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 Pao-Liber v 1.1
 Paola Orru
 email: hide@address.com
If you have translated this language
file please send us the file and we  can 
insert another language.
$txt_news= 'News';
$txt_script= 'Pao-Liber';
$txt_cat= 'Category';
$txt_change_cat= 'Change category';
$txt_select_cat= 'Select a category';
$txt_no_cat='Please select a category liber or news';
$txt_no_title='Please insert a title of message';
$txt_title= 'Title';
$txt_name= 'Name';
$txt_view= 'View';
$txt_new_entry='a new entry';
$txt_from_ip='from this ip';
$txt_cant_open='Error opening file!';
$txt_entry_char= 'cannot contain the char - |';
$txt_invalid_pass='Password incorrect. Please try again';
$txt_not_access= 'You don\'t have permission to access this page.';
$txt_ok= ' successfully';
$txt_entry_ok= 'You have successfully added a new message';
$txt_delete_ok='Entry deleted successfully.';
$txt_update_ok='Entry update successfully.';
$txt_pass_ok= 'Now you have permission to access admin pages';
$txt_login_ok='You are logged in';
$pas_fill='Please enter password:';
$txt_fill= 'Please fill in';
$txt_update_save= 'Pleas change what you want and click on Save.';
$txt_req_fields='required fields';
$txt_view_entry='View all  entries';
$txt_perpage='Number of entries per page';

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