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    Nombre: lang.inc
    Autor: Julio Tuozzo
    FunciĆ³n: Plantilla de variables de idioma.
    Function: Group of language variables.
    Ver: 2.05


    $User=$Operator="<b>ATENCION: Lea  _read_me.1st y siga las instrucciones atentamente para instalar PHD Help Desk</b> <br />";
    $Password="<b>WARNING: Read _read_me.1st and follow the instructions carefully for install PHD Help Desk</b> <br />";
    $Help="Version 2.05  - July 2010";
    $Enter="PHD Help Desk is not complete installed";
    $User_request_access="<big>PHD Help Desk is not installed</big>";

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