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$mes['config_language'] = 'en';
$mes['config_language_author'] = 'Lev <hide@address.com>';
$mes['language'] = 'language';
$mes['password'] = "password";
$mes['password2'] = "re-enter your password";
$mes['version'] = "version";
$mes['login'] = "login";
$mes['install'] = "install";
$mes['revert'] = "revert (re-install)";
$mes['time'] = "time";
$mes['sign'] = "sign";
$mes['view'] = "view";
$mes['name'] = "name";
$mes['email'] = "email";
$mes['auto_update'] = "auto-update";
$mes['delete'] = "delete";
$mes['website'] = "website URL";
$mes['make_private'] = "make this post private - only for the site owner";
$mes['hammer_seconds'] = "seconds to prevent hammering";
$mes['custom_question'] = "custom question";
$mes['comments'] = "comments";
$mes['ratesite'] = "rate this site";
$mes['email_to_notify'] = "email address to notify";
$mes['post'] = "post";
$mes['preview'] = "preview";
$mes['timezone_offset'] = "timezone server offset";
$mes['width'] = "width";
$mes['posted_by'] = "posted by";
$mes['perpage'] = "posts per page";
$mes['showip'] = "show visitors ip";
$mes['ten_is_high'] = "10 is high; 1 is low";
$mes['allowhtml'] = "allow visitors to post html";
$mes['allowrate'] = "allow visitors to rate site";
$mes['title_of_book'] = "title of book";
$mes['font_size'] = "font size";
$mes['font_color'] = "font color";
$mes['font_face'] = "font face";
$mes['backup'] = "backup";
$mes['restore'] = "restore";
$mes['24_24'] = "number between -24 and 24";
$mes['backup_created'] = "Backup for `\$type` successfully created (\$location)!";
$mes['backup_restored'] = "Backup for `\$type` successfully restored!";
$mes['backup_config'] = "backup config";
$mes['restore_config'] = "restore config";
$mes['backup_posts'] = "backup posts";
$mes['restore_posts'] = "restore posts";
$mes['emo_smile'] = "smile :) emoticon URL";
$mes['emo_frown'] = "frown :( emoticon URL";
$mes['emo_wink'] = "wink ;) emoticon URL";
$mes['emo_grin'] = "grin :D emoticon URL";
$mes['emo_tongue'] = "tongue :P emoticon URL";
$mes['email_button'] = "email button URL";
$mes['home_button'] = "home button URL";
$mes['ip_button'] = "IP button URL";
$mes['del_button'] = "delete button URL";
$mes['link_color'] = "guestbook's links color";
$mes['table_bordercolor'] = "table border color";
$mes['table_border_thickness'] = "table border thickness";
$mes['table_bgcolor'] = "table bg color";
$mes['install_success'] = "Installation was a success! The password has been set to <I><B>pbl</B></I>";
$mes['install_failure'] = "Installation failed!";
$mes['post_delete_success'] = "deleted post successfully";
$mes['post_delete_failure'] = "failed to delete post; you must login first!";
$mes['post_success'] = "successfully added your post to the database!";
$mes['post_failure'] = "failure adding your post to the database!";
$mes['save_config'] = "save configuration";
$mes['config_saved'] = "configuration saved successfully";
$mes['config_save_error'] = "error saving configuration";
$mes['prevent_hammering'] = "prevent post hammering";
$mes['enable_emoticons'] = "enable emoticon graphics";
$mes['enable_notification'] = "enable email post notification";
$mes['error_hammering'] = "Post hammering detected! Failed to add post again.";
$mes['error_login_first'] = "You must be logged in first!";
$mes['error_pass_twice'] = "You must enter the same password twice!";
$mes['error_private_message'] = "private message: you must be logged on as the admin";
$mes['not_version_info'] = "&#185; version of this script you are using; run auto-update to check for the latest release!";
$mes['not_language_info'] = "&#178; language setting for PBL Guestbook; did you know you can download language packs for PBL Guestbook for free to change the language of your guestbook?";
$mes['page_view_title'] = "View \$booktitle";
$mes['page_sign_title'] = "Sign \$booktitle";
$mes['page_admin_title'] = "Admin Area";
$mes['revert_to_install'] = "Do you want to revert your book back to install state? By doing so any configuration data and posts will be erased and the mySQL tables `pblbook_config` and `pblbook_posts` will be deleted. The tables will then be created again and the default installation settings will be added to the database. <I>You are advised to backup your settings and posts before doing this!!!</I> <B>DO NOT CLICK THIS BUTTON UNLESS YOU INTEND TO RESET THE GUESTBOOK AND ERASE YOUR POSTS!</B>";
$mes['notify_subject'] = "New post in \$booktitle!";
$mes['notify_text'] = "Hallo,\nYou have a new post in \$booktitle!\n\nPBL Guestbook\nwww.pixelatedbylev.com";
$mes['att_login_to_admin'] = "You must login to \$booktitle to access the admin area!";
// 1.01 <-------------------[COMPATIBLE]
$mes['not_change_password'] = "Click here to change your password!";
$mes['password_updated'] = "password was successfully updated!";
$mes['old_password'] = "current password";
$mes['new_password'] = "new password";
$mes['new_password2'] = "new password again";
$mes['update_password'] = "update password";
$mes['total_posts'] = "total posts";
$mes['private_posts'] = "private posts";
$mes['not_site_is_rated'] = "This site is rated an average of <B>\$average</B> by <B>\$people</B> people";
// 1.1 <-------------------[COMPATIBLE]
$mes['enable_icode'] = "enable image code";
$mes['error_icode'] = "You need to enter the code appearing on the image!";
$mes['icode_fontface'] = "img code font face";
$mes['icode_fontsize'] = "img code font size";
$mes['icode_fontcolor'] = "img code font color";
$mes['icode_bgcolor'] = "img code bg color";
$mes['icode_bgimg'] = "img code bg url";
$mes['no'] = "no";
$mes['yes'] = "yes";
$mes['next'] = "next";
$mes['previous'] = "previous";
// 1.3 <-------------------[COMPATIBLE]
$mes['approve'] = "approve";
$mes['post_approved'] = "The selected post has been successfully approved and listed publically.";
$mes['none_to_approve'] = "There are currently no posts awaiting approval.";
$mes['approve_before_public'] = "approve posts before they are public";
$mes['unapproved_posts'] = "pending posts";
$mes['must_approved_first'] = "Your post must be approved first before it publically viewable.";
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