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    Nombre: set_tables.inc
    Autor: Julio Tuozzo
    FunciĆ³n: Creation of the tables in the data base.
    Ver: 2.00

echo "<p class='now'>Create tables in the data base.</p>
<form method='post' action='$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]' >
if (!isset($mensaje))
    {echo "<h2 class='danger'>IMPORTANT:</h2>
     <p class='now'>This process will create the following tables in the data base <i><b>$Base</b></i>: area, atributo, ticket, hist_pass, operador, parametros, sector, sigo_ticket, solicitud, usuario.<br />
    Be sure that the user <i><b>$Usuario</b></i> has permissions to make CREATE TABLE in the base and that does not exist tables with these names.</p>
    <p style='text-align:center'> <input class='boton_bold'  type='submit' value='Create tables' name='b_tables'></p>";
echo "
<p style='text-align:right'> <input class='boton_bold' type='button' value='Cancel' onclick='window.location=\"index.php\"'></p>

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