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    System core helper.

    Peter Rotich <hide@address.com>
    Copyright (c)  2006-2010 osTicket

    Released under the GNU General Public License WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
    See LICENSE.TXT for details.

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    $Id: $

require_once(INCLUDE_DIR.'class.config.php'); //Config helper


class Sys {

    var $loglevel=array(1=>'Error','Warning','Debug');

    //Load configuration info.
    function getConfig() {
        $cfg= new Config(1);
        return ($cfg && $cfg->getId())?$cfg:null;

    function alertAdmin($subject,$message,$log=false) {
        global $cfg;
        //Set admin's email address
        if(!$cfg || !($to=$cfg->getAdminEmail()))

        //Try getting the alert email.
        if($cfg && !($email=$cfg->getAlertEmail())) 
            $email=$cfg->getDefaultEmail(); //will take the default email.

        if($email) {
        }else {//no luck - try the system mail.
            Email::sendmail($to,$subject,$message,sprintf('"osTicket Alerts"<%s>',$to));

        //log the alert? Watch out for loops here.
        if($log && is_object($cfg)) { //if $cfg is not set then it means we don't have DB connection.
            Sys::log(LOG_CRIT,$subject,$message,false); //Log the enter...and make sure no alerts are resent.


    function log($priority,$title,$message,$alert=true) {
        global $cfg;

        switch($priority){ //We are providing only 3 levels of logs. Windows style.
            case LOG_EMERG:
            case LOG_ALERT: 
            case LOG_CRIT: 
            case LOG_ERR:
                if($alert) {
            case LOG_WARN:
            case LOG_WARNING:
            case LOG_NOTICE:
            case LOG_INFO:
            case LOG_DEBUG:
        //Save log based on system log level settings.
        if($cfg && $cfg->getLogLevel()>=$level){
            $sql='INSERT INTO '.SYSLOG_TABLE.' SET created=NOW(),updated=NOW() '.
            //echo $sql;
            mysql_query($sql); //don't use db_query to avoid possible loop.

    function purgeLogs(){
        global $cfg;

        if($cfg && ($gp=$cfg->getLogGraceperiod()) && is_numeric($gp)) {
            $sql='DELETE  FROM '.SYSLOG_TABLE.' WHERE DATE_ADD(created, INTERVAL '.$gp.' MONTH)<=NOW()';


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