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Update from a previous version of phlyMail Lite

To update your installation, consider downloading the Core build. If
you prefer the manual way, please follow these simple steps:
- Make backup copies of all files from shared/config, except the file called
- Copy all* files from the folder phlymail/ in the ZIP archive over your current
  installation. Set file permissions, if necessary
  * except: choices.ini.php, installer.php, folder installer/
- Adjust the file extensions of index.php and config.php, if necessary - no
  other files, please!
- Copy the backed up files over back into shared/config/
- Try logging in once to the Config interface. This will update your database,
  if necessary. Actually this calls the file runonce.php from the main folder
  of phlyMail, if it exists. After calling Config this file should have
  disappeared again. If not, please look out for error messages appearing in the
  login screen of the Config interface.

Installation guide phlyMail Lite

This archive contains the folders 'phlymail' and 'Docs'.
'phlymail' contains the application phlyMail Lite.
Copy this folder anywhere suitable on your web server, where you can run PHP.

Then set up the MySQL database you want to use for phlyMail. The installer
will create the tables it needs.

After you have done this and have set appropriate file permissions
(recommended: 777 for files and folders) and an appropriate owner, which
should - in general - be the same as the one of PHP, on the phlymail folder and
it's contents you can run the installer, which will do the basic configuration.

Start it by typing into your browser's URL bar:

The installer queries you for the MySQL table prefix to use for the
needed tables. As long as it does not collide with any existing table names,
you should accept the prefix as recommended by the installer.

After successfull installation the installer will delete itself and
you can start phlyMail Lite.

The installer creates the super administrator with the password and username
you defined for it. Log in with this data and do the detailed setup.
In case you used to use an older version of phlyMail Lite: The frontend user is
no longer automatically created, you will have to do this on your own now.

After everything's set and done, run the frontend via:
http://your-domain.tld/path/to/phlymail/index.php or simply via:

Advanced tools

Please note: http://phlymail.com/forum/tipps-tricks-f29.html

In case you run into problems - just visit or support board at

The team of phlyLabs
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