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<h1>Configuration file missing!</h1><br>
<p>osTicket installer requires ability to write to the configuration file, <strong>include/ost-config.php</strong>. A template copy is located in the <i>include</i> directory (<strong><i>include/ost-config-sample.php</i></strong>).</p>
<p><strong>Rename</strong> the sample file to <strong>ost-config.php</strong> and click continue below.</p>
<p>If sample config file is missing - please make sure you uploaded all files in 'upload' folder or refer to the <a href="http://osticket.com/wiki/" target="_blank">Installation Guide</a>. However, if you are trying to upgrade the system then <a href="upgrade.php" >click here</a>.</p>
<div align="center"><b><a href="install.php">Done? Continue&raquo;</a></b></div>
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