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    <div align="center"> 
	 <a href="istruzioni.html">italian</a> | <a href="instruction.html">english</a> | <a href="http://zenas.org/forum/">support forum</a>
    <H1 class="c1">
      PaoLiber Version 1.1 


<h3 class="c1"> Functions and features of PaoLiber Script
<p>With this script you can publish a book on line  or a collection of poems  indexed by both title or chapter.

At the same time you can insert a journal or  news with pagination.<br>
 Admin area - the administrator can edit and delete
 entries, set the number of  entries per page and configure homepage message.
 <p><b class="c2"> Updated version with the latest bug fixes in file scrivi.php for IE</b></p>
<br> Multilanguage -  You can set your 
language (available: english, italian)

<h3 class="c1"> Requirements </h3>

<p> To install this script needs Apache webserver, PHP4 on
Windows, Unix or Linux. <br>

You can open the zip file with a software such as Winzip after
downloading from our site.

<b class="c2"> No needs database.</b> </p>

<h3 class="c1"> Intallation </h3>

<p> 1) Unzip the files, open "config.php" file to set your language, your password
for admin area and the colors for the layout of pages </p>

<p> 2) Upload all script files into a directory of your choice. </p>

<p> 3) Set writable permissions (chmod 777) of text files within
"dati" directory. </p>

<p> 4) The script is just ready to use. At the right top of
homepage you'll find the admin area link. Click on icon of admin to
enter in protected pages.</p>
<p><A href=" http://zenas.org/paoliber">PaoLiber</A>

<b class="c2">The download of this script is free of

It can be used freely on private or commercial sites.<br>

This script is free software, distributed under the terms of the<a href="license.txt"> GNU

</b> </div>

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