text will be sent to the user. These placeholders are defined:<br /><b>$1</b> - IP Address of the User<br /><b>$2</b> - Chosen User Name<br /><b>$3</b> - Activation Link<br />';
$WP_msg['SuOptRegMailAdm'] = 'Send Registration Confirmation to the Administrator';
$WP_msg['SuRegMailAdmText'] = 'This text will be sent to the administrator (to the System\'s Email Address). These placeholders are defined:<br /><b>$1</b> - IP Address of the User<br /><b>$2</b> - Chosen User Name<br /><b>$3</b> - Email Address entered<br />';
$WP_msg['AU_uptodate'] = 'Up to Date';
$WP_msg['AU_high'] = 'Very Important';
$WP_msg['AU_normal'] = 'Recommended';
$WP_msg['AU_low'] = 'Remote';
$WP_msg['AU_version'] = 'Version Available';
$WP_msg['AU_news'] = 'Latest News';
$WP_msg['AU_comment'] = 'Comment';
$WP_msg['AU_size'] = 'Size';
$WP_msg['AU_runAU'] = 'Start Update';
$WP_msg['AU_tryCon'] = 'Try to retrieve Update Information';
$WP_msg['AU_OK'] = 'OK';
$WP_msg['AU_Fail'] = 'Failed';
$WP_msg['AU_NoIdxDel'] = 'Could not delete Index File. Giving up.';
$WP_msg['AU_IdxExists'] = 'There is still an Index File from an earlier Update attempt. Shall we try to continue this Update or remove the Index File?';
$WP_msg['AU_IdxRemove'] = 'Remove';
$WP_msg['AU_GoOn'] = 'Continue';
$WP_msg['AU_NoIdx'] = 'No Index File found. Giving up...';
$WP_msg['AU_ErrOccured'] = 'An Error has occured. Please repeat the Update Process';
$WP_msg['AU_ErrTransfer'] = 'Not Transferred';
$WP_msg['AU_ErrInstall'] = 'Not Installed';
$WP_msg['AU_Installed'] = 'Installed';
$WP_msg['AU_Transferred'] = 'Transferred';
$WP_msg['AU_Included'] = 'Executed';
$WP_msg['AU_NoIdxDel2'] = 'Could not remove Index File.';
$WP_msg['AU_uptodate'] = 'Your application is up to date!';
$WP_msg['AU_VersionServer'] = 'Available on Update Server';
$WP_msg['AU_VersionInstalled'] = 'Currently installed version';
$WP_msg['SuHeadGen'] = 'These settings are global, valid for all users.<br />But you can allow particular users to change them on their own.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuHeadAdv'] = 'These are settings you probably don\'t want to change very often. Some of them require certain attention, because they deeply change the behaviour of your installation.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuHeadPI'] = 'Here you see, which plugins you have installed.<br />Before installing and activating new plugins, you should ensure, that it works with your program\'s version ($1).<br />';
$WP_msg['SuHeadUser'] = 'This is the user setup. Please refer to the current applicable privacy guidelines of your country. This applies especially, when you allow your users to edit their own account data.<br /><br />Please select a user to edit:';
$WP_msg['SuHeadDB'] = 'This section of the setup allows you to configure the database driver used.<br/>Remember that changing the driver and it\'s configuration in a live environment may cause unpredictable results.<br />Via the database driver all essential user data is handled.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuHeadConfUser'] = 'Here you can manage your system\'s administrators and grant or revoke individual permissions to them.<br />Please pay attention: Only Superadmins may grant or revoke this flag to other admins.';
$WP_msg['SuHeadConf'] = 'With help of these settings you have influence on how the config interface presents itself and from which IP addresses the access may be allowed.';
$WP_msg['SuHeadHome'] = 'Welcome to the administration interface.<br />The particular menu entries on the left allow you to make modifications to the various settings for the frontend, the users and plugins as well as the config interface itself.<br />';
$WP_msg['edit'] = 'Edit';
$WP_msg['prflnm'] = 'Profile Name';
$WP_msg['EdtPrfUsr'] = 'Currently editing Profiles for User';
$WP_msg['SuOptOnline'] = 'Online Status of the System';
$WP_msg['SuOnlineYes'] = 'Online';
$WP_msg['SuOnlineNo'] = 'Offline';
$WP_msg['SuAddPrfl'] = 'Add Profile';
$WP_msg['SuAddUser'] = 'Add User';
$WP_msg['SuAddAdmin'] = 'Add Admin';
$WP_msg['SuNoPIinst'] = 'Currently no Plugins installed';
$WP_msg['NoMoreUsers'] = 'The number of users stored in your database exhausts your current licence. To handle more users, you must extend your licence first.';
$WP_msg['SuUserExists'] = 'This username already exists.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuDefinePW'] = 'Please set a Password.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuDefineUN'] = 'Please set a User Name.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuDefineEmail'] = 'Please enter an Email Address.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuPW1notPW2'] = 'The passwords do not match.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuDefinePrf'] = 'Please set a Profile Name.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuPrfExists'] = 'This Profile Name already exists.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuEnterPD'] = 'Please enter the Data of the New Profile.';
$WP_msg['SuEditPD'] = 'Please edit the data of the profile. You only need to reenter the Password in case you want to change it.';
$WP_msg['SuEnterBD'] = 'Please enter the Basic Data of the new User. Please note, that new Users are inactive at first, because they do not have accounts defined.<br />The external Email Address is necessary for notices for that particular User.';
$WP_msg['SuEditBD'] = 'Please edit the Basic Data of the new User. You only need to reenter the Password in case you want to change it.';
$WP_msg['SuDelUserReal'] = 'Do you really want to delete that User?';
$WP_msg['SuDelUserAccs'] = 'There are profiles defined for that User.';
$WP_msg['SuDelUserNoAccs'] = 'There are no Profiles defined for that User.';
$WP_msg['SuDelAccReal'] = 'Do you really want to delete that Profile?';
$WP_msg['SuLastLogin'] = 'Last Login';
$WP_msg['SuLastLogout'] = 'Last Logout';
$WP_msg['SuLoginFail'] = 'Failed Logins';
$WP_msg['SuReset'] = 'Reset';
$WP_msg['SuDBnoDriver'] = 'Unfortunately you do not own a data base driver. Possible reasons:<br />
    &bull; Your installation is not complete<br />
    &bull; The basic configuration is erroneous<br />
    &bull; The access rights ar insufficient<br />
    <br />
    Without at least one database driver you cannot run this software fully.<br />';
$WP_msg['SuDBnotConfd'] = 'The chosen database driver is either not configured yet or the configuration file is not readable.<br /><br />';
$WP_msg['SuDBnoMod'] = 'Unfortunately the setup module for the driver "$1" could not be found. Possible reasons:<br />
    &bull; The driver can only be configured manually (see driver\'s documentation)<br />
    &bull; The basic configuration is erroneous<br />
    &bull; The access rights ar insufficient<br />';
$WP_msg['SuDBCurrDrvr'] = 'Current driver';
$WP_msg['sysuser'] = 'User Name';
$WP_msg['syspass'] = 'Password';
$WP_msg['sysnewpass'] = 'New Password';
$WP_msg['syspass2'] = 'Repeat Password';
$WP_msg['sysextemail'] = 'External Email Address';
$WP_msg['editprofiles'] = 'Maintain Profiles';
$WP_msg['ColScheme'] = 'Colour Scheme';
$WP_msg['LegConfAllowIPs'] = 'List of allowed IP addresses';
$WP_msg['ConfAllowIPs'] = 'Only allow Access from dedicated IP addresses';
$WP_msg['AboutConfAllowIPs'] = 'You can restrain the access to the config interface to a list of IP addresses defined here.<br />Please enter the addresses separated by either a comma, a blank or a newline.<br />Do you wish to allow client access from dynamically assigned IPs (e.g. dial up or DSL), you should not use this feature or deactivate it for that certain admin.<br />To unblock complete subnets, just enter the relevant first digits of the address, e.g. 192.168. or 172.30.';
$WP_msg['DiagHeadBasic'] = 'Basic Information';
$WP_msg['DiagHeadModVers'] = 'Module Versions';
$WP_msg['DiagKversion'] = 'Programme Version:';
$WP_msg['DiagUnkVers'] = '<span class="texterror">Unknown</span> (invalid installation?)';
$WP_msg['DiagKwhere'] = 'We are Here';
$WP_msg['DiagFSize'] = 'Space Required (Pure File Size):';
$WP_msg['DiagConfRel'] = 'Relative Location of Configuration Files:';
$WP_msg['DiagNoLoc'] = '<span class="texterror">No valid Location Found</span> (invalid installation?)';
$WP_msg['DiagSkinRel'] = 'Relative Location of Skins:';
$WP_msg['DiagPHPVer'] = 'PHP Version Used:';
$WP_msg['DiagPHPMem'] = 'PHP Memory Limit:';
$WP_msg['DiagServSoft'] = 'Server Software:';
$WP_msg['DiagOS'] = 'Operating System:';
$WP_msg['DiagSAPI'] = 'Webserver Interface:';
$WP_msg['DiagMTM'] = 'Mail Transfer Method:';
$WP_msg['DiagUnkSet'] = '<span class="texterror">Unknown</span> (wrong setting?)';
$WP_msg['DiagWriteTest'] = 'Write to Dir: "$1"';
$WP_msg['DiagSucc'] = '<span class="textsuccess">Success</span>';
$WP_msg['DiagFail'] = '<span class="texterror">Failed</span>';
$WP_msg['DiagNoDel'] = '<span class="texterror">Couldn\'t Delete Test File</span>';
$WP_msg['DiagCurrSkin'] = 'Current Skin:';
$WP_msg['DiagCurrLang'] = 'Language:';
$WP_msg['DiagNoVer'] = 'Unversioned';
$WP_msg['DiagExport'] = 'Export as File';
$WP_msg['UMregusers'] = 'Users applied to the system';
$WP_msg['CUMregusers'] = 'Admins applied to the system';
$WP_msg['UMmaxlicence'] = 'Possible with the current licence';
$WP_msg['UMsearchcrit'] = 'Search for this criteria';
$WP_msg['UMfinduser'] = 'Find User';
$WP_msg['CUMfinduser'] = 'Find Admin';
$WP_msg['UMtitinpfind'] = 'Username; Wildcard: *';
$WP_msg['UMfind'] = 'Find';
$WP_msg['UMnomatch'] = 'No users found matching your search criteria';
$WP_msg['UMLegBasic'] = 'Basic data of the user';
$WP_msg['UMLinkUM'] = 'Overview';
$WP_msg['UMLinkUser'] = 'User $1';
$WP_msg['UMLinkUserNew'] = 'New User';
$WP_msg['UMLinkProfSel'] = 'Profile Menu';
$WP_msg['UMLinkProf'] = 'Profile $1';
$WP_msg['UMLinkProfNew'] = 'New Profile';
$WP_msg['UMWarnMaxUsers'] = 'The number of users, your current licence covers, is nearly expired.<br />To be able to manage more than $1 users, you will have to extend your licence first.';
$WP_msg['CUMLegPerm'] = 'Permissions';
$WP_msg['CUMPerm'] = 'Give these permissions to the admin';
$WP_msg['SuperAdmin'] = 'Superadmin';
$WP_msg['CUMOnlySAMay'] = 'This action may only be performed by an Superadmin';
$WP_msg['CUMAboutSA'] = 'Setting this flag overrides all other flags settable here.<br />A Superadmin has read and write permissions fpr all modules and may elect, deactivate and delete other Superadmins.<br />';
$WP_msg['CUMModPerm'] = 'Module level permissions';
$WP_msg['CUMModule'] = 'Module';
$WP_msg['CUMRead'] = 'Read';
$WP_msg['CUMWrite'] = 'Write';
$WP_msg['CUMLegStat'] = 'Login statistics';
$WP_msg['Leg_CkSet'] = 'Results of checking your settings';
$WP_msg['CkSFoundProb'] = 'There\'s one or more problems with settings of your system. Please follow the links below to fix them.';
$WP_msg['CkSModule'] = 'Module affected';
$WP_msg['CkSSMTP'] = 'You have chosen SMTP as send method, but did not enter the data for the SMTP server.<br />Please enter at least the hostname or IP address of the server. In case you wish to use SMTP AUTH you should also enter username and password of the server.';
$WP_msg['CkSSndMl'] = 'You have chosen Sendmail as send method, but did not enter the path (with options) to it.';
$WP_msg['CkSSLimit'] = 'The value of mails to be marked as big in the inbox is higher than the value of mails considered too big to be rendered. The value should be smaller instead.';
$WP_msg['CkSProvSig'] = 'You have chosen to add a forced signature to outoing mails, but did not enter it.';
$WP_msg['CkSMOTD'] = 'You have chosen to display a message on user login, but did not enter it.';
$WP_msg['CkSRegSysAddr'] = 'The login mask displays a link for new users to register. To make this work properly, you will have to enter an email address, which poses as addressor of notification mails of the system to those newly registered users.';
$WP_msg['CkSRegNotice'] = 'We recommend to have at least the administrator or newly registered user to be informed via email. It\'s best practice to have both being notified.';
$WP_msg['CkSRegMailUser'] = 'Users registering at your system will receive a notification email. This mail must contain a subject and a text, both to be defined by you.';
$WP_msg['CkSRegMailAdm'] =  'The administrator is informed via email about users registering at your system. This mail should contain a subject and a text, both to be defined by you.';
$WP_msg['CkSSMSFree'] ='Your users are allowed to send less SMS per month than you gave them free SMS.';
// MOD section - Path Community
$WP_msg['SMSUseFeat'] = 'Use these features';
$WP_msg['SMSUserKey'] = 'Username (Key)';
$WP_msg['SMSUseGW'] = 'Gateway driver to use';
$WP_msg['SMSLegGWSet'] = 'Gateway Driver Settings';
$WP_msg['SMSLegGateway'] = 'Contact Gateway';
$WP_msg['SMSAboutGateway'] = 'The functions available here try to connect to the SMS gateway.';
$WP_msg['SMSAboutTest'] = 'Click the following link to check, whether a connection to the gateway can be established';
$WP_msg['SMSTest'] = 'Check connection';
$WP_msg['SMSAboutDeposit'] = 'The deposit currently available to the system is shown below. If the driver offers this feature, you may synchronise it with the gateway.';
$WP_msg['SMSDeposit'] = 'Deposit';
$WP_msg['SMSIsMonthly'] = 'monthly (Subscription)';
$WP_msg['SMSAllowOver'] = 'Allow sending of SMS after exhausting deposit';
$WP_msg['SMSLegUserDep'] = 'User dependent settings';
$WP_msg['SMSAboutUserDep'] = 'These are global settings for your users. These can be overwritten on user level.';
$WP_msg['SMSAllMay'] = 'All users may send SMS (Exceptions on user level)';
$WP_msg['SMSNoMay'] = 'Only certain users may send SMS (Exceptions on user level)';
$WP_msg['SMSFree'] = 'Free SMS';
$WP_msg['SMSMonthly'] = 'monthly';
$WP_msg['SMSMaxMonthly'] = 'Monthly maximum volume per user (0 for unlimited)';
$WP_msg['SMSLegCurrStat'] = 'Statistics current month';
$WP_msg['SMSLegLastStat'] = 'Statistics previous month';
$WP_msg['SMSCurrUse'] = 'Current consumption';
$WP_msg['SMSLastUse'] = 'Overall consumptiont';
$WP_msg['Month'] = 'Month';
$WP_msg['Approx'] = 'ca.';
$WP_msg['SMS'] = 'SMS';
$WP_msg['SMSAvgUser'] = 'Average per user';
$WP_msg['SMSMaxUse'] = 'Maximum consumption';
$WP_msg['SMSLeastUse'] = 'Least consumption';
$WP_msg['SMSShowUser'] = 'show user';
$WP_msg['SMSAboutUserSet'] = 'These are settings for that user, differing from the standard settiongs.<br />These override the standard. This includes the standard behaviour, whether users are allowed to send SMS.';
$WP_msg['SMSUserMay'] = 'User may send SMS';
$WP_msg['SMSMaxMonthlyU'] = 'Monthly maximum volume (0 for unlimited)';
$WP_msg['SMSLegStatU'] = 'Statistics';
$WP_msg['SMSLastUseU'] = 'Consumption prev. month';
$WP_msg['SMSTestOkay'] = 'Settings okay, server contacted successfully';
$WP_msg['SMSTestWUoP'] = 'Username or password are wrong';
$WP_msg['SMSTestDB'] = 'Server contacted successfully, error checking data';
$WP_msg['SMSTestUnknown'] = 'Unknown error, maybe there\'s an IP lock active';
$WP_msg['SMSSynchroOK'] = 'Deposit synchronised with gateway';
$WP_msg['SMSSyncDeposit'] = 'Synchronise deposit with gateway';
$WP_msg['SMSLegGlobSet'] = 'General Settings';
$WP_msg['SMSGlobalPrefix'] = 'Global SMS Prefix';
$WP_msg['SMSAboutGlobPrefix'] = 'Enter your country code prefix here (international format, e.g. +49 for Germany). IF you do so, your users can enter phone numbers in national format, instead of having to enter the full international format. Other country code prefixes can still be entered.';
$WP_msg['no_access'] = 'Access denied. Please refer to the administrator, if you need access to this module.';
$WP_msg['HeadJunkprotection'] = 'We offer an open, simple interface to integrate server based SPAM and anti virus software to effectively eliminate and tag junk mails.';
$WP_msg['JunkLegUseThis'] = 'Use this feature';
$WP_msg['JunkUseThis'] = 'Activate this feature';
$WP_msg['JunkAboutUseThis'] = 'When activating the SPAM protection functions, your users might decide to check incoming mails for SPAM content. Successfully detected mails get automatically moved to the relevant Junk folder of the mailbox.<br />Please make sure that you have installed and configured SpamAssassin or a compatible software on your machine.';
$WP_msg['JunkLegFilter'] = 'Filtering options';
$WP_msg['JunkPathSA'] = 'Call of SpamAssassin with options';
$WP_msg['JunkAboutPathSA'] = 'Please enter the path and all necessary options for SpamAssassin (or any compatible spam checker) here. The following placeholders <strong>must</strong> be put in the right place, else probably all mails will get lost. The replcaement is done on the fly:<br />- <strong>$1</strong> file name input file<br />- <strong>$2</strong> file name output file<br /><br />A typical call of SpamAssassin might look like this:<br />spamassassin -e <$1 >$2<br />';
$WP_msg['JunkLegUserland'] = 'User options';
$WP_msg['JunkCmdSPAM'] = 'Command for "Mark as Junk"';
$WP_msg['JunkCmdNoSPAM'] = 'Command for "Mark as not Junk"';
$WP_msg['JunkAboutCmdSPAM'] = 'The two above commands are called, when the user marks a mail as being (not) junk. Here you will also need to add a placeholder (see above) <strong>$1</strong>, which is replaced during the call with the actual filename. The placeholder is mandatory.<br />If you wouldn\'t like your users to manually mark mails, please leave both fields blank.';
$WP_msg['CopyToPOP3'] = 'Copy to POP3';
$WP_msg['CopyToSMTP'] = 'Copy to SMTP';
$WP_msg['AboutConfHDL'] = 'Here you can manage your installed modules, install new ones and uninstall active modules.<br />Uninstalling a module usually means, that also all relevant data of that module will be removed from the database and the filesystem. Installing and uninstalling modules might take a while.<br /><br />Please be advised, that not all modules can be removed from the system.';
$WP_msg['HDLStatus'] = 'Status';
$WP_msg['HDLHandler'] = 'Module';
$WP_msg['HDLInstall'] = 'Install';
$WP_msg['HDLUninstall'] = 'Uninstall';
$WP_msg['HDLConfigure'] = 'Configure';

$WP_msg['APIUserHeadText'] = 'These API functions allow you to simultaneously do backend operations on doing something within phlyMail. Thus you only have to keep track of users in one place.<br />By activating any of the options below and using the placeholders available you can easily create / edit / delete the relevant account in your MTA. By chosing the operation "Create profile" the profile matching the data passed to the MTA can be created wuthout the need to manually do this afterwards.';
$WP_msg['APIUserLegCreate'] = 'Creating a new user';
$WP_msg['APIUserLegEdit'] = 'Editing a user';
$WP_msg['APIUserLegDelete'] = 'Deleting a user';
$WP_msg['APIUserAboutCreate'] = 'Select the operations to peform on creating a new user. These placeholders are defined for running the script as well as data to be written to the file:<br /><strong>$0</strong> - ID of the user in the database<br /><strong>$1</strong> - Username<br /><strong>$2</strong> - Password (Plain Text)<br /><strong>$3</strong> - Password (MD5)<br /><strong>$4</strong> - Email address (external)<br /><strong>$10</strong> - Local Part (before the @)<br /><strong>$11</strong> - Realm (after the @)<br />The parameters $10 and $11 are only available with usernames in the form hide@address.com, and would resolve to $10@$11.';
$WP_msg['APIUserAboutEdit'] = 'Select the operations to peform on editing a user. These placeholders are defined for running the script as well as data to be written to the file:<br /><strong>$0</strong> - ID of the user in the database<br /><strong>$1</strong> - Current Username<br /><strong>$2</strong> - Password (Plain Text)<br /><strong>$3</strong> - Password (MD5)<br /><strong>$4</strong> - Email address (external)<br /><strong>$5</strong> - New username after editing<br /><strong>$10</strong> - Local Part (before the @)<br /><strong>$11</strong> - Realm (after the @)<br /><strong>$12</strong> - New Local Part (before the @)<br /><strong>$13</strong> - New Realm (after the @)<br />The parameters $10, $11, $12 and $13 are only available with usernames in the form hide@address.com, and would resolve to $10@$11 and $12@$13 respectively.';
$WP_msg['APIUserAboutDelete'] = 'Select the operations to peform on deleting a user. These placeholders are defined for running the script as well as data to be written to the file:<br /><strong>$0</strong> - ID of the user in the database<br /><strong>$1</strong> - Username<br /><strong>$2</strong> - Email address (external)<br /><strong>$10</strong> - Local Part (before the @)<br /><strong>$11</strong> - Realm (after the @)<br />The parameters $10 and $11 are only available with usernames in the form hide@address.com, and would resolve to $10@$11.';
$WP_msg['APIUserRunScript'] = 'Run a script';
$WP_msg['APIUserScriptPath'] = 'Path to the script with all necessary parameters and placeholders';
$WP_msg['APIUserWriteFile'] = 'Write data to a file';
$WP_msg['APIUserFileFormat'] = 'Format description, use \t for horizontal tab, \r and \n respectively for newlines';
$WP_msg['APIUserFilePath'] = 'Path to the file';
$WP_msg['APIUserCreateProfile'] = 'Create profile in the database';
$WP_msg['APIUserAboutProfile'] = 'Use the same placeholders as written above to construct parts of the new profile, e.g. $hide@address.com';
$WP_msg['contacts'] = 'Contacts';
$WP_msg['groups'] = 'Groups';
$WP_msg['exchange'] = 'Exchange';
$WP_msg['allpage'] = 'All on page';
$WP_msg['page'] = 'Page';
$WP_msg['LegDebug'] = 'Debugging';
$WP_msg['AboutDebug'] = 'Per default, phlyMail doesn\'t output error messages occuring while execution. In case anything goes wrong, you can switch the error reporting level of phlyMail (and PHP) to "Everything", which will make both very talkative about errors or problems while executing. As well some of the Javascript functionality will start to throw alert boxes, which may help you and the vendor team to track down errors.';
$WP_msg['DebReportWhat'] = 'Reporting of errors';
$WP_msg['DebReportNone'] = 'Off (Default)';
$WP_msg['DebReportAll'] = 'On';
$WP_msg['LegImportLK'] = 'Importing Licence Key';
$WP_msg['FoundInvalidLKey'] = 'The licence key found inside your configuration dir is not valid. Please import a valid one. Please make sure, that you have entered your personal data correctly. Pay special attention to the capitalization.';
$WP_msg['ImportLKey'] = 'Please import your licence key here by uploading it from your local machine or entering it in the text box. Please enter your name as you did when ordering your copy. Your customer number has been sent to you in the order receipt email. The licence key was part 2 of your order.';
$WP_msg['LKeyFirstname'] = 'First Name';
$WP_msg['LKeySurname'] = 'Surname';
$WP_msg['LKeyCustomer'] = 'Customer No.';
$WP_msg['NoValidLKey'] = 'This is not a valid licence key. Please try again.<br/>';
$WP_msg['IMAPFetchtype'] = 'Caching of Mails';
$WP_msg['IMAPFetchHeaders'] = 'only the strucutre';
$WP_msg['IMAPFetchFull'] = 'complete mails (recommended)';
// 3.03.00
$WP_msg['AuthLostPW'] = 'Forgot your password?';
$WP_msg['AuthLostEnterName'] = 'Please enter your username here, so we can send you a new password to the email address you supplied us with';
$WP_msg['AuthLostSend'] = 'Send it!';
$WP_msg['AuthPWSent'] = 'Your new password has just been sent to you via email.';
$WP_msg['AuthLostNoEmail'] = 'You did not supply an email address. Please contact an administrator!';
$WP_msg['AuthLostMailSubj'] = 'Your password for $1';
$WP_msg['AuthLostMailBody'] = 'You have requested a new password for $1.
Your new passphrase is: $2
It is effective immediately.

You can change it anytime under Setup -> Programme';
$WP_msg['backLI'] = 'Back to Login';
// 3.04.00
$WP_msg['AU_retry'] = 'Retry this step';
$WP_msg['AU_abort'] = 'Abort';
$WP_msg['AU_expired'] = 'Update subscription expired';
$WP_msg['AU_invalid'] = 'Licence key invalid / unknown';
$WP_msg['AU_wrongIP'] = 'Call from wrong IP';
$WP_msg['AU_installOkay'] = 'The installation of this update was successfull';
$WP_msg['AU_checkingKey'] = 'Checking licence key';
$WP_msg['AU_checkingVersion'] = 'Checking for newer version';
$WP_msg['AU_fetchingList'] = 'Fetching filelist';
$WP_msg['AU_checkingList'] = 'Checking for files to install';
$WP_msg['AU_downloadingFiles'] = 'Downloading files';
$WP_msg['AU_installingFiles'] = 'Installing files';
// 3.05.00
$WP_msg['setquota'] = 'Quotas';
$WP_msg['QuotaAboutUser'] = 'Here you can define the individual quota settings for this user and see his/her current use of the respective quota types.<br /><br />Leave the fields blank for quota type you do not want to limit.<br /><br />Global quotas overwrite unset individual quotas.';
$WP_msg['QuotaAboutGeneral'] = 'Here you can define global quotas for all modules, which over quota settings. These quotas apply to all users as long as you do not define individual setting.<br />These values can be defined in the user manager. There you can control the individual usage, too.<br /><br />Leave the fields blank for quota type you do not want to limit.';
$WP_msg['QuotaCrit'] = 'Quota type';
$WP_msg['QuotaUsage'] = 'Usage';
$WP_msg['QuotaLimit'] = 'Threshold';
// 3.06.00
$WP_msg['AboutAccPass'] = 'The default behaviour of phlyMail is to save all mails of POP3, IMAP and SMTP accounts in an encoded form, which is not readable by humans so third parties don\'t get easy access to these passwords. For a view use cases this might be a problem, for instance if you intend to use the account table for further applications in parallel.<br />For these case you can switch the storage method here between encoded and unsecure cleartext form.<br />Clicking the link below rewrites <strong>all currently stored</strong> mail account passwords accordingly and changes the future storage behaviour of phlyMail.';
$WP_msg['LegAccPass'] = 'Storage method for mail account passwords';
$WP_msg['AccPassSecure'] = 'Switch to secure storage (Default)';
$WP_msg['AccPassInsecure'] = 'Save in insecure cleartext form (not recommended)';
$WP_msg['LegSecProxy'] = 'Settings SSL Proxy';
$WP_msg['AboutSecProxy'] = 'Some hosters route SSL requests for customer domains through a speical SSL proxy, which in turn leads to phlyMail failing to set the correct path in forms and links.<br />If so, please enter the $_SERVER environment variable to check for and its value. On match phlyMail will then prepend the path prefix given below. This prefix should have the form "/extra_path".<br />
<strong>In case phlyMail works correctly with SSL calls out of the box, please leave the following fields blank!</strong>';
$WP_msg['SecProxyServerParam'] = 'Variable to check for';
$WP_msg['SecProxyServerValue'] = 'Value of the variable';
$WP_msg['SecProxyPrependPath'] = 'Prefix to prepend';
// 3.06.21
$WP_msg['nofiletype'] = 'Unknown';
// 3.07.00
$WP_msg['AboutGrps'] = 'These groups are currently defined:';
$WP_msg['AboutSysGrps'] = 'The system groups allow you to organize your users easily. Users can be in a single group, but also in various groups at once.<br />Groups are used for the permission system and the shares: Users can share folders or items with single users, but with groups as well. when a user shares a folder with a certain group, all users in that group can use that share.<br />As long as a user does not have specific permissions set, (s)he has the permission defined for the groups (s)he is in. A user has the sum of all permissions of his/her groups.<br />A newly defined subgroup inherits the permissions of its parent group, until you set its permissions directly. There is no inheritance of permissions from a group, a user does not directly belong to.';
$WP_msg['addGrp'] = 'New Group';
$WP_msg['group'] = 'Group';
$WP_msg['GrpMemb'] = 'Member of the groups: <b>$1</b>';
$WP_msg['HGrp'] = 'Groups';
$WP_msg['DelGrp'] = 'Should I really delete this group?';
$WP_msg['NewGrpName'] = 'Name of the new group';
$WP_msg['NewNameGrp'] = 'Neew name of the group';
$WP_msg['ELenGrpName'] = 'Group names have to be from 1 to 32 characters long';
$WP_msg['EGrpNameExists'] = 'This group name is already taken';
$WP_msg['none'] = 'none';
$WP_msg['Privileges'] = 'Permissions';
$WP_msg['SuTieSessionIp'] = 'Bind session to IP of the user';
$WP_msg['SuTieSessionCookie'] = 'Set a session cookie';
$WP_msg['AboutSessSec'] = 'Please select on of these counter measures against evildoers stelaing a user\'s session. The session cookie is the preferred method.<br />Binding a session to the IP of the user makes the system accept requests from one specific IP only.<br />This might pose a problem on dial up connections or proxied networks of larger dialup providers like AOL, where requests of one person are routed through a network of proxies, thus resulting in random requests from different IPs. A similar effect is encountered, whenever a forced reconnect on dialups (modems, DSL) without fixed IP sets in.<br />
Using the session cookie method requires your users to accept the session cookie. Advise your users to do so, otherwise they won\'t be able to log in.';
$WP_msg['LegSessSec'] = 'Session Security';
$WP_msg['ShowUsers'] = 'Show users';
$WP_msg['Firstname'] = 'Firstname';
$WP_msg['Surname'] = 'Surname';
$WP_msg['WWW'] = 'WWW';
$WP_msg['TelBusiness'] = 'Business phone';
$WP_msg['TelPersonal'] = 'Personal phone';
$WP_msg['Fax'] = 'Fax';
$WP_msg['Cellular'] = 'Cellular';
$WP_msg['simple'] = 'Simple';
$WP_msg['PrivilegesOfTheUser'] = 'Privileges Of The User';
$WP_msg['AU_installFailedNnum'] = 'Installing $1 of totally $2 files failed\nPlease check file permissions of your installation';
$WP_msg['PrivilegesOfUser'] = 'Permissions of user "$1"';
$WP_msg['MenuHome'] = 'Home';
// 3.06.51
$WP_msg['PrivilegesOfTheGroup'] = 'Privileges Of The Group';
$WP_msg['PrivilegesOfGroup'] = 'Permissions of group "$1"';
// 3.07.14
$WP_msg['URIlogout'] = 'Logout';
$WP_msg['URIfailed'] = 'Wrong Login';
$WP_msg['LegURIs'] = 'URIs';
$WP_msg['AboutURIs'] = 'Here you can define, where phlyMail should users redirect to on logout or a failed login.';
// 3.07.15
$WP_msg['ThirdNames'] = 'Add. Names';
$WP_msg['Title'] = 'Title';
$WP_msg['Role'] = 'Position';
// 3.07.17
$WP_msg['ContactVisibility'] = 'Contact Visibility';
$WP_msg['ContactPrivate'] = 'private';
$WP_msg['ContactPublic'] = 'public';
// 3.09.70
$WP_msg['AboutGMapsAPIKey'] = 'Enter the API key for using services based on Google Maps above.<br />At the time of writing a key can be acquired <a href="http://code.google.com/apis/maps/" target="_blank">here</a>.<br />Please take care of not violating Google\'s Terms and Conditions.<br /><br />If you would like to not use the services just leave the field empty.';
$WP_msg['FixGroupsNow'] = 'Create group and assign all users to it';
$WP_msg['CkSFixPermissions'] = 'Right now you don`t have any groups or permissions assigned. This leads to a totally unusable frontend for all users.<br />You can fix this issue by creating at least one group, granting it appropriate permisssions and manually assigning all users to it.<br />Alternatively you can click the following link, which makes phlyMail create a group with all permissions set and assigning all users to that group.<br />Of course, you can change this setup at any later date.';
$WP_msg['DefaultGroup'] = 'Default';
$WP_msg['RegNowDefaultGroups'] = 'Default group(s) for new users';
$WP_msg['CkSRegDefGrps'] = 'Selfregistered users should have at least one group with the appropriate permissions assigned';
// 4.00.01
$WP_msg['FEShowLinkConfig'] = 'Show link to Config';
$WP_msg['FELoginCheckUpdates'] = 'On login check for updates';
$WP_msg['CkThemesCompat'] = 'The following themes are not compatible with your phlyMail version and thus might not work correctly:<strong><ul><li>$themeslist$</li></ul></strong><br />Please check the themes donwload page for new versions.<br />Should the author of the theme be different from phlyLabs, ask him/her for an update.';
$WP_msg['CkThemesCompatURLTitle'] = 'Download Page';
$WP_msg['CkThemesCompatURL'] = 'http://phlymail.com/en/downloads/themes/';
// 4.00.03
$WP_msg['AURegisterAbout'] = 'Register now for free to be able to use the AutoUpdate service for your copy of phlyMail Lite.<br />The data we request you to enter here is solely used for offering you this service and otherwise kept private.<br />We hold the right to eventually close down this service at any time and to prevent single persons from using it.<br /><br />To participate in this service please fill in all fields below and submit this form. Further information is sent to you via email.';
$WP_msg['AURegisterRegister'] = 'Register';
$WP_msg['AURegisterFirstname'] = 'Firstname';
$WP_msg['AURegisterSurname'] = 'Surname';
$WP_msg['AURegisterEmail'] = 'Email address';
$WP_msg['AURegisterCountry'] = 'Country';
// Updated, please retranslate
$WP_msg['CkSSMSUser'] = 'If you wish to use the SMS and fax features of your system, you must enter the credentials of the SMS / fax gateway.';
$WP_msg['CkSSMSDeposit'] = 'Your SMS / fax deposit is exhausted. Your users cannot send SMS nor faxes in the moment.';
$WP_msg['UMSetSMS'] = 'SMS and Fax Settings';
$WP_msg['SMSAboutUse'] = 'Before you can use the SMS and fax features, you need to obtain credentials for our UMS gateway first. Afterwards you can enter these here.<br />If the driver offers you a "Test" button, you can check, whether the connection to the gateway could be established.';
// 4.00.03
$WP_msg['FaxAllMay'] = 'All users may send faxes (Exceptions on user level)';
$WP_msg['FaxNoMay'] = 'Only certain users may send faxes (Exceptions on user level)';
$WP_msg['FaxUserMay'] = 'User may send faxes';
$WP_msg['FaxUserMay0180'] = 'Allow sending faxes to German service numbers (+49-180x)';
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