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$lang = array(

//  menu.tpl
	'mange_forum'                  =>                'Board Settings',
	'welcome'                  =>                'Hello ,',
	'home_admin'                  =>                'Admincp',
	'home_forum'                  =>                'Home Forum',
	'logout_admin'                  =>                'Logout',
	'Settings_for_the_Admin_Control_Panel'                  =>                'settings for the Admin Control Panel',
	'Sections_Mains'                  =>                'Main Sections',
	'Add_new_Main_section'                  =>                'Add New Main Section',
	'mange_sections'                  =>                'Manage Sections',
	'Forums'                  =>                'Forums',
	'Add_new_Forum'                  =>                'Add New Forum',
	'mange_Forums'                  =>                'Manage Forums',
	'Settings'		                        =>	 'Settings',
	'announcement'                  =>                'Admin Announcements',
	'Add_new_announcement'                  =>                'Add New Announcement',
	'mange_announcement'                  =>                'Manage Announcements',
	'Pages'                  =>                'Pages',
	'Add_new_Page'                  =>                'Add New Page',
	'mange_Pages'                  =>                'Manage Pages',
	'Ads'                  =>                'Commercial Ads',
	'Add_new_Ads'                  =>                'Add New Ads',
	'mange_Ads'                  =>                'Manage Ads',
	'chat'                  =>                'Chat Messages',
	'mange_chat'                  =>                'Manage Chat',
	'members'                  =>                'Members',
	'Add_new_member'                  =>                'Add New Member',
	'mange_members'                  =>                'Manage Members',
	'merge_members'                  =>                'Merge Members',
	'search_members'                  =>                'Search Member',
	'send_email_members'                  =>                'Send Mail',
	'send_pm_members'                  =>                'Send Private Message',
	'View_private_messages'                  =>                'View Private Messages',
	'View_warnings'                  =>                'Review Warnings Members',
	'extrafields'                  =>                'Extra Fields',
	'Add_new_extrafield'                  =>                'Add New Field',
	'mange_extrafields'                  =>                'Manage Extra fields',
	'groups'                  =>                       'Groups',
	'Add_new_group'                  =>                'Add New Group',
	'mange_groups'                  =>                'Manage Groups',
	'usertitles'                  =>                'Member Titles',
	'Add_new_usertitle'                  =>                'Add New Member Title',
	'mange_usertitles'                  =>                'Manage Member Titles',
	'moderators'                  =>                'Moderators',
	'Add_new_moderator'                  =>                'Add New Moderator',
	'mange_moderators'                  =>                'Manage Moderators',
	'trash'                  =>                'Recycle Bin',
	'trash_subjects'                  =>                'Deleted Topics',
	'trash_reply'                  =>                'Deleted Replies',
	'subjects'                  =>                'Topics',
	'subjects_close'                  =>                'Closed Topics',
	'subjects_attach'                  =>                'Topics Containing Attachments',
	'subjects_del'                  =>                'Collective Delete',
	'subjects_move'                  =>                'Mass Transfer',
	'extensions'                  =>                'Attachments',
	'add_new_extension'                  =>                'Add New Extension',
	'mange_extensions'                  =>                'Manage Extensions',
	'search_extension'                  =>                'Search Attachment',
	'styles'                  =>                'Styles & Templates',
	'mange_styles'                  =>                'Manage Styles',
	'add_new_style'                  =>                'Add New Style',
	'mange_templates'                  =>                'Manage Templates',
	'add_new_template'                  =>                'Add New template',
	'langs'                  =>                'Language',
	'add_new_lang'                  =>                'Add New Language',
	'mange_langs'                  =>                'Manage Language',
	    'smiles'                  =>                'Smiles',
	'add_new_smile'                  =>                'Add New Smile',
	'mange_smiles'                  =>                'Manage Smiles',
	'icons'                  =>                'Icons',
	'add_new_icon'                  =>                'Add New Icon',
	'mange_icons'                  =>                'Manage Icons',
	'avatars'                  =>                'Avatars',
	'add_new_avatar'                  =>                'Add New Avatar',
	'mange_avatars'                  =>                'Manage Avatars',
	'Subscriptions_postal'                  =>                'Postal Subscriptions',
	'mange_postal'                  =>                'Postal Contributions Settings',
	'Subscriptions_del'                  =>                'Delete Mail Subscriptions',
	'warns'                  =>                'Log Warnings',
	'warn_del'                  =>                'Empty Record',
	'View_warns'                  =>                'Review Warnings Record',
	'Maintenance'                  =>                'Maintenance',
	'backup'                  =>                'Get Backup',
	'repair'                  =>                'Repair Database Tables',
	'sql'                  =>                'Execute Command in Database',
	'template_delcache'                  =>                'Delete Temporary Forum Templates',
	'fixup'                  =>                'Update Counters',
	'phpinfo'                  =>                'PHP Display Data',
	'adsense'                  =>                'AdSense Ads',
	'add_new_adsense'                  =>                'Add New AdSense Ads',
	'control_adsense'                  =>                'Manage AdSense Ads',
	'banning_ip'                  =>                'Ban IP Addresses',
	'userrating'                  =>                'Member Ranks',
	'add_new_userrating'                  =>                'Add New Rank',
	'control_userrating'                  =>                'Manage Ranks',
	'shwo_modaction'                  =>                'View Record Moderators',
	'upload_smiles'                  =>                'Upload Smiles',
	'upload_icons'                  =>                'Upload Icons',
	'upload_avatars'                  =>                'Upload Avatars',
	'awards'                  =>                'Awards',
	'add_new_award'                  =>                'Add New Award',
	'control_awards'                  =>                'Manage Awards',
	'addons'                  =>                'Addons',
	'addons_pbb'                  =>                'Addons',
	'add_addons'                  =>                'Import Addons',
	'control_addons'                  =>                'Manage Addons',
	'writing_addon'                  =>                'Writing New Hook',
	'control_hooks'                  =>                'Manage Hooks',

	'l_undo'                  =>                'Back',
	'l_redo'                  =>                'Reset',
	'l_b'                  =>                'Bold',
	'l_u'                  =>                'Underline',
	'l_i'                  =>                'Delete',
	'l_remove'                  =>                'Back',
	'l_p'                  =>                'Text Color',
	'l_link'                  =>                'Insert Hyperlink',
	'l_email'                  =>                'Inclusion of E-mail',
	'l_flash'                  =>                'Insert Flash',
	'url_enter_desc'                  =>                'Enter the text link:',
	'email_enter_desc'                  =>                'Enter the text of the e-mail:',
	'l_unlink'                  =>                'Delete Link',
	'l_youtube'                  =>                'Insert YouTube video',
	'l_image'                  =>                'Add Image',
	'l_jr'                  =>                'Align Right',
	'l_jl'                  =>                'Align Left',
	'l_jc'                  =>                'Center',
	'l_ol'                  =>                'Ordered List',
	'l_ul'                  =>                'Unordered List',
	'l_quote'                  =>                'Insert Quote',
	'l_code'                  =>                'Insert Code',
	'l_phpcode'                  =>                'Insert Code',
	'insert_table'		                =>	 'Insert Table',
	'rows_number'		                =>	 'Rows Number',
	'columns_number'		            =>	 'Columns Number',
	'l_rf'                  =>                'Clear Formatting',
	'l_out'                  =>                'Decrease Indent',
	'l_ind'                  =>                'Increase Indent',
	'l_size'                  =>                'sizes',
	'l_font'                  =>                'lines',
	'l_para'                  =>                'Normal',
	'l_ex'                  =>                'Widen writing area',
	'l_con'                  =>                'Narrow writing area',
	'url_enter'                  =>                'Inclusion of Link for the site:',
	'email_enter'                  =>                'Introduction of E-mail:',
	'image_enter'                  =>                'Insert Hyperlink Image:',
	'direction'                  =>                $PowerBB->_CONF['info_row']['content_dir'],
	'l_exp'                  =>                'Shortcut',
	'l_s'                  =>                'Strikeout',
	'l_hr'                  =>                'Dividing Line',
	'l_sub'                  =>                'Bottom Writing',
	'l_sup'                  =>                'Top Writing',
	'l_sent'                  =>                "['Basmalah', 'peace', 'Reply of peace', 'welcome']",
	'l_sent_value'                  =>                "['In the name of God the Merciful', 'Peace be upon you and mercy of God be upon you and you ,,',' of peace and mercy of God be upon you ,,',' analyzed Welcome .. and Otit easy, we are pleased and honored to be explained, '] ",
	'l_flash_url'                  =>                'Enter the URL of the flash:',
	'l_flash_width'                  =>                'Enter the width of the flash:',
	'l_flash_height'                  =>                'Enter the height of the flash:',
	'size1'                  =>                'Very Small',
	'size2'                  =>                'Small',
	'size3'                  =>                'Average',
	'size4'                  =>                'Large',
	'size5'                  =>                'Very Large',
	'change_editor'                  =>                'Switch between standard and rich text editor',
	'must_disabled_bbcode_mode'                  =>                'You must disable the system BBCode first.',

	    'powered'                  =>                '(Powered By PBBoard)',

	    'you_have_new_pm'                  =>                'new private message',
	    'Has_written_a_new_Pm'                  =>                'contact you by <br>',
	    'Please_login_on_the_following_link_to_access_the_pm'                  =>                'Please enter the following link to access Private Messages: <br>',
	    'Hello_your'                  =>                'hello you,:',
	    'Pages'                  =>                'Pages',
	'template_delcache_forum'                  =>                'Delete the temporary Forum templates',
	'template_delcache_admin'                  =>                'Delete the temporary Cpanel templates',

	'Control_Panel'                  =>                'Control Panel',
	'active_member'                  =>                'Activate Members',
	'ActiveMemberNumber'                  =>                'Total Number of Validating Members:',
	'username'                  =>                'Username',
	'email'                  =>                'E-mail',
	'addons_Import_XML_file'                  =>                'Import an XML file to add plugin',
	'edit_hook'		                        =>	 'Edit Hook ',
	'import'                  =>                'Import',
	'edit'                  =>                'Edit',
	'File_Name'                  =>                'File Name',
	'Example'                  =>                'Example',
	'Location'                  =>                'Location',
	'title'                  =>                'Title',
	'PHP_Code_as_well_as_private'                  =>                'PHP Code as well as private <br/> Use this field to enter PHP code that you want to be implemented.',
	'installcode'                  =>                'Installation Code',
	'uninstallcode'                  =>                'Code Uninstall',
	'version'                  =>                'Version',
	'main_location_place'                  =>                'main location place',
	'addons_description'                  =>                'Description',
	'addons_url'                  =>                'Add Link',
	'addons_author'                  =>                'Add-on Author',
	'addons_Case'                  =>                'Add-on Status',
	'sel_addons'		                        =>	 'Addon',
	'activet'                  =>                'disabled',
	'noactive'                  =>                'disabled',
	'Save'                  =>                'Save',
	'Control'                  =>                'Control',
	'Disable'                  =>                'Disabled',
	'Export'                  =>                'Export',
	'Delet'                  =>                'Delete',
	'Save_the_form_of_an_XML_file'                  =>                'Save the file to XML',
	'yes'                  =>                'Yes',
	'no'                  =>                'No',
	'See_the_entries_in_the_form_of_XML'                  =>                'See the entries in the form of XML',
	'execution_submit'		                        =>	 'Save',
	'execution'                  =>                'Implementation',
	'Commercials'                  =>                'Commercials',
	'Add_new_Commercials'                  =>                'Start New Declaration',
	'Site_Name'                  =>                'Website Name',
	'link'                  =>                'Link',
	'Link_to_image'                  =>                'Image Link',
	'Height_of_the_image_is_not_necessary'                  =>                'Image height - is not necessary',
	'Width_of_the_image_is_not_necessary'                  =>                'Image width - is not necessary',
	'acceptable'                  =>                'OK',
	'Confirm_the_deletion'                  =>                'Confirm Delete',
	'Are_you_sure_you_want_Delete'                  =>                'Are you sure you want Delete?',
	'clicks_num'                  =>                'Clicks',
	'adsense_name'                  =>                'Adsense Ads Name',
	'Writable_Bocuad_Html'                  =>                'Writable Html code',
	'Enter_the_ad_code'                  =>                'Enter the ad code',
	'Seen_in_the_top_of_the_page_Forum'                  =>                'Appears in the top of the page',
	'Seen_in_the_Inside_of_the_page_Forums'                  =>                'Appears in the sections',
	'Seen_in_the_Inside_of_the_page_subjects'                  =>                'Topics shown on the inside',
	'writer'                  =>                'Author',
	'date_announcement'                  =>                'Date added',
	'text_announcement'                  =>                'Text of administrative announcement',
	'Image_Path'                  =>                'Image Path',
	'Image'                  =>                'Image',
	'upload'                  =>                'Upload',
	'title_award'                  =>                'Award Name',
	'mem_name'                  =>                'User Name',
	'image_award'                  =>                'Award Image',
	'Image_Path_award'                  =>                'Award Image Path',
	'Download_a_copy_backup_of_the_database'                  =>                'Download a backup of the database as a file in your server',
	'Warninig_a_backup_of_the_database'                  =>                '<strong><font color="#FF0000">Warning:</font></strong>The file path specified here will save the backup inside the main forum folder within the web root,This means that any person can download it. We recommend selecting a safer place to store your backup.',
	'Attenuation_backup_of_the_database'                  =>                'Path and file name to save the backup:<dfn>your server must be able to write in this folder (usually change the license to 0777)</dfn>',
	'Select_the_tables'                  =>                'Select the tables that you want to include in the backup and then click on the Download',
	'Area'                  =>                'Space',
	'table'                  =>                'Table',
	'KB'                  =>                'KB',
	'style_name'                  =>                'Style Name',
	'Templates_Temporary'                  =>                'Templates Temporary',
	'delet_all_chatMessages'                  =>                'Delete all ChatMessages',
	'CahtMessagesNumber'                  =>                'Total Number of Messages',
	'chatMessage'                  =>                'Chat Message',
	'edit_chatMessage_Num'                  =>                'Edit ChatMessage number',
	'country'                  =>                'Country',
	'CSS'                  =>                'Style Sheet CSS',
	'Save_and_reload'                  =>                'Save and Reload',
	'allowed_emailed'                  =>                'Activate the ability to see and select the option to email notification of topics',
	'allowed_emailed_pm'                  =>                'Activate receive email notification of the members when having a new message',
	'Choices'                  =>                'choices ..',
	'del_all_emailed'                  =>                'Delete all mail subscriptions for members',
	'AEXtensions'                  =>                'extensions',
	'EXtension'                  =>                'Extension',
	'Maximum_Size'                  =>                'Maximum Size',
	'Maximum_Size_in_KB'                  =>                'Maximum size (in kilobytes)',
	'MIME'                  =>                'MIME type',
	'search_in_attachmint'                  =>                'Search attachment',
	'Word_Search'                  =>                'Keyword',
	'search_by'                  =>                'Search by',
	'filename'                  =>                'File name',
	'filesize'                  =>                'File size',
	'DownloadsNum'                  =>                'Downloads',
	'Search_Results'                  =>                'Search Results',
	'View_Post'                  =>                'View Post',
	'extrafieldname'                  =>                'Field Name',
	'Appears_in_posts'                  =>                'Appears in Posts',
	'Compulsory'                  =>                'Obligatory',
	'type'                  =>                'Type',
	'input_text'                  =>                'Text Field',
	'select_option'                  =>                'Multiple Choice',
	'options'                  =>                'Options',
	'Each_option_in_the_line'                  =>                '* Each option in new line',
	'Multiple_Choices'                  =>                '* You need if you choose a field type (multiple choice)',
	'Forum_title'                  =>                'Forum Title',
	'Powers'                  =>                'Permissions',
	'Forum_Order'                  =>                'Sort Forum',
	'Basic_information'                  =>                'Basic Information',
	'Forum_Name'                  =>                'Forum Name',
	'auto_order'                  =>                'Auto Order',
	'manual_order'                  =>                'Manual Order',
	'Forum_Follow_to'                  =>                'Forum Parent',
	'Forum_describe'                  =>                'Forum Description',
	'Powers_short'                  =>                'Permissions Shortcut ',
	'Group'                  =>                'Group',
	'View_forums'                  =>                'Can Show categories',
	'Write_subjects'                  =>                'Can post topic',
	'write_reply'                  =>                'Can post reply',
	'delete_the_forum'                  =>                'You are now submitted to delete the forum',
	'What_do_you_want_to_do'                  =>                'What do you want to do?',
	'transfer_of_all_subforums_and_topics_and_replies'                  =>                'Transfer of all sub-forums and topics and replies',
	'Delete_all_subforums_and_topics_and_replies'                  =>                'Delete all sub-forums and topics and replies',
	'Transferred_to_the'                  =>                'Move to',
	'Forum_image'                  =>                'Forum Picture',
	'use_section_picture'                  =>                'Allow the forum picture',
	'sectionpicture_type'                  =>                'Forum picture location',
	'Place_icon_Forum'                  =>                'Forum icon location',
	'Above_description_Forum'                  =>                'Beyond forum description',
	'Type_Forum'                  =>                'Forum Type',
	'Forum_as_a_Link'                  =>                'Forum as a Link',
	'Secret_password_for_the_Forum'                  =>                'Secret password for the forum',
	'Display_the_signatures_in_the_Forum'                  =>                'Display the signatures in the forum',
	'Allow_the_use_BBcode'                  =>                'Allow the use of decorations BBcode',
	'subject_order'                  =>                'If you view the topic',
	'His_replies_in_the_new_Supreme'                  =>                'replies the new on top',
	'New_topic_in_the_Supreme'                  =>                'new topic in the top',
	'Old_topic_in_the_Supreme'                  =>                'old topic in the top',
	'hide_subject'                  =>                'Hide the topics about non-owners',
	'sec_section'                  =>                'Secret section does not display any topics in this section in the public places',
	'review_subject'                  =>                'Topics published are not made only after approval by the moderator',
	'Text_that_appears_top_of_the_page_Forum'                  =>                'Text appears at the top forum',
	'you_can_use_HTML'                  =>                '(You can use HTML)',
	'Text_appears_next_to_the_Forum'                  =>                'Text appears next to the Forum',
	'Forums_subsidiary_of'                  =>                'forums branching from',
	'Control_the_powers_of_the_groups_of_the_Forum'                  =>                'control the permissions of the groups of the forum',
	'view_section'                  =>                'Can view the section',
	'download_attach'                  =>                'Can download attachments',
	'upload_attach'                  =>                'Can upload attachments',
	'edit_own_subject'                  =>                'Can edit own topic',
	'edit_own_reply'                  =>                'Can edit own reply',
	'del_own_subject'                  =>                'Can delete own topic',
	'del_own_reply'                  =>                'Can delete own reply',
	'write_poll'                  =>                'Can write a poll',
	'vote_poll'                  =>                'Can vote in a poll',
	'no_posts'                  =>                'Calculate Posts',
	'powers_of_the_groups'                  =>                'permissions of the groups',
	'Control_the_powers_of_the_groups'                  =>                'control the permissions of the groups',
	'ControL'                  =>                'controller',
	'Members_Number'                  =>                'Members Number',
	'Group_Number'                  =>                '<i> group number </i>',
	'Members_Move'                  =>                'Members Trans.',
	'Group_name'                  =>                'Group Name',
	'username_color'                  =>                'Form of the name used in the group',
	'Replace_color_to'                  =>                'Replace the color by codes: # 800000',
	'usertitle'                  =>                'Member Title',
	'group_order'                  =>                'Order',
	'forum_team'                  =>                'Appear in Section (responsible for the forum)',
	'group_is_banned'                  =>                'Is this group suspended ?',
	'forums_Properties'                  =>                'Sections Properties',
	'view_sections'                  =>                'Can access to sections',
	'user_download_attach_number'                  =>                'Number of posts to download the attachment',
	'see_who_on_topic'                  =>                'Can see who view topic',
	'Properties_Private_Messages'                  =>                'Private Messages Properties',
	'use_pm'                  =>                'Can use private messages',
	'max_pm'                  =>                'Size of inbox (at number)',
	'min_send_pm'                  =>                'Least number of posts to use private messages',
	'Properties_sig'                  =>                'Signature Properties',
	'sig_allow'                  =>                'Can make a signature',
	'sig_len'                  =>                'Length of signature',
	'Properties_mod'                  =>                'Supervision Properties',
	'group_mod'                  =>                'Administrators Group',
	'group_vice'                  =>                'Attorney General Group',
	'edit_subject'                  =>                'Can edit topics',
	'edit_reply'                  =>                'Can edit replies',
	'del_subject'                  =>                'Can delete topics',
	'del_reply'                  =>                'Can delete replies',
	'stick_subject'                  =>                'Can stick topic',
	'unstick_subject'                  =>                'Can unstick topic',
	'move_subject'                  =>                'Can transfer topic',
	'close_subject'                  =>                'Can close topic',
	'send_warning'                  =>                'Can warn users',
	'Properties_admincp'                  =>                'Administration Properties',
	'admincp_allow'                  =>                'Can use Admin Control Panel',
	'admincp_section'                  =>                'Can manage sections',
	'admincp_option'                  =>                'Can manage board settings',
	'admincp_member'                  =>                'Can manage members',
	'admincp_membergroup'                  =>                'Can manage groups',
	'admincp_membertitle'                  =>                'Can manage member titles & ranks',
	'admincp_admin'                  =>                'Can manage moderators',
	'admincp_adminstep'                  =>                'Can view record moderators',
	'admincp_subject'                  =>                'Can manage topics',
	'admincp_database'                  =>                'Can manage databases',
	'admincp_fixup'                  =>                'Can manage maintenance',
	'admincp_ads'                  =>                'Can manage ads',
	'admincp_template'                  =>                'Can manage templates',
	'admincp_adminads'                  =>                'Can manage administrative announcements',
	'admincp_attach'                  =>                'Can manage Attachments',
	'admincp_page'                  =>                'Can manage pages',
	'admincp_block'                  =>                'Can manage ban',
	'admincp_style'                  =>                'Can manage styles',
	'admincp_toolbox'                  =>                'Can manage tool box',
	'admincp_smile'                  =>                'Can manage smiles',
	'admincp_icon'                  =>                'Can manage icons',
	'admincp_avater'                  =>                'Can manage avatars',
	'admincp_contactus'                  =>                'Can manage contact us',
	'admincp_chat'                      =>                  'Can manage chat messages',
	'admincp_extrafield'                 =>        'Can manage extra fields',
	'admincp_lang'                      =>             'Can manage languages',
	'admincp_emailed'                      =>             'Can manage postal Subscriptions',
	'admincp_warn'                      =>                'Can manage warnings',
	'admincp_award'                      =>             'Can manage awards',
	'admincp_multi_moderation'         =>             'Can manage multi-moderation properties',
	'Properties_Other'                  =>                'Other Properties',
	'search_allow'                  =>                'Can use the search feature',
	'memberlist_allow'                  =>                'Can access to the members list',
	'show_hidden'                  =>                'Can see anonymous members',
	'hide_allow'                  =>                'Can use hidden mode',
	'view_usernamestyle'                  =>                'Group Name appears among the other groups in the online table',
	'usertitle_change'                  =>                'Can change member title at the increased Posts',
	'onlinepage_allow'                  =>                'Can access to the onlinepage',
	'allow_see_offstyles'                  =>                'Can access to deactivated styles',
	'can_warned'                  =>                'Can warn the members of this group',
	'can_write_visitormessage'                  =>                'Can write visitor messages in the other member profile',
	'reputation_number'                  =>                'Number of reputation points <br/> <dfn>means number of points added to the member reputation</dfn>',
	'All_members_of_this_group_will_return_to_the_group_members'                  =>                'all members of this group will return to the group members <br/> can not undo this action after implementation.',
	'Set_0_for_an_unlimited_number_of_messages'                  =>                'set 0 for an unlimited number of messages',
	'Transfer_of_members_of_the_group'                  =>                'Transfer members of the group',
	'To_the_group'                  =>                'to group',
	'move'                  =>                'Move',
	'icon'                  =>                'Icon',
	'Enter_the_IP_address'                  =>                'Enter the IP address',
	'reason_ban'                  =>                'Reason for the ban',
	'IP_addresses_banned'                  =>                'IP addresses banned',
	'IP_addresses'                  =>                'IP address',
	'Delete_Ban'                  =>                'Delete the ban',
	'order'                  =>                'Order',
	'Case'                  =>                'Status',
	'Disabled'                  =>                'disabled',
	'activating'                  =>                'Activating',
	'Default_Language'                  =>                'Default Language',
	'The_default_language_of_the_Forum'                  =>                'Default language of the forum :f',
	'Would_you_like_to_activate_the_language'                  =>                'Do you want to activate the language?',
	'language_name'                  =>                'Language Name',
	'Choose_language'                  =>                'Language',
	'language'                  =>                'Languages',
	'order_language'                  =>                'Order of Language',
	'lang_path'                  =>                'Folder Path Language',
	'Quick_Stats'                  =>                'Quick Stats',
	'version_number'                  =>                'PBBoard version number',
	'Number_of_Members'                  =>                'Members Number',
	'ActiveMember'                  =>                'Active Members Number',
	'ForumsNumber'                  =>                'Forums Number',
	'SubjectNumber'                  =>                'Topics Number',
	'ReplyNumber'                  =>                'Replies Number',
	'TodayMemberNumber'                  =>                'Members who have participated today',
	'TodaySubjectNumber'                  =>                'Number of topics started today',
	'TodayReplyNumber'                  =>                'Number of replies started today',
	'MembersActiveList'                  =>                'Members who wait validation',
	'Programmers_program_PBBoard'                  =>                'programmers program PBBoard',
	'Founder_of_the_project'                  =>                'Founder of the nucleus of the program',
	'Management_and_program_development'                  =>                'Management and development program',
	'license'                  =>                'License',
	'Latest_News'                  =>                'Latest News',
	'View_the_latest_news_and_updates_of_the_program'                  =>                'View the latest news and updates of the program',
	'Support'                  =>                'Technical Support',
	'ContYou_have_a_problem_or_query_click_hereroL'                  =>                'you have a problem or query click here',
	'Program_Version'                  =>                'Version of the program',
	'Administrators_Note'                  =>                'Admin Notes',
	'Developers_and_contributors'                  =>                'developers, contributors',
	'Login'                  =>                'Login',
	'password'                  =>                'Password',
	'ADMINCP'                  =>                'Administration Panel',
	'MemberNumber'                  =>                'Total Number of Members',
	'Gender'                  =>                'sex',
	'Male'                  =>                'M',
	'Female'                  =>                'Female',
	'MemberStyle'                  =>                'Style',
	'MemberAvatar'                  =>                'Personal image',
	'MemberTitle'                  =>                'Member title',
	'user_info'                  =>                'Profile',
	'PostsNum'                  =>                'Posts',
	'user_website'                  =>                'URL',
	'user_country'                  =>                'State',
	'member_ip'                  =>                'IP address',
	'warningsNum'                  =>                'Number of Warnings',
	'user_reputation'                  =>                'Reputation Power',
	'Edit_options'                  =>                'Edit options',
	'hide_online'                  =>                'Hidden matching',
	'Edit_time'                  =>                'modified time',
	'send_allow'                  =>                'Allow contact you by mail',
	'pm_emailed'                  =>                'Receive E-mail notification of the existence of a new private message',
	'pm_window'                  =>                'Display a small window of information the existence of a new private message',
	'Allw_visitormessage'                  =>                'Activate the watch and visitors to write messages to others in your profile',
	'sig'                  =>                'Signature',
	'Additional_information'                  =>                'Additional information',
	'Other_Options'                  =>                'Other Options',
	'user_review_subject'                  =>                'topics require approval before publication',
	'user_review_reply'                  =>                'responses require approval before publication',
	'Change_Password'                  =>                'Change Password',
	'New_Password'                  =>                'New pPassword',
	'Member_Search'                  =>                'Find Member',
	'Member_Id'                  =>                'Location',
	'Message_Title'                  =>                'Title',
	'Select_the_group_you_want_by_sending_its_members'                  =>                'Select the members group you want to send',
	'All_groups'                  =>                '[all groups]',
	'message'                  =>                'Message',
	'Writable_Bocuad_Html_Or_decorations_BBcode'                  =>                'Writable or decorations Bocuad Html BBcode',
	'Send'                  =>                'Send',
	'non_icon'                  =>                'NO Icon',
	'user_get'                  =>                'Name of the user to take data',
	'user_to'                  =>                'User to transfer data to him',
	'merge_annotation'                  =>                '<font size="1" color="#FF0000"> Note: The name of the user to take the statements of its membership will be deleted after the completion of the merger </font>',
	'Update_counters_Forums'                  =>                'Update counters posts',
	'Updated_sections_individually'                  =>                'Update individual posts',
	'Start_Updated'                  =>                'Start Update',
	'Update_all_Forums_at_once'                  =>                'Update all the posts at once',
	'Update_all_groups'                  =>                'Rebuild the permissions of groups for all sections & forums',
	'annotation_Update_all_groups'		                        =>	 'If you implement this process so you have to make a necessary step after finishing is to access to the forums manager and get off the bottom of the page and click on OK to update the cache ..<br />',
	'moderator'                  =>                'Moderator',
	'moderator_Cancel'                  =>                'Cancel moderation',
	'moderator_On_Forum'                  =>                'moderator',
	'moderator_Group'                  =>                'group supervision',
	'moderator_usertitle'                  =>                'new name (can be left blank)',
	'mod_Cancel'                  =>                'Cancel supervision',
	'Confirm_moderator_Cancel'                  =>                'Confirm Cancellation supervision',
	'Are_you_sure_you_want_moderator_Cancel'                  =>                '? Are you sure you want to cancel the supervision',
	'Go'                  =>                'Go',
	'Choice_Forum'                  =>                'Select a Forum',
	'mange_warnings'                  =>                'Warnings Settings',
	'warning_number_to_ban'                  =>                'Number of alarms that are stopped after a member',
	'mange_ajax'                  =>                'AJAX Technology Settings',
	'activate_ajax_register'                  =>                'Activate in the registration page',
	'ajax_freply'                  =>                'Activate in the rapid reply',
	'ajax_moderator_options'                  =>                'Activated when control of the topic',
	'shwo_all_generals'                  =>                'View All Settings',
	'General_Settings'                  =>                'General Settings',
	'send_email'                  =>                'Mail Sent',
	'admin_email'                  =>                'Mail Reception',
	'shwo_guest_online'                  =>                'Show the names of visitors in the list of Total',
	'pm_feature'                  =>                'Enabled Private Messages',
	'members_send_pm'                  =>                'Maximum number of recipients of private messages a member can send them all at once',
	'no_describe'                  =>                'Forum described the activation',
	'allowed_powered'                  =>                'the emergence of human Forums Powered By PBBoard in the browsers address!',
	'no_moderators'                  =>                'activate the emergence of supervisors in the Home',
	'no_sub'                  =>                'activate the emergence of sub-forums in the Home',
	'Charset'                  =>                'encoding Forum',
	'content_dir'                  =>                'Forum-way',
	'From_right_to_left'                  =>                'from right to left',
	'From_left_to_right'                  =>                'from left to right',
	'content_language'                  =>                'meta-language content (Meta Content Language)',
	'flood_search'                  =>                'number of seconds between each search and the other',
	'characters_keyword_search'                  =>                'less than the number of characters Word Search',
	'description'                  =>                'Description of the Forum',
	'keywords'                  =>                'Tagged - separating each word and the other a comma,',
	'rules'                  =>                'controls writing',
	'censorwords'                  =>                'forbidden words',
	'Make_every_word_in_a_line'                  =>                'type all the words you want to block in the field below. Make every word in a line. ',
	'Time_Settings'                  =>                'Date & Time Formats',
	'Forum_Time'                  =>                'Timing of the Forum',
	'time_system'                  =>                'system time',
	'system_ty'                  =>                'system today/yesterday',
	'system_n'                  =>                'Normal regime',
	'pages_Settings'                  =>                'Multiple Pages Settings',
	'page_max'                  =>                'Number of page numbers in the first Tadeddalsafhat',
	'subject_perpage'                  =>                'Number of topics that appear on every page in the section',
	'reply_perpage'                  =>                'Number of responses in each page in the topic',
	'avatar_perpage'                  =>                'Number of personal photos on every page in the option (select a photograph from the list)',
	'reg_Settings'                  =>                'Registr Settings',
	'reg_close'                  =>                'Close the registry',
	'reg_def_group'                  =>                'Default group when you register',
	'reg_adef_group'                  =>                'Default group when activation',
	'activate_reg_o'                  =>                'Activate the registration requirements',
	'activate_captcha_o'                  =>                'Activate the verification code from the image',
	'reg_less_num'                  =>                'Least number of characters User Name',
	'reg_max_num'                  =>                'Maximum number of characters User Name',
	'reg_pass_min_num'                  =>                'Minimum number of characters password',
	'reg_pass_max_num'                  =>                'maximum number of characters the password',
	'Days_allowed_for_visitors_to_register_on'                  =>                'days, visitors are allowed to register on a',
	'Sat'                  =>                'Saturday',
	'Sun'                  =>                'Sunday',
	'Mon'                  =>                'Monday',
	'Tue'                  =>                'Tuesday',
	'Wed'                  =>                'Wednesday',
	'Thu'                  =>                'Thursday',
	'Fri'                  =>                'Friday',
	'Allowed'                  =>                'Allowed',
	'Not_Allowed'                  =>                'Not Allowed',
	'Settings_threads_and_replies'                  =>                'Topics and Posts Settings',
	'post_text_min'                  =>                'Minimum number of characters in the topic or reply',
	'post_text_max'                  =>                'Maximum number of characters in the topic or reply',
	'post_title_min'                  =>                'Minimum number of characters for the title of the topic or reply',
	'post_title_max'                  =>                'maximum number of characters for the title of the topic or reply',
	'time_out'                  =>                'time for the possibility to edit and delete posts or topics (in minutes)',
	'floodctrl'                  =>                'number of seconds between each post and the other Member',
	'samesubject_show'                  =>                'Enabled on similar topics',
	'subject_describe_show'                  =>                'Activate View description of the topic',
	'show_subject_all'                  =>                'View the content of the topic in all pages',
	'resize_imagesAllow'                  =>                'Activate Thumbnail images automatically',
	'default_imagesW'                  =>                'View the default image',
	'default_imagesH'                  =>                'Length of the default picture',
	'wordwrap'                  =>                'Number of characters before the text wrap',
	'rating_show'                  =>                'Enabled assessment of topics',
	'show_rating_num_max1'                  =>                'Appears next to the title of the topic of fair in a page section',
	'show_rating_num_max2'                  =>                'If the number of points of the topic viewing higher than',
	'show_rating_num_max3'                  =>                'If the assessment shows the stars next to the excellent title of the topic',
	'input_smiles_nm'                  =>                'Number of smilies in a box next to the editor',
	'Settings_fastreply'                  =>                'Quick Reply Settings',
	'fastreply_allow'                  =>                'possibility of using quick reply',
	'toolbox_show'                  =>                'Activate Fund Tools',
	'smiles_show'                  =>                'Enable Smilies',
	'icons_show'                  =>                'Activate Icons',
	'title_quote'                  =>                'Quote Post topic automatically in the reply address',
	'activate_closestick'                  =>                'Activate (Close/Stick the topic) in the quick reply',
	'Settings_Members'                  =>                'Membership Settings',
	'confirm_on_change_mail'                  =>                'Send a confirmation message if the member change Buraidah',
	'confirm_on_change_pass'                  =>                'Send a confirmation message if the member passed the word to change',
	'allow_apsent'                  =>                'Enabled absence',
	'Settings_Avatars'                  =>                'Avatar Image Settings ',
	'allow_avatar'                  =>                'Activate Avatar Image',
	'upload_avatar'                  =>                'Allow uploading avatars from computer',
	'max_avatar_width'                  =>                'Maximum width of avatar',
	'max_avatar_height'                  =>                'Maximum height of avatar',
	'default_avatar'                  =>                'Default Avatar Image',
	'input_default_avatar'                  =>                'Avatar Title',
	'Days_allowed_for_visitors_to_login'                  =>                'Days, visitors are allowed to enter the Forum',
	'board_close'                  =>                'Close the Forum',
	'board_msg'                  =>                'Message that appears when you close the Forum',
	'Settings_last_static'                  =>                "settings for the last". $PowerBB->_CONF['info_row']['last_static_num']. "Stats",
	'activate_last_static_list'                  =>                "activate a list of the last". $PowerBB->_CONF['info_row']['last_static_num']. "stats",
	'last_static_num'                  =>                'Number of statistics',
	'last_posts_static_num'                  =>                'a number of other posts',
	'forum_id_not_in_static'                  =>                'forums in which figure is not willing and the emergence of content appearing on the list of posts separated between each number and the last sign of separation,',
	'lasts_posts_bar_num'                  =>                "bar other settings". $PowerBB->_CONF['info_row']['lasts_posts_bar_num']. "posts",
	'activate_lasts_posts_bar'                  =>                "activate another tape". $PowerBB->_CONF['info_row']['lasts_posts_bar_num']. "posts",
	'lasts_posts_num_bar'                  =>                'number of posts that show the tape',
	'forum_id_not_in_lasts_posts_bar'                  =>                'forums in which figure is not willing evolution and the emergence of its contents in a last posts separating each number and the last sign of separation,',
	'lasts_posts_bar_dir'                  =>                'Direction bar of the last posts',
	'Settings_special_bar'                  =>                'Bar settings distinctive topics',
	'activate_special_bar'                  =>                'Bar active topics distinctive',
	'special_bar_dir'                  =>                'Direction bar of the distinctive topics',
	'Settings_ads'                  =>                'settings commercials',
	'show_ads'                  =>                'activate the emergence of all the commercials in the top of the forum',
	'Settings_online_today'                  =>                'Whos settings today',
	'show_online_list_today'                  =>                'view a list of Whos today!',
	'Settings_subject_writer'                  =>                'Settings Hack (from the user)',
	'show_list_last_5_posts_member'                  =>                'Display a list of topics a member of his information in the bottom of posts and topics',
	'last_subject_writer_nm'                  =>                'Number of topics',
	'last_subject_writer_not_in'                  =>                'Figures forums you wish to hide the topics from appearing in the list separated between each number and the last sign of separation,',
	'Settings_reputation'                  =>                'Reputation Settings',
	'reputationallw'                  =>                'Activation of the system Rep <br/> Set this option to "Yes" if you want to assess the activation of the system member.',
	'show_reputation_number'                  =>                'Number of fair to display <br/> control a number of other assessments for display in the User Control Panel.',
	'Settings_chat_message_bar'                  =>                'settings Alihdaouat',
	'activate_chat_bar'                  =>                'activate watch a Alihdaouat',
	'chat_message_num'                  =>                'Number of Presentation showing the tape',
	'chat_num_mem_posts'                  =>                'determine the minimum number of posts (posts) to be able to start a courtesy',
	'chat_num_characters'                  =>                'maximum number of characters Boxing',
	'chat_hide_country'                  =>                'show the country',
	'chat_bar_dir'                  =>                'determine the direction of the path bar Alihdaouat',
	'Update_all_the_settings'                  =>                'update all the settings',
	'Settings_Mods'                  =>                'Plugin Settings',
	'Settings_Seo'                  =>                'PBBoard SEO Settings',
	'rewriterule'                  =>                'Activate the links to the conversion of HTML',
	'Rewrite_Engine'                  =>                'Edit the file htaccess',
	'RewriteEnginetextarea'                  =>                '<font color="#FF0000"> amendment for advanced users only </font>',
	'SiteMap'                  =>                'map',
	'activate_sitemap'                  =>                'activate the generation of the Forum SiteMap map',
	'Page_title'                  =>                'Page Title',
	'CodeH'                  =>                'HTML Code',
	'Page_info'                  =>                'Your HTML page design language to a program of respect to create, design html web pages in a language such as Front Page or Dreamweaver and then copy the codes and paste the code in Altkst.',
	'View'                  =>                'View',
	'No_Page'                  =>                'There is no external pages',
	'External_Links_Pages'                  =>                'External links of pages',
	'Page_Link'                  =>                'Link Page',
	'No_links_to_external_pages'                  =>                'no links to external pages',
	'Views_Private_Messages'                  =>                'view Private Messages',
	'B_Private_Messages'                  =>                'Private Messages b',
	'View_all_your_messages_sent_and_received'                  =>                'View all your messages, incoming and outgoing',
	'Messages_sent_to'                  =>                'Messages sent to',
	'The_number_of_messages_sent_and_received_messages'                  =>                'number of messages sent and received messages',
	'Sender'                  =>                'sender',
	'SenderTo'                  =>                'consignee',
	'Date_Sent'                  =>                'Date Sent',
	'Message_readable'                  =>                'message readable',
	'New_Message'                  =>                'unread message',
	'Does_not_have_private_messages'                  =>                'does not have private messaging,,',
	'Find_messages_member'                  =>                'Find messages about particular member',
	'Enter_the_name_of_a_member'                  =>                'Enter User Name',
	'Read_the_messages_sent'                  =>                'Read the messages sent',
	'Read_all_messages'                  =>                'Read all messages',
	'Click_here_to_see_all_messages_sent_and_received'                  =>                'Click here to see all messages incoming and outgoing',
	'message_text'                  =>                'text message',
	'This_message_sent_from'                  =>                'This message sent from',
	'into'                  =>                'to',
	'On_date'                  =>                'on',
	'Section_title'                  =>                'Section Title',
	'Section_ordr'                  =>                'Section Order',
	'You_are_now_a_key_to_delete_the_section'                  =>                'You are now submitted to the deletion of a major section',
	'The_transfer_of_all_forums_of_this_section'                  =>                'transfer of all forums of this section',
	'Delete_all_forums_of_this_section'                  =>                'Delete all forums of this section',
	'edit_Section_Main'                  =>                'Edit Section Main',
	'Section_name'                  =>                'Section Name',
	'Section_control_group'                  =>                'control the permissions of the groups of the section',
	'Message_Forum'                  =>                'message forum,,',
	'Delete_all_the_processes'                  =>                'Delete all the operations',
	'The_number_of_operations'                  =>                'Number of operations',
	'Number_ID'                  =>                'Number/ID',
	'Date'                  =>                'Date',
	'Implementation'                  =>                'process',
	'subject'                  =>                'Topic',
	'smile_short'                  =>                'Shortcut smile',
	'smile'                  =>                'Smile',
	'Execute_a_Sql_in_the_databases'                  =>                'execute a command in the databases',
	'annotation'                  =>                '<font color="#ff0000"> Note: </font>',
	'If_you_execute_the_command_you_can_not_retreat'                  =>                'If you execute the command, you can not undo.',
	'Enter_the_command_in_the_database'                  =>                'command entry in the database',
	'templates'                  =>                'Templates',
	'edit_templates'                  =>                'Edit Template',
	'edit_css'                  =>                'Edit CSS',
	'Default_style'                  =>                'Default Style',
	'Choose_Default_Style'                  =>                'Select the Default Style of the forum. This style will be used for all visitors, and any member did not select Default Style certain in their choices, or try to use the Default Style unavailable or forbidden. ',
	'Would_you_like_to_activate_the_Style'                  =>                'Do you want to activate the Style?',
	'stylename'                  =>                'Style Name',
	'styleinfo'                  =>                'Please select the Style <br> If you do not find the Style of this list, you are not lifting it inside the folder <font color="#000080"> <span style="background-color: #ECE9D8"> forum </span> <br> </font> is located in the following <font color="#000080"> <span style="background-color: #ECE9D8"> look/styles/forum </span> ',
	'Install_Style'                  =>                'Install Style',
	'styleordr'                  =>                'Sort Style',
	'Style_file_path'                  =>                'Style file path (. Css)',
	'Style_file_image_path'                  =>                'folder path for images',
	'Style_file_template_path'                  =>                'path template files',
	'Style_file_cache_path'                  =>                'path of the temporary files',
	'Section_for'                  =>                'section',
	'Section_To'                  =>                'to the section',
	'subject_title'                  =>                'Can post topic',
	'Section_for_dele_subject'                  =>                'Please select the forum that will be removed from it',
	'Templates'                  =>                'Templates',
	'Template_name'                  =>                'Template Name',
	'Template_filename'                  =>                'Template File Name',
	'TemplateForStyle'                  =>                'Template of Style',
	'TemplateContext'                  =>                'Template Content',
	'Free_on'                  =>                'Done in',
	'Save_and_reload'                  =>                'Save and reload',
	'retard'                  =>                'reset',
	'Reply_id'                  =>                'No Reply',
	'rating_grade'                  =>                'P',
	'Posts_less_than'                  =>                'Minimum Posts',
	'Icon_path_grade'                  =>                'Rank icon path',
	'ADD'                  =>                'start',
	'Help'                  =>                'Help',
	'HelpText'                  =>                '<u> <b> Rank icon path : </b> </u> <br> be uploaded rank icon in the folder: <font color="#008080"> rating </font> <br>that located in the following into your forum folder <br> <font color="#000080"> look/images/rating </font> <br> then enter a rank icon path like this :<br > <span style="background-color: #FFFFFF"> </span> <font color="#000080"> <span style="background-color: #FFFFFF"> look/images/rating/rating_1. gif </span> </font> <br> You can also add a rank icon by an external link like this :<br><a href="http://www.xxx.com/images/xxx.gif"> <font color = "# 000080"> <span style="background-color: #FFFFFF"> http://www.xxx.com/images/xxx.gif </span> </font> </a> <br> ____________________________________<br> <u> <b> less than the number of posts: </b> </u> <br> Posts count number at least <br> For example, if you put the number of posts 100 will apply the rank to all the number of members who have their posts less than 100 ',
	'edit_rating_grade'                  =>                'Edit Class',
	'Adopted_amendments'                  =>                'adopted the amendments',
	'user_titles'                  =>                'Title',
	'edit_user_title'                  =>                'Edit name',
	'from'                  =>                'From',
	'To'                  =>                'To',
	'Reason'                  =>                'Reason',
	'warns_num'                  =>                'Number of Warnings',
	'warns_Cancel'                  =>                'Raised Warnings',
	    'Please_fill_in_all_the_information'                  =>                'Please fill in all the information',
	'Add_the_declaration_successfully'                  =>                'Add announcement successfully!',
	'Announcement_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'declaration has been updated successfully ..',
	'Ad_Deleted_successfully'                  =>                'Ad Deleted successfully!',
	'The_request_is_not_valid'                  =>                'Sorry .. The request is not true ',
	'The_declaration_does_not_exist'                  =>                'declaration does not exist',
	    'path_not_true'                  =>                'path is followed correctly!',
	'Add_the_image_is_successfully'                  =>                'image has been added successfully!',
	'Please_select_a_file'                  =>                'Error: Please select a file',
	'Unable_to_raise_the_profile'                  =>                'Unable to raise the profile please give the folder look/images/avatar/upload license 777',
	'Been_successfully_raise_personal_photos'                  =>                'personal photos was raised successfully ..',
	'Has_been_updated_successfully_to_enlarge'                  =>                'image has been updated successfully!',
	'Image_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'image has been deleted successfully!',
	'You_do_not_select_any_photograph_of_the_deletion'                  =>                'you do not select any photograph of the deletion process,,',
	'Personal_pictures_have_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'personal photos have been deleted successfully,',
	'Photo_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'desired image does not exist',
	'The_name_of_the_user_does_not_exist'                  =>                'User name does not exist',
	'Was_awarded_the_medal_for'                  =>                'was awarded the medal for',
	'Successfully'                  =>                'successful,',
	'Medal_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'medal to be non-existent',
	'Medal_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'medal has been updated successfully!',
	'Medal_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'medal has been deleted successfully!',
	'IP_has_been_blocked_successfully'                  =>                'IP has been blocked successfully',
	'Ban_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'Ban has been deleted successfully',
	'Chat_message_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'dedication required does not exist',
	'Chat_message_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'Boxing has been updated successfully!',
	'Chat_message_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'Boxing has been deleted successfully!',
	'Chat_messages_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'has been deleted Alihdaouat successfully!',
	'updated_successfully_Please_wait'                  =>                'Update was successful .. Please wait until you are returned to the page ',
	'Choose_incorrectl'                  =>                'Selection is not valid ...',
	'Was_to_cancel_all_subscriptions_postal_successfully'                  =>                'Delete all been successfully Subscriptions postal!',
	'Extension_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'extension has been added successfully!',
	'Extension_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'extension has been updated successfully!',
	'Extension_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'extension has been deleted successfully!',
	'Please_enter_your_search_criteria'                  =>                'Please enter your search criteria',
	'The_Extension_does_not_exist'                  =>                'extension requested does not exist',
	'Please_enter_the_name_of_the_field'                  =>                'Please enter the name of the field!',
	'The_field_name_that_you_entered_already_exists'                  =>                'domain name that you entered already exists, please enter your last name!',
	'you_must_insert_the_option_of_at_least_one'                  =>                'as the type of field is the options, you must insert the option of at least one',
	'field_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'field has been added successfully!',
	'field_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'field has been updated successfully!',
	'field_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'field has been deleted successfully!',
	'Has_been_fixed_table'                  =>                'table has been fixed',
	'Failure_in_the_repair_of_table'                  =>                'Failed to repair the table',
	'updated'                  =>                'updated',
	'did_not_succeed_the_process'                  =>                'Sorry, did not succeed, the process',
	'Forum_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'Forum has been added successfully!',
	'can_not_update_the_cached_information'                  =>                'there is a problem, can not update the information hidden',
	'not_able_to_add_Section'                  =>                'there is a problem, not able to start the section',
	'Forum_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'section was updated successfully!',
	'not_the_update'                  =>                'there is a problem, not the update',
	'Forum_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'Forum has been deleted successfully!',
	'Topic_has_been_moved_successfully'                  =>                'topics have been moved successfully',
	'Information_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'information has been updated successfully!',
	'groups_have_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'terms of reference groups have been deleted successfully',
	'Topic_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'topics have been deleted successfully',
	'Updated_information_cached'                  =>                'cached information has been updated',
	'Was_the_final_step'                  =>                'was the final step',
	'Section_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'section requested does not exist',
	'group_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'Group added successfully!',
	'group_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'group was successfully updated!',
	'This_core_group_of_Can_you_delete'                  =>                'This is a group key to Can you delete',
	'group_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'group was successfully deleted!',
	'All_members_were_transported_to_the_group'                  =>                'all members were transferred to the group',
	'group_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'group requested does not exist',
	'icon_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'icon has been added successfully!',
	'Unable_to_raise_the_profile_icon'                  =>                'Unable to raise the profile please give the folder look/images/icons/upload license 777',
	'icons_has_been_loaded_successfully'                  =>                'icon was raised successfully ..',
	'icon_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'icon has been updated successfully!',
	'icon_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'icon was deleted successfully!',
	'You_do_not_select_any_icon_of_the_deletion'                  =>                'you do not select any icon for the deletion process,,',
	'icons_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'delete the icons have been successful,',
	'icon_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'icon requested does not exist',
	'Please_write_the_name_of_Language'                  =>                'Please enter the name of the language',
	'Please_enter_the_order_number_language'                  =>                'Please enter the order number language',
	'Please_write_the_name_of_the_folder_path_language'                  =>                'Please enter the name of the folder path language',
	'please_write_the_Language_name_of_another'                  =>                'name of the language that you entered a user, please write the name of another',
	'This_language'                  =>                'this language (',
	'Already_added'                  =>                ') added in advance!!',
	'language_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'Language has been added successfully!',
	'language_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'language has been updated successfully!',
	'You_can_not_delete_the_default_language'                  =>                'You can not delete the default language',
	'language_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'language has been deleted successfully!',
	'language_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'language to be non-existent',
	'INcorrect_information'                  =>                'incorrect information',
	'Please_enter_a_valid_email'                  =>                'Please enter a valid e-mail',
	    'please_choose_another_name'                  =>                'Sorry user name already exists, please choose another name',
	    'Email_is_registered_please_type_the_other'                  =>                'e-mail is already registered, please type the other',
	    'You_can_not_register_this_name'                  =>                'Sorry .. You can not register this name because it is forbidden by the management ',
	'member_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'User added successfully',
	'user_to_take_data_that_does_not_exist_in_the_database'                  =>                'name of the user to take data that does not exist in the database',
	'user_to_transfer_his_data_does_not_exist_in_the_database'                  =>                'name of the user to transfer his data does not exist in the database',
	'member_has_been_Merge_successfully'                  =>                'User data is integrated successfully',
	'Has_been_replaced_by_the_name_of_a_member_of_all_the_tables'                  =>                'has been replaced by the name of a member of all the tables',
	'member_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'User data is updated successfully',
	'Can_not_delete_the_board_administrator'                  =>                'can not delete the board administrator',
	'member_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'User was deleted successfully!',
	'No_results'                  =>                'No results',
	'With_my_sincere_greetings_to_all'                  =>                'with sincere greetings to all,',
	'Management_Forum'                  =>                'Management Forum',
	'hello_your'                  =>                'hello you,',
	'Transmissions_were_successfully'                  =>                'transmissions were successfully',
	'Back_to_model_transmission'                  =>                'return to form transmission',
	'Failure_in_transmission'                  =>                'failure in transmission',
	'You_do_not_select_any_member_of_the_deletion'                  =>                'you do not select any member',
	'members_has_been_active_successfully'                  =>                'activation was successful,',
	'member_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'member you want does not exist',
	'You_can_not_add_the_same_member_of_the_section_supervisor_twice'                  =>                'Sorry .. You can not add the same member of the section supervisor twice ',
	'moderator_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'admin has been added successfully!',
	'moderator_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'admin has been updated successfully!',
	'moderator_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'Reserve supervision successfully',
	'modactions_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'Delete all the operations were successfully control!',
	'moderator_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'admin requested does not exist',
	'note_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'note has been updated successfully .. Please wait until you are returned to the page ',
	'Please_write_the_name_of_the_Forum'                  =>                'Please enter the name of the Forum',
	'Please_enter_the_number_of_points_of_evaluation'                  =>                'Please enter the number of points of evaluation',
	'Please_enter_the_number_of_fair_to_be_displayed'                  =>                'Please enter the number of Feedbacks to display',
	'Please_write_the_number_of_posts'                  =>                'Please enter the number of statistics',
	'Please_write_a_number_of_other_posts'                  =>                'Please enter the number of other posts',
	'Please_write_the_number_of_posts_that_appear_Ribbon'                  =>                'Please enter the number of posts that show the tape',
	'page_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'page was added successfully!',
	'page_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'page was updated successfully!',
	'page_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'page has been deleted successfully!',
	'page_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'The requested page does not exist',
	'Please_write_the_username'                  =>                'Please enter the name of the user',
	'username_does_not_exist'                  =>                'Excuse me the user name that you entered does not exist, please come back and typed the name correctly',
	'Massege_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'special message requested does not exist',
	'Massege_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'message was deleted successfully,,!',
	'Must_write_the_title_of_the_message'                  =>                'You must write the address of the message',
	'Must_write_the_message'                  =>                'You must write the special message',
	'The_message_was_sent_successfully_to_the_private'                  =>                'The message was sent successfully to the private',
	'Section_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'section has been added successfully!',
	'Section_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'section has been deleted successfully!',
	'Forums_have_been_moved_successfully'                  =>                'forums have been moved successfully!',
	'Smile_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'Smiley was successfully added!',
	'Unable_to_raise_the_profile_Smile'                  =>                'Unable to raise the profile please give the folder look/images/smiles/upload license 777',
	'Smiles_has_been_loaded_successfully'                  =>                'smiles were raised successfully ..',
	'Smile_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'Smiley was successfully updated!',
	'Smile_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'smile has been deleted successfully!',
	'You_do_not_select_any_Smile_of_the_deletion'                  =>                'you do not select any smile to the deletion process,,',
	'Smiles_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'smiles have been deleted successfully,',
	'Smile_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'smile requested does not exist',
	'Entered_the_query_to_the_database_successfully'                  =>                'entered the query to the database successfully,',
	'Error'                  =>                'Error',
	'Please_write_the_name_of_Style'                  =>                'Please enter the name of Style',
	'Please_enter_the_order_number_Style'                  =>                'Please enter the order number Style',
	'Please_write_the_name_of_the_folder_path_Style'                  =>                'Please enter the name of the folder path Style',
	'please_write_the_Style_name_of_another'                  =>                'Style name you entered a user, please write the name of another',
	'This_Style'                  =>                'This Style (',
	'Already_added'                  =>                ') added in advance!!',
	'Style_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'Style has been added successfully!',
	'Style_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'Style has been updated successfully!',
	'You_can_not_delete_the_default_Style'                  =>                'You can not delete the Default',
	'Style_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'Style has been deleted successfully!',
	'Style_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'Style requested does not exist',
	'Style_is_not_added'                  =>                'is not added Style!',
	'is_not_writable'                  =>                'Sorry .. This template is not writable ',
	'CSS_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'Style Hiet has been updated successfully',
	'Last_updated_successfully'                  =>                'Updated successfully!',
	'ForuM_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'forum that you want does not exist',
	'Template_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'template has been added successfully!',
	'Template_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'template has been updated successfully!',
	'Template_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'template has been deleted successfully!',
	'Template_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'template you want does not exist',
	'Deleted'                  =>                'Deleted',
	'NotDeleted'                  =>                'not deleted',
	'subject_has_been_trash_successfully'                  =>                'has been successfully re-issue',
	'Topic_has_been_deleted_and_all_its_replies_successfully'                  =>                'has been deleted the topic and all its replies successfully',
	'Reply_has_been_trash_successfully'                  =>                'has been successfully re-reply',
	'Reply_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'response has been deleted successfully',
	'subject_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'requested topic does not exist',
	'usertitle_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'Add named successfully!',
	'usertitle_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'has been updated successfully called!',
	'usertitle_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'has been deleted successfully called!',
	'usertitle_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'to be named does not exist',
	'UserRating_has_been_added_successfully'                  =>                'has been added to grade successfully!',
	'UserRating_has_been_updated_successfully'                  =>                'level has been updated successfully!',
	'UserRating_has_been_deleted_successfully'                  =>                'rank was successfully deleted!',
	'UserRating_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'required level does not exist',
	'Been_emptied_record_successfully'                  =>                'record successfully been emptied',
	'Download'		                                    =>	 'Download',
	'feed'		                                              =>	 'Bring issues from other sites',
	'active'		                                       =>	 'active',
	'no_place'		                            =>	 'no place',
	'If_your_browser_does_not_support_automatic_transition_click_here'	=>	 'If your browser does not support automatic transition click here',
	'Number_of_messages_in_one_time'		                  =>	 'Number of messages in one time:',
	'The_number_of_seconds_to_pause_between_each_send'		   =>	 'The number of seconds to stop between each send',
	'second'		                                       =>	 'second',
	'Mail_has_been_sent_successfully'		                                       =>	 'Mail has been sent successfully ..',
	'you_be_must_ENTER_send_email'		                                       =>	 'First you must write an send email in the Mail Settings <a href="admin.php?page=options&mailer=1&main=1">Click here</a>',
    'Hide_links_for_visitors'                               =>    'Hide links for visitors ',
	'Activation_of_hidden_links_on_visitors'		         =>	 'Activation of hidden links on visitors',
	'guest_message_for_haid_links'		         =>	 'Date message that appears when you activate the visitors hide links',
	'installation_state'		                                       =>	 '<b>installation state ... </b>',
	'tags_automatic'                  =>                'add tags Automatic from topic title',
	'add_tags_automatic'                  =>                'Activation tags Automatic',
	'visitor_message'		                        =>	 'visitor message',
	'visitor_message_chars'		                        =>	 'The maximum number of characters to Visitor Messages',
    'Waiting_Time'		                        =>	 '  Waiting Time',
    'seconds'		                        =>	 ' second ',
	'No_Forum_Order'                      =>                        'Please enter the order forum',
	'No_Forum_title'                      =>                        'Please enter the title of the Forum',
	'settings_mailer'                      =>                        'Mail Settings',
	'settings_smtp'                      =>                        'Settings SMTP',
	'Mail_Delivery_Method'                      =>                        'function to send mail <br> PHP mail () or SMTP?',
	'phpmail'                      =>                        'PHP mail ()',
	'smtp_mail'                      =>                        'SMTP',
	'smtp_host'                      =>                        'name server leave it as is if there is no special preparation of the server',
	'smtp_Server'                      =>                        'SMTP <br> provider if you have enabled SMTP mail please select a provider here. You may find that setting the IP address instead of the domain name lead to obtain better performance. Example: smtp.gmail.com ',
	'smtp_port'                      =>                        'port (Port) SMTP <br> If youve enabled SMTP mail please select the port (port) here',
	'smtp_username'                      =>                        'user name SMTP <br> If youve enabled SMTP mail and your server (server) requires verification of your identity please specify your username here.',
	'smtp_password'                      =>                        'password SMTP <br> If youve enabled SMTP mail and was your server (server) requires verification of identity please specify your password here.',
	'smtp_secure'                      =>                        'protocol',
	'feed_rss'                      =>                        'RSS Feeds',
	'postr_rss'                      =>                        'Manage RSS Feeds',
	'feed'                      =>                        'Add New RSS Feed',
	'mor_hours_online_today'                      =>                        'Total increase survival time in days today <br /> Enter 0 for the default mode',
	'Settings_online'                      =>                        'Settings Whos Now',
	'mor_seconds_online'                      =>                        'survival time in seconds Online Now',
	'sub_columns_number'                      =>                        'If the sub-forums enabled to appear how many sub-forums which will be presented in each line',
	'input_icons_nm'                      =>                        'number of icons',
	'smil_columns_number'                      =>                        'How many columns SMILEY',
	'icon_columns_number'                      =>                        'How many columns of icons',
	'avatar_columns_number'                      =>                        'How many columns of images ?',
	'view_subject'                      =>                        'Can access to topics',
	'multi_moderation'                      =>                        'Multi-Moderation',
	'add_new_multi_moderation'                      =>                        'Add New Moderation Property',
	'mange_multi_moderation'                      =>                        'Manage Moderation Properties',
	'Jump_to_advanced_editor'                      =>                        'Move to advanced mode',
	'error_permission'                      =>                        'Excuse me .. You do not have permission to access this page ',
	'prefix_subject'                      =>                        'Prefix Topics',
	'active_prefix_subject'                      =>                        'Activate prefix topics for this forum',
	'Make_every_prefix_subject_in_a_line'                      =>                        'Type the words that can be selected as a prefix or a precedent for the title of the topic of this forum in the field below. Make every word in a line. ',
	'Forum_timeoffset'                      =>                        '<b> Modify the time zone of the server </b> <br /> will adjust the time in the server crashes whenever a new time <br /> <br /> Examples of some of the time zones time:<br />Asia/Riyadh - Africa/Cairo - Asia/Baghdad - Asia/Bahrain - Asia/Beirut <br /> Asia/Damascus - Asia/Dubai - Asia/Gaza - Asia/Jerusalem - Asia/Kuwait  <br /> Asia/Muscat - Asia/Qatar - Asia/Aden - Africa/Algiers - Asia/Amman  <br /> Africa/Dar_es_Salaam - Africa/Djibouti - Africa/Khartoum - Africa/Tunis - <br />Reference - For more on time zones:<br /> <a target="_blank" href="http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php">http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php</a>',
	'Forum_timeformat'                      =>                        '<b> Time format </b> <br /> Time format provided in all forum pages:',
	'Forum_dateformat'                      =>                        '<b> Date format </b> <br /> Date format displayed in all forum pages:',
	'active_forum_online_number'                      =>                        'Activate view number of visits per section in the Home',
	'deleted_subject'                      =>                        'Delete topics',
	'Delete_the_control_subjects'                      =>                        'Delete options control topics',
	'Warning_deleted_subject'                      =>                        'Delete many of the topics is a process based on the supplier because of the amount of data that must be removed. Used carefully! ',
	'deletedSubjectDateOptions'                      =>                        'Date Options',
	'subjectDeleteOptions_1'                      =>                        'Delete topics that were written before X days <br /> Set to 0 to skip and ignore this option',
	'subjectDeleteOptions_2'                      =>                        'Delete topics that are writing the last post before X days <br /> Set to 0 to skip and ignore this option',
	'deleted_subject_Options_reply_View'                      =>                        'View Options',
	'deleted_subject_Options_reply_View_Options_1'                      =>                        'Delete topics that contain less than X post',
	'deleted_subject_Options_reply_View_Options_2'                      =>                        'Delete topics that contain less than X View',
	'deleted_subject_by_User_Name'                      =>                        'Delete By User Name',
	'by_User_Name'                      =>                        'User Name',
	'by_Forum'                      =>                        'forum',
	'return'                      =>                        '<b> return </b>',
	'was_not_found_on_any_topics'                      =>                        'not found on any topics to be deleted',
	'active_birth_date'                      =>                        'activation date',
	'View_forums'                      =>                        'View Section',
	'ViewSubject'                      =>                        'View Topic',
	'ViewOrginaltemplate'                      =>                        'View Parent',
	'worms_pbb'                      =>                        'Firewall administration panel',
	'active_worms_pbb'                      =>                        'activate the firewall to the Administrative Panel',
	'shellUser'                      =>                        'User Name Firewall',
	'shellPswd'                      =>                        'Password Protection Wall',
	'adminEmail'                      =>                        'E-mail which will correspond with him at any attempt to enter the administrative panel',
	'wormserrorlogin'                      =>                        'You have to enter a password, user name, an error message will be sent to the site manager',
	'worms_1_login'                      =>                        'one of them tried to enter to this page:',
	'worms_2_login'                      =>                        'has been used a password and user name error:',
	'worms_information'                      =>                        'information:',
	'errorlogin'                      =>                        'entry is wrong',
	'nodevelopment'                      =>                        'No',
	'search_templates'                      =>                        'Search Templates',
	'search_style'                      =>                        'Find in Style',
	'search_for_text'                      =>                        'Find text',
	'search_all_styles'                      =>                        'Find in All Styles',
	'search_jast_titles'                      =>                        '<b> Search Titles Only </b>',
	'search'                      =>                        'search',
	'no_enter_text'                      =>                        'Please enter the search text',
	'no_search_results'                      =>                        'Sorry - no search results try another way',
	'custom_bbcodes'                      =>                        'BBCodes',
	'control_custom_bbcodes'                      =>                        'Manage BBCodes',
	'add_custom_bbcode'                      =>                        'Add New BBCode',
	'bbcode_title'                      =>                        'Address',
	'bbcode_description'                      =>                        'Description',
	'bbcode_example'                      =>                        'example',
	'bbcode_tag'                      =>                        'Tag BBCode',
	'bbcode_useoption1'                      =>                        'Use {option}',
	'bbcode_useoption1_example'                      =>                        'used in case there was more than one option example: [tag = option]',
	'bbcode_replace'                      =>                        'Replacement',
	'Add_BBCode'                      =>                        'Add the BBCode',
	'This_is_an_example'                      =>                        'This is an example experimental',
	'bbcode_tag_example'                      =>                        'To use the [tag] Enter',
	'add_the_bbcode_successfully'                      =>                        'has been added to BBCode successfully!',
	'bbcode_has_been_updated_successfully'                      =>                        'updated BBCode successfully ..',
	'bbcode_Deleted_successfully'                      =>                        'has been deleted BBCode successfully!',
	'the_bbcode_does_not_exist'                      =>                        'BBCode requested does not exist',
	'edit_bbcode'                      =>                        'Edit BBCode',
	'bbcode_switch'                      =>                        '<b> image button </b> <i> (optional) </i> <br> <div style="color: gray;"> If you want to show code (BB Code) to an image clickable in the editor toolbar enter the URL of an image size of 16 16 pixel in size that will appear as a button to insert HTML (BB Code) this. </div> ',
	'view_action_edit'                      =>                        'View Note free by participating in the liberated?',
	'day'                      =>                        'day',
	'month'                      =>                        'month',
	'year'                      =>                        'year',
	'Birth_date'                      =>                        'date',
	'January'                      =>                        'January',
	'February'                      =>                        'February',
	'March'                      =>                        'March',
	'April'                      =>                        'April',
	'May'                      =>                        'May',
	'June'                      =>                        'June',
	'July'                      =>                        'July',
	'August'                      =>                        'August',
	'September'                      =>                        'September',
	'October'                      =>                        'October',
	'November'                      =>                        'November',
	'December'                      =>                        'December',
	'active_like_facebook'                      =>                        'Activate Like facebook Button',
	'active_add_this'                      =>                        'button to activate the participation share for the deployment of topics on sites publishing addthis',
	'active_visitor_message'                      =>                        'Activate Visitor messages',
	'active_friend'                      =>                        'Activate the buddy-list',
	'active_archive'                      =>                        'Activate the Archive',
	'active_calendar'                      =>                        'Activate the Calendar',
	'active_send_admin_message'                      =>                        'Activate the Contact Us',
	'active_reply_today'                      =>                        'Activate Todays Posts',
	'active_subject_today'                      =>                        'Activation of Todays Posts',
	'active_static'                      =>                        'Activate stats General Forum',
	'active_team'                      =>                        'Activate View Forum Leaders',
	'RepairMemberPosts'                      =>                        'Update the number of Member',
	'RepairMemberPosts_not'                      =>                        '<font color="#FF0000"> This will return the number of posts of members to their original number of posts </font> in the database. Do not run this if you have deleted the posts or you change (increase) the number of posts manually or imported from another forum package if you want to keep the number of posts of the present members. Is likely that your users will decrease the number of posts If you run this so only do this if you are confident that you really need! By decreasing the number of posts your users can not re-filed without restoring your database or modify each member individually. You have been warned! ',
	'colouredit_css'                      =>                        'Edit CSS simple',
	'CSS_Colours'                      =>                        'CSS color',
	'username_addthis'                      =>                        'user name in the site addthis.com in case you activate the button locations Posted addthis',
	'Replys_has_been_deleted_successfully'                      =>                        'Replies have been deleted successfully',
	'delete_all_subjects'                      =>                        'Delete All Topics',
	'delete_all_replys'                      =>                        'Delete All Replies',
	'review_subjects'                      =>                        'Awaiting Topics for Approval',
	'Member'                      =>                        'Member',
	'active_rss'                      =>                        'Activate RSS',
	'forum_title_color'                      =>                        'Font color',
    'exists_setup' => '<body bgcolor="#F3F3F3"> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <table border = "1" width = "60%" align = "center" cellspacing = "0" cellpadding = "0" style = "border-collapse: collapse" dir = "ltr"> <tr> <td align="left"> <blockquote> <b> <font color="#FF0000"> <br> security alert! <br> the setup folder still exists <br> this poses a security risk, so please delete this folder or its name was changed quickly. Will not be able to access the control panel until you do so. </font> </blockquote> </td> </tr> </table> ',
	'copyright'		    =>	 "Powered by <a target='_blank' href='http://www.pbboard.com'>PBBoard</a>© 2011 Version ".$PowerBB->_CONF['info_row']['MySBB_version']." ",
	'portal' => 'Portal Forum',
	'add_block' => 'Add New Block',
	'block_title' => 'Block Title',
	'block_text' => 'Block content',
	'block_place' => 'Place the block',
	'right' => 'Right',
	'left' => 'Left',
	'center' => 'Center',
	'block_order' => 'Order blocks',
	'settings_portal' => 'Portal Settings',
	'control_blocks' => 'Manage Blocks',
	'block_active' => 'Activate Block',
	'block_edit' => 'Edit Block',
	'block_delet' => 'Delete Block',
	'title_portal' => 'Portal Title',
	'active_portal' => 'Activate Portal',
	'portal_section_news' => 'Select the forum dedicated to get the latest news',
	'portal_news_num' => 'Number of News',
	'portal_columns' => 'Number of columns of the Portal',
	'portal_news_along' => 'The number of characters along the news',
	'update_posts'                  =>                'Update Posts',
	'update_static'                  =>                'Update Statics',
	'update_username_members'          =>                'Update Usernames of the Members',
	'ignore_the_version_style' => 'Ignore the version style',
	'use_the_style_anyway' => 'Use the style file even if it is to create another version of the forum',
	'edit_templates_style_addons' => 'Templates have been modified to match the templates code successfully',
    'version_style_Different' => "This file was created by a different version of PBBoard what you are running.<br> Your version is :". $PowerBB->_CONF['info_row']['MySBB_version']." ",
	'file_pbboard_style_not_available_in_folder_style' => 'File pbboard-style xml not available in folder Style',
	'failed_connect'                  =>                'Failed to connect to official website .. <a target="_blank" href="http://www.pbboard.com">Please check manually</a>',
	'version_identical'                  =>                'Your version is identical to the latest version',
	'there_is_newer_version1'                  =>                '<span style="color:#FF0000;font-weight:bold;">Version of(',
	'there_is_newer_version2'                  =>                ' ) The latest from your current version</span><br /><a target="_blank" href="',
	'there_is_newer_version3'                  =>                ' ">Click here for more information</a>',
	'failed_connect_web'                  =>                'Failed to connect to the official website there is no Internet connection ..',
	'check_version' => 'Check the latest version',
	'do_not_choose_to_file'                  =>                'Do not choose to file',
	'error_xml_file'                  =>                'Error: This file is not an XML file',
	'error_extension'                  =>                'Error: Extension (',
	'has_been_installed'                  =>                ') Has been previously installed ..',
	'is_unable_permison_folder_addons'                  =>                'Is unable to raise the profile please give 777 permison folder addons',
	'addon_imported_successfully'                  =>                'Addon has been imported successfully ..',
	'eere_imported_hooks'                  =>                'Were imported hooks',
	'no_hooks_imported'                  =>                'No hooks to be imported',
	'was_modified_templates'                  =>                'Was modified templates',
	'no_modifications_templates'                  =>                'No modifications to the templates to be executed',
	'was_modified_templates_admincp'                  =>                'Was modified templates admincp',
	'no_modifications_templates_admincp'                  =>                'No modifications to the admincp templates to be executed',
	'addon_added_successfully'                  =>                'Addon Added successfully ..',
	'addon_requested_does_not_exist'                  =>                'Extension requested does not exist',
	'property_addon_editing_is_off'                  =>                'Property editing is Off',
	'addon_updated_successfully'                  =>                'Extension has been updated successfully',
	'deleted_hooks_successfully'                  =>                'Was deleted as well as hooks for successfully',
	'templates_inauguration_Added'                  =>                'Were templates to the same before the inauguration Added',
	'addon_activated_successfully'                  =>                'Extension has been activated successfully ..',
	'addon_disabled_successfully'                  =>                'Extension has been disabled successfully ..',
	'addon_hooks_disabled_successfully'                  =>                'Been disabled as well as hooks for successfully ..',
	'plugin_does_not_exist'                  =>                'Plugin does not exist',
	'plugin_updated_successfully'                  =>                'plugin has been updated successfully',
	'font_color' => 'Font Color',
	'background_color' => 'Background Color',
	'additional_css_properties' => 'Additional CSS properties',
	'upload_attach_num'                  =>                'Number of attachments or reply for one topic',
	'addon_delet_successfully' => 'Addon delet Successfully ..',
	'member_does_not_exist' => 'User not found!',
	'section_does_not_exist_or_is_not_a_forum' => 'section does not exist or is not a forum',
	'the_original_topic' =>'.... the original topic ',
	'feed_has_been_brought_successfully' => 'has been retrieved successfully feeding ..',
	'feed_requested_does_not_exist' => 'Feed requested does not exist',
	'Has_been_saved_successfully_feed' => 'Feed has been saved successfully ..',
	'feed_has_been_deleted_successfully' => 'Feed has been deleted successfully ..',
	'Feed_URL' => 'Link Feed',
	'Check_the_feed_of_all' => 'Check each feeding ...',
	'minutes' => 'minutes',
	'hours' => 'hour',
	'Text_of_topic' => 'Text of topic',
	'Defining_element_of_the_type_of_rss' => 'element of the definition of the type rss',
	'where_example_is_the_name_of_the_item' => 'example, where is the name of the item',
	'Complete' =>'.... completed ',
	'rss_feed' => 'RSS feed',
	'Forum_User_Name' => 'Forum / User Name',
	'Last_check' => 'Last check',
	'Controls' => 'controls',
	'Bring_feed' => 'bring Feed',
	'Effective_feeds' => 'feeds effective',
	'Supervisory_property_was_added_successfully' => 'multi moderation property was added supervisory successfully',
	'Supervisory_property_requested_does_not_exist' => 'multi moderation property requested does not exist',
	'You_must_select_the_forum' => 'You must select the forum',
	'Supervisory_property_has_been_updated_successfully' => 'multi moderation property has been updated successfully',
	'Supervisory_property_was_deleted_successfully' => 'multi moderation property was deleted successfully',
	'title_multi_moderation' => 'Multi-moderation property name',
	'Activating_property_in_the_forums' => 'Activate the feature in the forums',
	'You_can_select_more_than_one_forum' => '<dfn>you can select more than one forum</dfn>',
	'Options_moderators' => 'Options Moderators',
	'Add_a_prefix_to_the_subject' => 'Add a prefix to the topic title',
	'Add_to_the_end_of_the_subject' => 'Add the end to the topic title',
	'Change_the_status_of_a_topic' => 'Change the topic status',
	'close' => 'close',
	'open' => 'open',
	'Change_the_status_of_the_pin' => 'Change the stick status',
	'pin' => 'Stick',
	'un_pin' => 'Un Stick',
	'Change_if_approved' => 'Change the approval status',
	'Approval_not_hidden' => 'approval (not hidden)',
	'Approval_hidden' => 'disapproval (hidden)',
	'move_thread' => 'Move Topic?',
	'no_move' => 'no move',
	'reply_options' => 'Quick post',
	'Enable_this_reply' => 'Enable this reply?',
	'Reply_to_this_topic' => 'Reply to this topic?',
	'Edit_multi_moderation' => 'Edit multi-moderation',
	'All' => 'All',
	'forum_does_not_contain_any_posts'                  =>                'Forum does not contain any posts ..',
	'forum_does_not_contain_any_members'                  =>                'Forum does not contain any members ..',
    'varcharForum_describe'                                               => 'Maximum number of characters 255 characters',
	'user_to_take_data_that_does_not_member_group'		                        =>	 'user to take data that does not member group',
	'user_to_get_data_that_does_not_member_group'		                        =>	 'user to get data that does not member group',


	//Multi-Lang Addons =)
	$Langpath = 'en_admin'; //Necessary

	$lang['addons'] = array();
	$addonf = array('fields' => array('active' => '1'));
	$Addons = $PowerBB->addons->GetMultiLangAddonsList($addonf);
	if ( !empty($Addons) )
	    foreach ( $Addons as $Addon )
	    $LangVals = @unserialize(stripslashes($Addon['languagevals']));
	    if ( is_array($LangVals[$Langpath]) )
	      foreach ( $LangVals[$Langpath] as $key => $val )
	        $lang['addons'][$key] = $val;

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