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<?xml version="1.0" ?>

    <options override="yes">
        <delimiter begin="[" end="]"/>
        <autoBraces value="true"/>
        <locale value="en"/>

            <time value="10" unit="minutes"/>



    from here
    this section is not implemented yet
    only planned !!!!!!!


    <!--    preFilter - register any pre filter here
            override -          ????
            registerOnlyOnce -  yes or no, this takes care of not registering one filter multiple times
                                it's just not to loose performance
            inheritOptions -    this inherits the options from the SimpleTemplate object automatically
    <preFilter override="no"
        <register function="removeHtmlComments" object="tplFilter" />
        <register function="removeCStyleComments" object="tplFilter" />
        <register function="addIfBeforeForeach" object="tplFilter">
            <options inherit="SimpleTemplate ????">
              <option beginDelimiter="{" endDelimiter="}" />

        <!--    unregister -    this prevents from calling the filter given in function,
                                no matter from which object/class
        <unregister function="xxx" />


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