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<div id="t1">
<b>Helpdesk Name</b>
<p>The name of your support system e.g [Company Name] Support</p>
<div id="t2">
<b>Default System Email</b>
<p>Default email address e.g hide@address.com - you can add more later!</p>
<div id="t3">
<b>First Name</b>
<p>Admin's first name</p>
<div id="t4">
<b>Last Name</b>
<p>Admin's last name</p>
<div id="t5">
<b>Email Address</b>
<p>Admin's personal email address. Must be different from system's default email.</p>
<div id="t6">
<p>Admin's login name. Must be at least three (3) characters.</p>
<div id="t7">
<p>Admin's password.  Must be five (5) characters or more.</p>
<div id="t8">
<b>Confirm Password</b>
<p>Retype admin's password. Must match.</p>
<div id="t9">
<b>MySQL Table Prefix.</b>
<p>osTicket requires table prefix in order to avoid possible table conflicts in a shared database.</p>
<div id="t10">
<b>MySQL Hostname</b>
<p>Most hosts use 'localhost' for local database hostname. Check with your host if localhost fails. Default port set in php.ini is assumed.</p>
<div id="t11">
<b>MySQL Database</b>
<p>Name of the database osTicket will use.</p>
<div id="t12">
<b>MySQL Username</b> 
<p>The MySQL user must have full rights to the database.</p>
<div id="t13">
<b>MySQL Password</b>
<p>MySQL password associated with above user.</p>
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